Comfort Inn LBV - 10/21 & 10/22 - the good, the bad & the ugly (m)

Discussion in 'Hotel & Accommodations Reviews' started by queenmum2, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. queenmum2

    queenmum2 Mouseketeer

    Jul 17, 2006
    My family of 4 stayed here Saturday and Sunday nights en route to WL. We stayed off-site so that we could also do Sea World (if I'm on-site, I HAVE to do WDW! :) )

    Finding the place (using the navigation system in our Odyssey) was no easy feat. I don't know if roads have changed since our DVD was made, but it was touch and go for awhile. Oh - especially since traffic on I-4 was so awful and we ended up being in the wrong lane and getting off the I prematurely!

    However, once there, check-in was easy and efficient. I was a little unhappy that my request for parking-lot "view" was not granted - but I know that requests are just that...not promises. Also, we had the MagicCard rate ($49/night) so I wondered if that figured into it? We did get a non-smoking room, so that was good.

    The room itself wasn't bad...the beds were fine, and the place seemed clean enough. We didn't realize how bad the highway side would be until we tried to sleep on Saturday night. It was indeed terribly loud. DH & I didn't sleep much at all. Also, the A/C in the room was loud and cycled off and on all night. The kids slept fine though...I think they cold sleep through a bulldozer passing through, though.

    That evening, we drove over to Disney's Boardwalk to eat at the ESPN club and watch football. This hotel was VERY convenient to the EPCOT resort area. It was a very short and easy drive. For those interested, the Sheraton Safari is even closer to the EPCOT resort area.

    We ate at the breakfast buffet the next morning ($6 for adults, free for kids). It was OK - not great. The "make-it-yourself" waffle station was a hit. DH fixed waffles for DS and I. The rest of the food was just so-so.

    Again, we took a short drive and found ourselves at SeaWorld. Fortunately it WAS a short drive, since I had left our tickets at the hotel so we had to go right back and get them. I don't think the drive was over about 15 minutes.

    The next night was more of the same as far as highway noise and a/c went. We were definitely glad to check out of there. Check-out was quite quick and easy too.

    So - to recap: Room size and cleanliness - fine (I knew it wouldn't be luxury), but it was not a comfortable place to sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper not bothered by noise, I'd definitely recommend it. But if you are at all bothered by noise, go elsewhere or be SURE you get a room on the other side.

  2. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Hi, we stayed there for 2 nights in October and we had a TravelZoo rate of $39 and found ourselves on the I4 side as well. We slept fine the first night, but the second night, DH was awakened by noisy people walking past our room at 2AM. I agree with you that the room seemed clean enough. What I didn't like at all was the height of the sink, it just seemed way too low for me, 5 ft. 10 and Dh who is 6'2.

    We ate at the IHOP, my favorite place for pigs in the blanket! We would stay there again, but probably only for 1 night.

    I thought the grounds were well maintained and it was much larger than I thought it would be.

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  4. kilee

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    Jan 20, 2003
    The noise seems to be the only real ongoing complaint from people. Otherwise, it seems like a nice budget friendly place to stay. Thank you for sharing the reviews. :)
  5. LAS2AMS

    LAS2AMS Mouseketeer

    Aug 9, 2006
    I've going to write a review of this hotel, but for now I'll comment on the noise: it's not that bad. I was initally assigned a ground floor room overlooking the parking lot... you could clearly hear the foot traffic in front of the room (but there wasn't much foot traffic!). I then asked for a higher floor view (they put me on the third... said fourth/fifth was purely smoking)... I was assigned a room overlooking (but behind trees) I-4 in building four -- the one closest to the freeway. With the door shut, the noise was non-existant. And there wasn't any foot traffic in the hallways. And the hotel was sold out.

    If you've stayed at a Disney Value Resort with a pool view -- or worse, a view of the football fields at All-Star Sports -- the noise is 100x worse.
  6. DisneyDadof3

    DisneyDadof3 DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2006
    We stayed in October with a corner room that basically overlooked the check-in area. It was quiet enough anyway. I hardly noticed anything more than any other hotel. The location of the hotel was great and although it wasn't perfect, it was definitely within what I was expecting. With airfare and hotel (4 nights) for right at $700, we couldn't complain
  7. sunlver

    sunlver <font color=darkorchid>Well ahhh, I got poked with

    Feb 20, 2006
    I want to stay there this June for 5 nights. It seems like a reasonable rate, though the cheapest at this time for this hotel is 62.95, I havent found it cheaper yet.
    How close is it to Magic Kingdom and Mgm Studios? We normally always stay on HWY 192(Irlo Bronson), but decided for a change. We are a family of 5, with one in a crib, so we are not worried about space.
    Do they really have a fridge and microwave in room? That is what I am looking for. With kids, it makes it easy.
    My concerns are it being clean. I dont worry too much about the outside noise.
  8. FayeW

    FayeW DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2003
    Why don't you look at a ready, set, go auction from skyauction. These are 7 day rentals, but you can certainly check in late or check out early, and the cost would be about the same as you are planning now (the most we have paid is $266 for the week, including all fees). You could get a nice 2 bdrm condo for what you are planning to spend for a budget hotel. Give it some thought!
  9. sunlver

    sunlver <font color=darkorchid>Well ahhh, I got poked with

    Feb 20, 2006

    Thanks I am going to look into it.:)
  10. siobhan1997

    siobhan1997 DIS Veteran

    Nov 29, 2003
    I noticed you have stayed alot at Celebrity Resorts Lake Buena Vista, are you an owner there?
    I only ask because we own a week there.
  11. wayneg

    wayneg Moderator Moderator

    Jul 24, 2003
  12. italianfamilia

    italianfamilia Mouseketeer

    Apr 22, 2007
    We are heading there for five nights june 3 june 8...if it's anything like the one near disneyland, i can't complain. it was clean, hardly any noise, good eggos for the kids for breakfast and from what i've read and talked to the hotel about it should be about the same. I got a 49/rate by calling them and using AAA and they gave me a better discount. I reserved it a month ago so maybe that has something to do with it. I can't wait. It's just a place to rest and sleep, the rest of the time in WDW! 14 days to go!!!!

    I am a little concerned as the OP had said they had trouble finding the place..heading from Daytona to LBV...keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. sunlver

    sunlver <font color=darkorchid>Well ahhh, I got poked with

    Feb 20, 2006
    We just spent 6 nights there 6/19-6/25/07...It was an AOK hotel. Now its no 5 star hotel, but it was fine for our needs. We had the family suite. No bigger then a regular room, just a little section for the kids, bunk beds and one single bed(plus the queen for the adults). It was nice all kids had their own bed. Room was very clean, didnt see one bug all week, and we even checked under the mattress;) . Room was clean everyday, but not always restocked. Meaning, they took all the dirty towels, but some days forgot to put new ones in there. We had to call for toliet paper as well,..didnt restock that either. Everything was brought up immediately. We were on the 2nd floor(corner room)facing parking lot. We heard very little noise. The ac looked brand new, and was quiet, fridge looked new as well. Room could of been updated. I saw some mold high up on the shower wall,but thats it.
    Pool was WONDERFUL, extremely clean and warm. Some days there was pool towels, some days not.
    Check was not good. Our room was not ready at 3pm like stated. Apparently the room we were suppose to get was not clean because previous guests did not take the "do not disturb" sign out of the door, so maids didnt go in. At 3:45 I was irked, spoke to asst front desk manager, she gave us another room. We trek up there, keys dont work:rolleyes1 . Now I am really pissed. I said loudly"We booked over 4 months ago, took us many hrs to get here, and I EXPECT my room to be ready at designated check in time 3pm.." She found us another family suite, which was clean and ready to go.

    Buffet was fine, we never experienced any long lines, but we were there at 7:30 and out by 7:50 ready for the parks. We paid 2 times for the hot breakfast, the free breakfast was adequate.

    The location was WONDERFUL:thumbsup2 . It never took us more then 10 minutes to get to anything(We always have our own car there)

    Although not a 5 star hotel, I would stay there again for the right price.:)

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