Cometti Family & Crew May 26 Magic Cruise Part 1

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    Mar 1, 2000
    Cometti Family, DH (44), me (41), DS (15), DD (12)
    My parents Mom (64), Dad (65)
    Friends (39), (36), daughter (14), son (12)

    Left Syracuse airport on time and arrived in Orlando at 11:20 a.m. Berkley from Tiffany Town Car Service was right at the gate to pick us up with the "Cometti" sign. DH spotted him instantly. He lead us down to the baggage claim area and we got our bags and 10 of us fit into a 15 passenger van with "ALL" the luggage. (We just fit)!! We stopped at a store right near the Radisson Resort at the port for soda and beer and the Berkley dropped us off at the Radisson. What a beautiful place that was!! We were checked in the hotel by 12:45 and in our rooms by 1:00 p.m. Wow, this is great. Got in our bathingsuits and headed for the pool. It was beautiful with a waterfall and a nice outside bar. We were in the pool not an hour and then we spotted Caroline and Mike S. from Georgia. They soon became close friends of ours on the trip and wish now they didn't live so far away. We swam and had a little lunch and later on in the evening we walked next door to eat at Kelsey's Restaurant. Pizza and Calzones and sodas and we were stuffed. Went back to the pool area met up with JAG90 and his family and then there was a thunder and lightning storm so we headed back to our rooms around 9 p.m. for the night so we could catch the 10 a.m. shuttle we signed up for to take us to the port.

    We woke up around 7 a.m., the kids round the "Magic" from the 2nd floor balcony on the back side of the hotel. Once we were all ready and packed up, we walked across the street from the Radisson to McDonald's for a quick breakfast. Came back and the shuttle was ready and waiting to bring us to DCL terminal. We arrived around 10:15 and looked around. The check-in desk actually opened early so we were all checked in by 10:45 and were first in line to board the Magic. Yes, I said first in line. It was a thrill because the kids were asked what their names were and they announced their names and where they were from and they got to start the count down from 10 to board the ship. After that, we were on our way into the ship that was around 12:15 p.m. Glad we got there early because the line was going down the stairs by 11:15 a.m. Went right to Parrot Cay for the delicious lunch buffet. DH left at 12:45 with his walkie talkie on to get in line for Palo's. He got reservation that we wanted no problem. We met up in the room, thanks to the walkie talkies, they really came in handy on boarding craziness. I went to Spa line at around 1:20 and there were people already in line. Rhonda from Texas and Jacquelyn from GA were in front of me and Keenercam was right behind me. Everyone got what they wanted for spa treatments. We then found each other again by walkie talkie and met by Signals to get Beer mugs and went to check the kids in the 12 year old club, the teens checked themselves in and we stopped in later to meet the counselors in the teen club. Stopped by Castaway Cay/Excursion desk on 3rd floor to get teens signed up for teen cruise around St. Maarten and sign up for Parasailing and float rental on CC. By 2:30 we were all done with the craziness and enjoyed a couple of beers and sort of unpacked. At 4 p.m. we were all on deck 4 for the safety drill (painless)!! At 4:30 p.m. we met on Deck 10 Starboard side for our DIS meet and Bon Voyage Party. Met so many DISer's Caroline & Mike, Jacquelyn & Patrick, Rhonda & Mike, Cathy & Lyndon, Buddy & Tanya, Shawn, Sue and her DH from PA, Scott & Cindy, Cam & Howard, Donna, Barb & Mark, DeeAnn, Dave from Marietta and anyone else I forgot. Wow, what a party!! After party, went back to room to get ready for Dinner at 6:00 p.m. at Lumiere's, dinner was fabulous and we met our server MacLean from India, our assistant server Stephane from France (Ooo La La) was he ever cute, and Lloyd from India. They were the greatest and DD fell madly head over heals for Stephane!! Went to 8:30 Variety show, was great show and went to Dualing Piano's that evening and that was just as good a show, headed to bed around 2:00 a.m. Kids came in same time and we were off to sleep in our verandah room with the door cracked open with the sound of the waves hitting the ship. We fell fast asleep.

    I woke around 7 a.m. for our 1st day at sea, went up to deck 9 for coffee and danish and came back down, kids slept in and met their friends around 9 a.m. DH and I went to Topsiders for those great omlets and the oh so good Mickey Waffles and lots of fruit and juices. It was a day of poolside leisure and soaking up the sun. Remember we are from Syracuse and we had 192 inches of snow this past winter, so we don't see sun on a regular basis up here!! DH went to shopping in paradise speaker and I stayed by pool. DH took in a little basketball. I soaked up more sun!! That evening was Captain's dinner - formal pictures and Dinner at Animator's Palate, did not have the show this night as we had a formal evening. Went back to room to change and headed to Cest Magique, DH enjoyed the show, I had a hard time following everything, so I particularly didn't care for it, my Dad enjoyed it, but Mom didn't go, she want shopping in the stores on the ship. Mom and Dad really enjoyed things like the Entertainment Series and DH and I really enjoyed the Navigators Series on the ship. That was different times on different days, all the series type things were very interesting. We went to the Cabaret Show in Rockin Bar D which was great and listened to Joe Trippi Band for a little while and headed to bed by 1 a.m. again, the kids strolled in around the same time. They were given a time each night to be in by, we checked their navigators and saw what time things ended for them and they had to be back in the room right after that.

    Now it is Monday, another day at sea. Up at 7 a.m. for Character Breakfast at 8:15 in Parrot Cay. Wow what a great time, the teenagers even enjoyed it. Mom and Dad had a great time too being grandparents. Got lots of pictures with each of the Characters and again laid low on a leisurely day at sea. Stayed out of the sun a little more than yesterday. DH and I went to play Bingo and I won $90. Later met up with Caroline & Mike poolside and chatted and Caroline and I ordered a Konk Cooler from Alvira at the Quiet Cove Pool. Alvira was the best ever for waiting on you and bringing you delicious drinks. We asked about the Konk Cooler and she knew instantly we had both been on DCL before. She soon came with 2 drinks for us and were they ever delicious. Later we had dinner at Parrot Cay, we did not go to Hercules Show as we saw it last year on the Wonder and thought it would be a good time to just stroll around when things were quiet. Later on we went to the Rockin D Bar for a van twiliquist act before the night started Rocking and Rolling for 50's night. Well it was a crazy night for the kids from Syracuse, DH was up on stage impersonating "Elvis", I ended up winning the Hula Hoop Contest and My parents (Ole Grandma and Grandpa won the Twist Contest) It was night of great fun and we were pooped. Headed to sleep around 1 a.m. Kids again came strolling in just after us. They really had great fun. DD (12) made her own fun with all her newly found friends and didn't do much in the 12 yr. club, but enjoyed every inch of the ship. DS (teenager) did do a lot with the teenagers and there was a lot for them to do in and outside of the teen club. We never worried about them and it was great.

    Be back with the Island Info in Part 2....

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