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  1. Tai-San

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    Aug 11, 2018
    How to write a really good one? I'm sooo nervous, would be really grateful for some help! Thanks!
  2. Radiowave

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    Sep 18, 2018
    If you're so nervous, why not to hire a writing tutor? It's a popular practice in case of many students for improving their essay writing skills. Many colleges provide tutorials for the help with application essays and there's a plenty of useful information in net too :)
    Anyway your three main rules will be starting as soon as possible, representing your writing skills and giving admission officers a sense of who you are. Be yourself and be honest, try to find a topic which will highlight you but don't write everything in order to only impress the officers, such approach usually makes the essays worse than they could be.
    The first of all you need to brainstorm ideas for your essay and make a decision about the topic, narrow it and define clearly, don't cover too many topics in one text. Make a plan of the whole work and start writing from its main body, then an introduction and conclusion at last. Be creative but remember about your essay's requirments, for example writing the text longer than suggested amount of words will only annoy the admission officers, not bring you more points. Use good examples and concrete details in the essays but avoid cliche in case of style, some phrases and ideas.
    Proofreading is an important part of this wrok too, make it on your own for the first time, then with the help of your tutor/parents/friends, many mistakes and weak parts are often seen better from others' fresh perspective. Guys from special student unions and writing services can help you with this too.
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