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May 11, 2020
hello! i’m currently a junior in high school and i’m working on my college process. I’m currently thinking about going to UCF starting fall 2021 and staying in the dorms there, then applying to do the DCP fall of 2022, and hopefully getting to extend that into the spring (so basically a year off of school).
I was wondering if there was anyone who went to/is enrolled in UCF and has disney work experience that i could talk to about this process.
After the DCP, i plan on finishing school while being either a seasonal or part time cast member. I plan on finding roommates after the DCP to rent an apartment with as i finish my last 3 years of college.


Jul 11, 2006
My D is a Hospitality Major at UCF and did the DCP this Spring- and was let go. She also knows people who work part time at Disney while being a student. Do you plan on majoring in Hospitality? The Hospitality Campus (Rosen) is only 15 minutes from the parks, so living there makes it more convenient. D came into UCF with a ton of credits, so she was able to do the DCP program without taking a full load of classes or getting behind in school. In Hospitality, you have to do 3 internships, so the DCP fit in well with what she already had to do for her major. With one credit for her internship (she also took 1 online class) she was able to stay in housing at Rosen.

Also, look into the Disney Aspire program. If you work for Disney part time they will help pay for tuition after you work for the company for 90 days.

Any other questions let me know! D loves UCF!


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