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Mar 10, 2009

2101 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
P.O. Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Fax: 407-939-5150

Disney's BoardWalk Inn captures the feeling of a 1930s mid-Atlantic seacoast retreat. In the lobby is a nostalgic living room scene of chintz-covered, oversize chairs, invitingly plump sofas, floral rugs, and potted palms set atop gleaming hardwood floors and plush area rugs. Looming overhead is the barrel-shaped ceiling embellished with delicate latticework. Views from the lofty windows are of a lush courtyard green fronting a festive, old-fashioned boardwalk. Step outside to the wide veranda lined with wicker rocking chairs, a perfect early evening spot from which to bathe in the pink glow of sunset as the BoardWalk slowly comes alive.

 The resort’s gleaming white four-story buildings, dotted with latticework and crowned with sea green roofs and striped awnings, surround interior courtyards fragrant with blooming roses. The Inn is just a short walk away from Epcot's International Gateway entrance.
Cara Goldsbury: http://www.wdwluxuryguide.com/ex/accom/ep/boardwalk.php













photos courtesy of boBQuincy

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Mar 10, 2009



This aerial view still shows the old building near the canal on the north side of the resort. That has been torn down and is now lawn bowling and nicely landscaped.
photo and comment courtesy of Granny

STANDARD VIEW ROOMS average 434 square feet, sleep up to 5 (plus one child under 3 in a crib in all rooms) and have either a king bed, a king and a daybed, 2 queens or 2 queens and a daybed. Standard Views offer views of Disney's BoardWalk Inn gardens/courtyard, leisure pool or parking area.

Room 5306:

photos courtesy of Dixie Luvr 98

Room 4307:

photos courtesy of MickeyNicki

WATER VIEW ROOMS sleep up to 5 and have either a king bed, 2 queens or 2 queens and a daybed. Water View rooms offer views of Disney's BoardWalk and Crescent Lake. Wishes, from the Magic Kingdom, can be seen from higher Water View rooms.

Room 3219 over the arcade and next to ESPN:

photos courtesy of Dolce27

Room 3263. Second to last on the corner above Flying Fish:

photos courtesy of kbeverina

STANDARD CLUB LEVEL ROOMS sleep up to 5 and have either 1 king, 2 queens or 2 queens and a daybed. Standard Club Level views are either of the courtyard/garden area with Epcot in the distance or of the BoardWalk/Crescent Lake area. Standard Club Level room views are not guaranteed, but can be requested.

Extra large balcony:

photos courtesy of pixarmom

Courtyard View:

photo courtesy of bowbat

DELUXE CLUB LEVEL ROOMS sleep up to 6 and have 2 queens and 1 queen sleeper sofa. The Deluxe Room adds a seating area with a queen sleeper sofa, chair, coffee table, another flat screen TV and dresser. Rooms 3227 and 3229 adjoin. There are 10 Deluxe rooms: 5 are on the 4th (CL) floor and 5 are on the 3rd floor. All have views of the BoardWalk/Crescent Lake and are 644 square feet.

photos courtesy of psac

Room 3229:

photo courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life

BoardWalk View Club Level King room photos by: brunette8706 are located HERE.​

    Mar 10, 2009
    STANDARD VIEW ROOM 5282 overlooking the courtyard and Epcot:

    GARDEN COTTAGE CLUB LEVEL ROOMS are two-storied, measure 915 to 1,100 square feet and sleep up to 4 with 1 king and 1 queen sleeper. The king bed is situated in a loft above the downstairs living room area. Instead of a loft, 3 of the 14 Garden Cottages have a large upstairs bedroom with French doors that lead out to a balcony that overlooks a quiet pool. From the cottages, you must walk outside to the main building to access club level.



    Mar 10, 2009

    photos courtesy of irisbud

    TWO BEDROOM ACCESSIBLE SUITE sleeps 6 and has 2 kings and 1 queen sleeper sofa.

    TWO BEDROOM SUITES measure 1,288 square feet and sleep 8 with 1 king, 2 queens and a queen sleeper sofa. They each have 3 balconies all with views of the courtyard/garden area.

    photos courtesy of i_heart_the_mouse. More two bedroom suite photos posted HERE.


    Mar 10, 2009

    We just got back from a wonderful week in (BWV) rooms 4040/4042 (2br lock off) They looked out onto the Luna park pool, we're close to the elevators, and very convenient.

    We had (BWV) rooms 4105 and 4107. 4105 was the one bedroom, and it had a great view of the Illuminations fireworks. 4107 had a great view of a very large tree. Both pullouts (queen in the living room and full in the studio) were rated very comfortable by the kids (13 and 9). DD13 was in the studio with her best friend and let her friend have the queen bed by herself. I tried out both and thought they were comfortable, but I didn't sleep on them.

    We were in (CL) room 4252, with a garden view and view of the Eiffel tower in Epcot off to the left. It's just what I requested. Very quiet and peaceful. It was a few rooms in from the CL card access door and down the hall a bit from the lounge.

    Our (CL) room was #4235 directly across from the Innkeeper’s Club Lounge. The room was nice and clean, with a standard BWI room interior.

    We stayed in room #4253 which is a standard CL room...Our room was right above Kouzzina's...which is right beside Seaside Sweets... It shares a balcony (w/ the divider) with #4255. #4253 was the second door on the left after passing through the Innkeeper's Club door. For reference, we also had an adjoining inside door to #4251.

    We stayed in a deluxe CL room in 2009, and this was our biggest debate. 3rd floor with a bigger balcony, but having to go upstairs to the lounge, or 4th floor with the lounge, but a smaller balcony. In the end, we chose 4th floor because we wanted to be in close proximity to the lounge. We had NO idea how much fun it would be to sit out on the balcony and people watch! Unfortunately, with our small balcony and 4 very tall adults, we had to take turns. Really only 1-2 people could be out there at a time. They are REALLY small!

    ...We just checked out of BWV room 4126. Even though we were booked for standard view our room overlooked community hall and quiet pool. Why did I not know how awesome the quiet pool was? Out of many stays this was our first time using it and never went to the Luna pool once! Quiet and the hot tub wasn't filled with kids.

    I am absolutely in love with the Boardwalk Inn now, we were in room 4292. I don't know if that was any kind of upgrade, but the room was huge, it was on a corner, so we had tons of space... We had a view of a tree from our balcony, but if you looked past the tree, you could see Epcot and I sat out ther eone afternoon and could hear the entertainment.

    I loved the Villa (1 BR), but not quite as much as the hotel room. If we had been on a higher floor, that would have been better for me, I don't like the ground floor at all and we were all the way at the front of the resort, room # was 1127. I did love the bed and the tub.

    ...We just came back from another wonderful stay club level. We were in one of our favorite rooms 4261 which is located right before you use your key to access the innkeepers. The lounge was not busy until the weekend. The food offerings were yummy as always.


    We were in room 3304. We had 2 queen beds a day bed and a full size balcony. This is considered a standard view room. From our balcony looking down we had a view of the Garden Suites and a beautiful courtyard. When we looked straight out we could see a perfect view of the Eifel Tower, and the top of Spaceship Earth with Mickey's hand. We could hear the music from ToD and Illuminations and could also see the fireworks.

    We were in room 3320. ...We were directly above the garden suites with a veiw of the quiet pool and a view of France and Morraco. Could see Illuminations and hear the music from the parade. I asked at check in for a upgrade and she gave us this 3rd floor pool view...

    We stayed in room 5274.We had a view of the garden suites...also were able to see SE & Illuminations. (very relaxing to sit on the balcony sipping wine and watching) I speculated (by counting balconies and looking at room numbers while walking down the hall inside)) that any number between 5272 & 5284 would have a similar view. We also had a great chamber maid...lots of "animals" and she played games with my son's stuffed animals. (hiding them on the daybed, in the shower, etc)
    We had 2 queen & a daybed.

    In '99, we had a standard view room (3209)which was at the far end of the resort, beyond the ESPN Club. We could see Spaceship Earth, Illuminations, and Crescent Lake. The downside was that it was a long way from the lobby and we were over the service entrance to the ESPN Club and often woke to the sounds of trucks making early-morning deliveries and could hear traffic on the highway behind the resort. We also got so see CM's having a smoke on their break below our balcony.

    Dixie Luvr 98:
    ...We booked a water view room and received an upgrade to a concierge deluxe room at check-in We got spoiled! The room (3225) was directly over the bakery and had two queen beds and a pull-out sofa. There was also a second armoire with TV and VCR.

    We stayed in room 5306... It was a two queen bed room and did not have a day bed. We had a great view of Illuminations. Frankly, with this room, I wouldn't pay more for a BW (water) view. This room was perfect... except we had to leave to go home.

    We were given room 4298 which was perfect for us. About 6 rooms from elevator, day bed, small balcony but still had two chairs and tiny table. Looking out the balcony, we could see the top of the ball, land to one side, eiffel tower to the other. Watched the higher fireworks.

    We had a "waterview" room that was not directly on the BW. It was above the Bellview Lounge or back end of FF (if you can visualize that) and faced the BWV and half of the lake could be seen. We had a lovely view of the lobby porch and rose garden area. We liked it, it was room 5269 (I think).

    We had room 3235 and it was very nice. We were between Boardwalk Bakery and Spoodles. There wasn't much noise when the doors were open (we were there during the week) and very quiet when doors closed. Only thing we heard was music from club at other end of boardwalk. Our balcony was a little walled off though, not the open ones, and part of it was really concealed. We did not have a daybed either (2 queens room).

    AZ Mom:
    We were in room 2341, which is on the lobby level and not too far from the elevators. When we checked in and were given our room number, I was sort of disappointed, as I had wanted a higher floor. We decided to check out the room first before making any requests to change. The room was in a section of the hotel that has only 2 floors and which faces a quiet pool (which we couldn't see) and courtyard. (We had requested a standard view room.) We had two balconies -- a large one facing the Epcot fireworks (which we could see most of) and a small one the other facing another building. There were no rooms next to us on one side and we never heard the people in the room next to us.

    I had (GV) room 4232 one time and it was just perfect. Right around the corner from the lounge and great view too. The fireworks from Illuminations can also be seen from the balconies of the lounge.

    ...avoid room 5285!!We arrived on an early flight and we where at the hotel by 10 am so we checked in and I was surprised whent they said our room was ready, so we went there and at first i was really happy because we where like ten steps from the elevator but once in the room I could hear some noise on top of us, and I just thought they where doing repairs on the roof (we where on the top floor)by the way it had no balcony, just a small window overlooking part of the boardwalk. Went to the park, came back, and we could still hear the noise but we where really tired to go and find out what was going on, but next morning that same noise woke us up like at 6 am  We finally figured it was related to the elevator so we requested to be moved, which they did and we ended up in front of the quiet pool, room 1326, we could walk right from our room to the pool, and it was really quiet around there, we where on the corner so had windows on one side and terrace on the other and the room was slightly bigger the only down side was that it was a longer walk to the lobby and the buses but I'd rather walk than have that noise all the time!

    We stayed at room 1342, its a "standard view", first floor. It was at the westmost side of the property, at the end of the corridor in the kind-of-horseshoe wing. (look at a hotel map or this won't make sense) The walk to the lobby was long but our room had a nice, quite view to a fountain. Our balcony had two chairs and a table...

    We're in a standard room right now! It overlooks the far left side of the Garden Suites and is on the same floor as the lobby. At first I was disappointed that we don't have an Epcot view but this is a really good location. It only takes a minute to walk to the staircase out to the Boardwalk and we're close to the lobby too.

    D&R love Disney:
    1201 is the closest to the stairs (both to the lobby and inside stairwell up to the 4th floor). 1201-1204 have patios, 1205-1207 have an upper balcony (my favorite) and 1208-1215 have patios. 1205-1207 are directly under the concierge lounge.The bathroom is at the top of the stairs in 1205. The sink area and jacuzzi tub are open, the shower and toilet are in their own room. After the bathroom is the king bed and a door out to the balcony. Not sure how the rooms in 1206 and 1207 are set up. You can only request one of these rooms. I tried for our wedding but wasn't able to get one of them.

    When I went to the Boardwalk back in October 2006 we stayed in room 3251. PERFECT ROOM!!! Great View!!! We had a huge balcony right above the Spoodles Sign..You could see Wishes from the Balcony and watch the various street performers down below!!!!! And i loved waking up everymorning opening the balcony doors and hearing the boardwalk music they play it really gets you in the mood for a perfect day! We paid the extra money for a Water View and it was well worth it.

    ...this past April we had a 3rd floor room with a huge balcony and I loved it! It was right near the back staircase to the 4th floor and easy access to the lounge.

    We had rooms 3220 and 3222. We were on the 3rd floor and basically above the garden suites. The view from our balcony(3222) was the quiet pool and the Eiffel Tower.

    It was amazing to watch the Illuminations fireworks from our bed. I have a 22 month old so some nights she was just done by then and it was a little noisy on the balcony for her.

    It was a looong walk from the elevator but we found a set of stairs that took us right to the garden suites and quiet pool so we used those quite a bit. The stairs in the hallway were right above the Arcade and We also could smell BBQ every night. Figured it must be ESPN or Spoodles. The smell was strong in the hallway.

    Upon our arrival, we were taken to the concierge lounge where we discovered that we were upgraded from deluxe concierge to the VP Suite at the BWI. The room is bigger than our entire house. It was spacious and the balcony view of the Boardwalk was great. We were almost just above the ESPN – rightly directly above the arcade.

    Dis Ohana:
    The Garden Suites were more than enough room for the 4 of us.
    The walk to the concierge lounge wasn't so bad, there is a hidden staircase near the suites that takes you straight to the lounge area.The lounge is right above the suites, so if you walked the other way you'd be going back into the main building and up to the lounge.

    The concierge service was wonderful! The staff there was so friendly and the lounge is very comfortable. If you do get one of the Garden Suites with a balcony, you can watch Illuminations from your own room. Otherwise the balcony from the lounge has the same view.

    There are some deluxe rooms on the 3rd floor, the lounge is on the 4th. The deluxe rooms are located above Seashore Sweets and the Bakery. I have never been bothered by noise from the BW at night. You can see the fireworks from whishes form the BW rooms. The lounge has a view of the fireworks from Illuminations.

    I loved the room we had on the 3rd floor. There is a back staircase that takes you up to the Innkeeper's Club entrance where you will need your room key to enter.

    We were in a standard room - awesome view of Illuminations. Our room looked directly at the Eiffel Tower in France - room 5304.

    We just stayed in 3065 (a studio) and really enjoyed it. It's the first room on the Boardwalk side of the hotel from the elevators and has a view of the area in front of the hotel lobby going down to the Boardwalk and the lake. Though it's technically listed as a "Garden" view, it gave us a decent view of the Boardwalk and the lake, which is what we were hoping for (rooms that are right on the Boardwalk itself tend to get snatched up by DVC members who are given, reasonably enough, priority in room requests for the Villas). We thoroughly enjoyed the view and only had noise late on a Saturday night as a group of people seemed to be gathering right below us, having a high ol' time. We never got noise from the elevators. And being that close to the elevator made it a 2 minute walk to the buses in the morning (and only about 12 minutes to DHS when walking through the back of the pool area to the walkway to DHS). I mention this because you can be far enough away from the elevators at this place to add at least 5 minutes onto your walk to anywhere.

    Our room number was 5281...it was a beautiful room in a wonderful spot! Pretty centralized, for the most part, and a great view.The newly renovated rooms (standard rooms) are being used and are beautiful! We got one. 5th floor What a view, too! We could see boardwalk, MK fireworks, and the new couch is a twin sized pull out couch. DH used it all week.

    ...we stayed in a studio in the BW Villas. Our room was on the 2nd floor (which is really the first floor of the hotel) and it could not have been further from the lobby. In fact it was the very last room down a very very long hall. I am going to have to check my records to see the room number. It overlooked the quiet pool and hot tub and the swan.

    My requests for our standard room had been upper floor and courtyard view ~ had a great room on the 4th floor overlooking the green at the back of the resort and also a beautiful view of the lake & the YC. Very close to the elevator - great for convenience, but a little noisy at times.

    We had rooms 3267 and 3269, pretty close to the lifts and partially overlooking the green and the Boardwalk. We loved these rooms, they had really huge balconies, we used to love sitting on our balconies each evening watching the entertainers below. We could also see Wishes in the distance.

    I could not have asked for a better room! It faced the courtyard, where the boat docks. So we could see a little of the boardwalk, which was cool. It was very clean - my son only needed his nebulizer once this trip, which is great. The biggest plus - we were right next to the laundry room! I did it once late at night, then once early in the morning while everyone else slept. I just made my coffee, and threw a jacket on over my pj's and watched tv while doing laundry. It was early (5:30 am) so I didn't see anyone. We had room 3285, if you are wondering.

    We were in 3228 and the view was very nice. It was a very quite room. However, I felt it was a far walk from the main pool and the bakery.

    ...we stayed in a room outside the locked CL area, around the corner before the CL desk. There were several rooms that they used for CL overflow (i assumed). The rooms were corner rooms that had more sqft and windows on 2 sides. Theoretically they were classified as Standard View. One side faced the courtyard, the other side was the baconey that faced the BW & Lake. Every evening we would sit out on the balcony and watch the magician perform on the Boardwalk. The only "drawback" was having to use our room key to get into the offical CL area to get to the lounge.

    We stayed in room 3259, a lake view, with a king bed. This was a great stay. Check in was super easy- no line at all. I booked through southwest vacations, I booked a water view(on sale) double, and we got a king when we got there which was awesome. The room was great. If you look at hotel from the boardwalk it is directly above SeaShore sweets all the way to the right(the last one). It has a ceiling fan which was so nice along with the air conditioner. It was a very quiet room. The boardwalk pretty much shuts down at 11, so with the exception of the boats honking occasionally it was silent. We stayed out and watched the performers every night and went and got ice cream during the day too. It was a bit of a walk from the elevator, but not bad.


    We were then given a gorgeous view of the gardens - room 4206. Simply so quiet. LONG walk from Inn Keepers Main desk but the original room I was shown was outside of the innkeepers main desk, not part of the secure door so that kind of bummed me a little on the boardwalk view room. I wanted to be inside that secured door area.

    I stayed in BW CL in June and loved it! Balconies are all standard size there are a few however that are REALLY big but they are not covered. I really wanted a covered balcony so I request that. I also requested Garden View as I too wanted quiet. We had a lovely view of the quiet pool and interior garden. The only not so hot view in this section is the Epcot Walkway. Features the satellite dish. I mean not AWFUL but Iwould prefer not to see it. I would word my request "Garden View - not Ecpot Walkway". We loved our location.

    The lobby level is the 2nd floor in the BWI. A standard view on the second floor could face the front driveway or the courtyard or quiet pool in the back. The ground level or 1st floor standard rooms would be one level down from the lobby and would face the courtyard or quiet pool. Your patio would be on the grass level. You would need to take the elevator or stairs inside to get back up to the lobby and out to the Boardwalk from the ground level rooms, or the outside stairs from the internal courtyard back up to the lobby level. You cannot exit to the Boardwalk itself from the ground level, without going back up to the lobby and out. From the second floor rooms you can walk through the building to the lobby and out to the Boardwalk.

    For those wondering about a standard room - we were in room 3287 right off the elevator. While the view wasn't great (overlooked some rooftops at the front of the resort) the closeness to the elevator was perfect. I thought it might be loud since the guest laundry room was on one side of us and the elevators were across the hall - but we heard nothing!!!

    We just returned from our 1st stay at BWI and had a great room view (we were a Standard View).  The request that I made was "Upper Floor facing Epcot" and that is exactly what we had. We looked out over the quiet garden and could see Epcot's Eiffel Tower and the fireworks from Illuminations. It was a very quiet location, too (our room # was 5304).

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life:
    Just after we checked into (Deluxe) room #3229 Jennifer from the Innkeeper's Club arrived with our folder of information and we did the check-in right in our room. After that it was time to visit the lounge where we meet JJ who happens to be a fellow Canadian from Montreal and he was simply amazing. One night we were speaking to him about their Presidental Suite and as a surprise he gave us a tour of it because it happened to be empty and words can not describe how beautiful it was. As for our room we loved it from the moment we walked in and the view of the Boardwalk was great to have and for the record our room was right over the Boardwalk Bakery. Besides that all the reports off all the other Innkeeper's Club Cast Members being among the best is all true.

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life:
    Since we had a reservation for a Standard Club Level Room getting a Boardwalk View needed to be requested, well we were told that our room was going to be 4223 and it turned out to be one of the few Standard Club Level Rooms with a Boardwalk View. Now part of it was a bit blocked by the roof of the Boardwalk Bakery, however that wasn't an issue at all. However the room was very close to the lounge and that was a bonus.

    With the exception of 4261, all their other Standard Club Level Rooms are located on the 4th floor past the Innkeeper's Club door. Now this past December we reserved that room category and were lucky enough to get the Boardwalk View in room 4223. Now I am not sure the amount of Standard Club Level Rooms with the that view, so all you can do is request it and hope for the best. If you are not able to get it then at least you will get a nice Garden View room and getting to see Illuminations from your balcony.

    We were actually in room 4223 this past December and we thought the balcony size was good. However part of the Boardwalk view on the left side where you see the boat dock and the Villas side was a bit cut off because of the room, so that's something you should know about that room.

    We had reserved a Deluxe Room and our request to have it on the fourt floor was meet. We were in room #4225 which was right over the Boardwalk Bakery and had an amazing view.

    Dolce 27:
    I had paid for a standard non concierge room. I had room 4292. It was near the elevators and it was an ADA accessible room. It was HUGE. Much larger than the standard Boardwalk Inn room. The bathroom set-up was different as well. Instead of the double sink being in a recessed alcove to your right, like in the other rooms, when you entered the room you turn right and the sink, as well as the closet, are in a perpendicular room of its own.

    The fridge/dresser is still on your left as you enter the room - same as the standard rooms. This was basically a Garden View room, as that is what it overlooked, and I could see the upper Illuminations fireworks from my balcony (standing to the right of a massive tree) and I could hear all of Illluminations. The only negative for me was the ADA accessible shower. Those really need to be designed better - even for those with the ADA accessible needs. There really isn't a place to put your stuff in those showers and it can be a pain. That is my only complaint about the room.

    We stayed in a Deluxe CL - room 3229, which was directly above the "ERY" part of the Boardwalk Bakery sign. We LOVED our room, with the exception of difficulty of access to the lounge. We just needed a rope ladder down from the landing... would have saved us a good couple of minutes each way.

    There are more garden view standard CL rooms at BWI than BW view. The deluxe rooms and suites are all BW view (some deluxe rooms on 3rd floor) so that leaves less space for standard CL rooms on that side.

    I've been in both garden view & BW view standard CL rooms. The BW view is nice but the garden view rooms are nice too.

    We were in 2312 for 6 nights 2 weeks ago. Nice king bed, largest balcony I've ever had. It faces a courtyard.

    fall08CP (A BWI CM):

    Just a few FYIs:
    1)King bed is not a bookable category. You can request it, but it's not guaranteed. The Garden Suites have kings, but they are $$$. The Villa side has kings in the 1bdrm units, but again they're pricey.

    2)Water view room = over the boardwalk, facing crescent lake/beach club/yacht club/atlantic dance. AWESOME rooms, but can be loud at night. I personally think they're worth the extra $.

    3)Standard room = quiet pool view, garden view, boardwalk greens view or parking lot view. Again, you can request any of these views but no guarantees. I prefer BW greens.

    4) (I know you didn't ask about this but it's a good general heads up) Boardwalk doesn't do a lot of free upgrades so book what you really want.
    ALMOST every room has a balcony or patio. There are maybe 4 in the entire resort that don't, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. They're all decent sized, and some are huge. They're bigger than the "standing balconies" at beach club.

    ...we got room 2352. This room was on the lobby level, almost as far away as possible. We just kept walking and walking and curving left. Turns out it was the second last room in the hall with a small courtyard view.... Once we got used to the walk, we decided that we LOVED this room. First of all, it was ready when we arrived at 10 am, which was nice. We had early housekeeping every day, and we received towel animals and extra toiletries. We really liked the Belle vue room for a quick breakfast of muffins/bagel/cereal. It really could not have been more convenient!

    This trip we had the infamous satellite view at the end of the hall overlooking ESPN. When we got the text with the room number, I thought, "uh-oh." But it truly wasn't bad at all. I meant to take a picture but forgot. You see a bit of and hear the access road, to one side you see the boardwalk, Y&B, and water. To the other, you see France. In the middle, the satellite and a storage shed. If you're sitting, you see none of it because the balcony has the enclosed bottom. other post: It was 4201, but it is more behind ESPN than over it.

    We just returned from a standard view studio, and ours overlooked the quiet pool (well, through a bunch of trees anyway). It was convenient as there was a staircase right next to our room, that we could walk down to access the pool and walkway to DHS. That said, it was a bit of a trek back to the lobby, and in turn the Boardwalk. You may have read about the looonnnnggg halls at BWV, and that's just kinda par for the course.


    We had a Water View room 4265, close to elevators, the Innkeepers Club was down the hall from us. It had a full balcony, was actually facing the open green space between BWI and BWV but you could see the lake too. I actually liked it bec it gave us a Boardwalk view and yet some privacy too.

    DH & I have just returned from another wonderful stay at the BWI-CL. DH and I were in 4261 and Mom was in 4259. Our room had a wonderful view of the boardwalk. It had a huge balcony just like turningleaf had. Mom had a nice view of the gardens.

    Abby Wednesday:
    I got a great room (4300) that was a standard view, had a huge balcony and overlooked Epcot so that we could see the top of the fireworks. It was a view of one of the courtyards. It was close to the elevators as well. My request was close as possible to BWVs (had family there) and overlooking Epcot.

    A lock off two-bedroom villa is essentially a one-bedroom villa and a studio. It will have an adjoining door that connects the two parts, and they each have a doorway to the hallway. The studio portion will have a queen bed and a fold-out sofa bed, as well as a kitchenette (microwave, mini-frig, sink). The bathroom vanity is in the same space as the kitchenette. The one-bedroom portion has the full kitchen, as well as two bathrooms.

    A dedicated two-bedroom villa has only one doorway to the hallway. The second bedroom (which is comparable to the studio space in a lock off) does not have the kitchenette or sofa; instead, there are two queen beds. In addition, the bathroom vanity is actually in the bathroom.

    The Villas are the area around the Clown Pool. There is also a quiet pool on the Villas side. The Inn side is the side with the courtyards and another quiet pool. This quiet pool is in the area of the garden/cottage suites. If you stand on the Boardwalk and look at the resort it would be Villas on the right, Inn on the left.

    The majority of rooms for the Inn are located within the courtyard area and wrapping around it toward the convention building. That would be south and toward the DHS end of the resort. The Villas are along the canal area and walkway to DHS.

    While it is a little bit of a stroll from the farthest point of the Inn section to the Boardwalk, it is still no more than a couple of minutes.

    Room between Kouzzina and bakery:

    Room 4204 is terrible. Not really any other way to put it. It is the second to last room from the end of the building. Which means a very long walk down a very cold hallway. The balcony is tiny and looks out over about 15% of the quiet pool and faces the back of the Boardwalk Inn. I had a great view of the lounge balcony. The afternoon sun beats down on the balcony and it was not an enjoyable place to sit and relax.

    Our room was on the fourth floor on the ESPN end, but around the corner from it. We had a view of the Eiffel tower in Epcot. We were able to see both Illuminations and even Hallowishes from a distance from the balcony. I didn't think the walk down the hall was that bad, but I have a family of fast walkers.


    Mar 10, 2009

    Sleeps up to 6 and has 1 king and 2 queens. Views are of the BoardWalk/Crescent Lake.

    Double Queen Bath (you can see a bit to the right that there is a standard door to the hallway if this room is locked off from the suite, making the suite a 1 bedroom:

    The Balcony stretches across the top four windows. The furthest window is semi blocked because the double queen room can be locked off.

    2012 Sonora Suite photos/comments courtesy of SwirlyGirly

    Measures 2,170 square feet, sleeps 6 and has 1 king and 2 queens with a view of the BoardWalk/Crescent Lake.

    2007 Presidential Suite photos courtesy of DisOhana


    Mar 10, 2009

    Fax: 407-934-1487

    photo courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life

    If you have booked a club level room, you should receive an email from the IPO (ITINERARY PLANNING OFFICE) welcoming you and inquiring about any reservations they can make for you. Sometimes they will attach a planning form or provide a link to an online planning form.

    While the BWI IPO cast members are not physically located at the BoardWalk Inn, they are actually based at the Beach and Yacht Clubs, they will be your point of contact until arrival. If you havent heard from the IPO before the 180-day mark (and this can happen), you should use the email address above to initiate contact. Make sure to include your reservation number in all correspondence with the IPO.

    If you arrive by car, let the bellman know you are a club level guest. They will either instruct you to check-in in the lobby (this might happen if they are very busy or if it is before 7 AM or after 10 PM when club level is closed) or a club level curbside greeter will greet you outside.

    The CM will check your name against a list, might ask you for ID, and will then call upstairs and let a concierge know you have arrived. If someone needs to park a car, simply have the bellman take your luggage, go park the car and the curbside CM will wait to take you upstairs until your party is all together.

    Once upstairs on the 4th floor, you will usually check-in at the concierge desk (between 7 AM and 10 PM):

    photo courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life

    If your room is ready, you will then be escorted to your room. If it is not ready, you will be called or texted when it is ready. You will be given your KTTW card:

    Your park tickets and dining plan (if applicable) will be loaded onto your KTTW card even if your room is not ready. You have full lounge access from the time you check-in (as early as 6:30 AM) until 10 PM (when the lounge closes) of your check-out day.

    Club level guests have the same amenities as all guests, PLUS:

    ~Two robes (additional robes can be requested).

    ~Automatic nightly turn-down service.

    ~IPO and concierge staff available prior to and during your visit for reservations and vacation planning.

    ~Welcome gift:

    ~Access to the exclusive Innkeeper's Club lounge featuring daily continental breakfast, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers and desserts. Food and beverages can be taken back to your room.

    photos courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life

    INNKEEPER'S CLUB lounge balcony view:


    Mar 10, 2009

    photo courtesy of pixarmom



    No matter what season, catch the best games in all the top sports every day at ESPN Club, the sports broadcast and entertainment facility and full-service restaurant anchoring Disney's BoardWalk. No score or play will be missed with more than 90 monitors and a 10x10 video projection wall filling the 13,000-square-foot sports club, including televisions in both men's and women's bathrooms. ESPN Club is divided into three distinct areas designed to appeal to sports enthusiasts as well as families. Kids and adults will be sure to flock to The Yard, an "urban playground" with an arcade of sports games, the latest in virtual reality and interactive arcade games. The main dining area is Sports Central, themed to look like a sports arena with a basketball hardwood floor and giant four-sided scoreboard projecting the big game of the day. Sports Central also houses broadcast-ready facilities, including a television and radio broadcast booth where guests can periodically observe and participate in live sports celebrity interviews. Additionally, ESPN Club has originated live shows such as "Baseball Tonight," "Up Close," and "Sunday Sports Reporters," as well as local and national sports radio segments.

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life: If anyone wants to place a take out order from ESPN, all they do is tell the Cast Member working behind the Bar who will then put in their order. Also with all take out orders they automatically add 18% gratuity to your bill.







    photo courtesy of pixarmom


    photo courtesy of pixarmom


    photo courtesy of pixarmom

    photo courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life


    photo courtesy of boBQuincy

    photo courtesy of pixarmom















    photo courtesy of pixarmom




    photos courtesy of pixarmom

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life:
    The Cast Members International Gateway entrance will have a list of those with early ADR's for breakfast in Norway and the various tours, so you will be able to enter from there without any problems. There should be a specifc line that says guests for early breakfast and tours, so look for that and incase you don't see it just ask.


    Mar 10, 2009

    Disneys BoardWalk Villas(
    2101 Epcot Resorts Boulevard(
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000(
    (Fax: 407-939-5150

    (CHECK-OUT: BY 11 AM

    Original Opening Date: July 1996(
    DVC Contract End Date: January 31, 2042

    ROOMS: 383







    Link courtesy of: Denise W

    2013 RACK RATES​


    Studios with Standard Views look out over Resort grounds or parking area.

    Preferred View Studios look out over pools, the canal, courtyards or gardens.

    Boardwalk View Studios overlook Disney's Boardwalk and Crescent Lake.

    Includes a queen-size bed, a double-size sleeper sofa, one bathroom and a mini-kitchen. Studios are 359 square feet. There is no washer/dryer in a studio, but guests have free access to the first-floor laundry room located just opposite the elevators. There is no cost to use the washers or dryers, but guests must provide their own detergent/softener.

    One-Bedroom Villas are 712 square feet and have a master suite, living room, kitchen, and private porch.
    Accommodates four adults plus one child under age three in a crib.​

    Two-Bedroom Villas are 1,071 square feet and provide an additional bedroom with one queen-size bed, one double-size sleeper sofa, and a private bath.
    Accommodates eight adults plus one child under age three in a crib.

    Two Bedroom Standard View Villa Photos courtesy of CaliforniaDreaming:​

    ONE BEDROOM #4134 GARDEN/POOL VIEW PHOTOS Courtesy of California Dreaming.

    GRAND VILLAS are 2,142 square feet and have three bedrooms, three baths with a master bedroom which includes a king-sized bed and private whirlpool tub, two other bedrooms which each include two queen-sized beds and a private bathroom, a living room area that has a queen-sized sleeper sofa, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, full-sized washer and dryer and a private balcony. There are both one and two story Grand Villas. The Grand Villa will accommodate 12 adults, plus one child under the age of 3 in a crib.

    CASH RESERVATIONS (those not staying on points) can be booked by anyone and discounts may be applied. Cash reservations receive free daily housekeeping. Those staying on points receive the following:


    Trash & Towel Service:

    For stays of seven or less nights, Trash & Towel Service is provided on day four, regardless of whether you're using member-discounted cash, vacation points or a combination of both.

    With Trash & Towel service, Housekeeping will:

    Empty trash and replace liners in trash bins.
    Provide fresh bathroom linens.
    Replace shampoo, facial soap and bath soap.
    Replenish facial tissues, paper towels and toilet paper.
    Replenish coffee, sugar, cream and sweeteners.
    Replenish dishwashing liquid, dishwashing detergent, sponges and laundry detergent as needed in one-, two- and three-bedroom Vacation Homes.

    Full Cleaning Service:

    For stays of eight or more nights, Full Cleaning Service is provided on day four and Trash & Towel Service is provided on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day 12, regardless of whether you're using Member-discounted cash, Vacation Points or a combination of both.

    With Full Cleaning service, Housekeeping will provide everything included with the Trash & Towel Service, plus:

    Change the bed linens.
    Vacuum and dust the Vacation Home.
    Clean the bathroom(s).
    Clean the kitchen/kitchenette and wash the dishes.

    Pay As You Play:

    All accommodations offer daily housekeeping service with a 24-hour notice and an additional fee.

    With Pay As You Play service, you'll be provided with the following amenities free of charge at the start of your stay. After that, you may purchase more for the following fees:

    Toiletries Package, $5.00 - 1 facial soap, 1 bath soap, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 shower gel

    Coffee Package, $3.00 - 1 package of coffee, 8 sugars, 8 creamers, 8 artificial sweeteners

    Towel Package, $6.00 - 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 washcloths, 1 bath mat

    Laundry Detergent, $1.00 - 1 box

    Additional Full Cleaning Rates:
    Studio - $30.00 per day requested
    One-Bedroom - $45.00 per day requested
    Two-Bedroom - $60.00 per day requested

    Additional Trash & Towel Rates:
    Studio - $15.00 per day requested
    One-Bedroom - $20.00 per day requested
    Two-Bedroom - $25.00 per day requested

    Note: Rates are subject to change

    COMMUNITY HALL has Playstation games, a TV, ping pong, air hockey, foosball all at no cost. Croquet, tennis and basketball equipment is available, too and there is no charge to DVC members. Birthday parties can even be held here. There are also DVDs available for members to borrow during their stay.


    Mar 10, 2009

    (Bus service is shared with the Dolphin and Swan and seasonally shared with the Yacht and Beach Clubs. Routes can vary.)

    EPCOT: WALK (About 10 minutes) or BOAT





    BUSES FOR EARLY ADRs (Advance Dining Reservations)
    Buses for the Magic Kingdom and Magic Kingdom Resort Area will start running at 6:30am DAILY.

    Buses for Animal Kingdom/Animal Kingdom Lodge will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    Buses for the Disney's Hollywood Studios (covering the Epcot Resort Area) will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    Buses for Epcot (Princess Breakfast at Norway) will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    This information is valid EVERY DAY, and for ALL DISNEY RESORTS serviced by Bus transportation.

    These buses are for Breakfasts only, and should not be used for general park access. Always let the driver know where you are going upon boarding the bus. Most times, the driver will be able to take you directly (ie: Contemporary, for Chef Mickey's) but sometimes this is not possible. As such, you should always allow time for a connection when going Resort to Resort. Actual arrival times will vary by location.

    It's less than 1.25 miles from the turnstiles at Hollywood Studios to the International gateway at Epcot. My wife and I were able to walk it very leisurely, while pushing our two year old in a stroller, in less than 20 minutes.

    The turnstiles at Hollywood Studios are also about .75 mi to the Luna Pool, so most would be able to walk that in under 18 minutes.

    From the courtyard on the BoardWalk side of the resort to the International Gateway, you are looking at less than .40 miles, so most people would be able to walk that in less than 10 minutes.

    My DW and I are both pretty athletic and decided to "race" one of the boats that was almost full. We walked from HS to the BW and just beat the boat by about 5 minutes (pushing a stroller). The stops are what slows the boat down.

    I will say that my wife walked from HS to EPCOT and my DD and I took the boat (I was feeling lazy). She beat us by a good 20 minutes...again, the stops at the resorts take much longer than you'd expect.

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life:
    When going to the Magic Kingdom after the bus leaves it will then stop at the Swan and then the Dolphin before it gets there. However when leaving the Magic Kingdom the Boardwalk is the 1st stop.

    As for Downtown Disney the Boardwalk is the last stop when going there since it will have come from the Yacht Club, Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin. When coming back once again the Boardwalk is the last stop, although one tip you can do is get off at the Swan and walk back to the Boardwalk.


    1. Reserve Disney's Magical Express Transportation when you book online or by calling (407) WDW-MAGIC or (407) 939-6244.

    2. Upon landing at Orlando International Airport, skip baggage claim and proceed to the Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center in the Main Terminal Building, B side, Level 1. Disney's Magical Express service will collect your luggage and deliver it directly to your Walt Disney World hotel room within 3 hours after you check in at the resort. Luggage delivery service provided by Disney's Magical Express is available for flights arriving between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm daily. For airport arrivals after 10:00 pm, guests may collect their luggage at Baggage Claim and transport it with them on the motor coach.

    3. International Guests flying into Orlando International Airport from another country must follow the U.S. Customs and Border Protection process and claim luggage after disembarking the plane. After completing the process, proceed to the Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center in the Main Terminal Building, B side, Level 1. Disney's Magical Express service will recollect your luggage and deliver it directly to your Walt Disney World hotel room within 4 hours after you check in at the resort.

    4. Sit back and relax as Disney transports you to your Disney Resort hotel in an air-conditioned motor coach.

    5. As your vacation draws to a close, you'll receive a Transportation Notice advising you of the pick-up time and place for your motor coach ride back to Orlando International Airport. Please note that it is your responsibility to bring your luggage to the pick-up point. Please note that you cannot reserve the luggage service exclusively. You must be present on the motor coach to have your luggage transported to a Walt Disney World hotel.


    If you're departing domestically on a designated airline, enjoy the convenience of Resort Airline Check-in Service, which allows you to receive your return boarding pass and check luggage at your Walt Disney World hotel, bypassing airport check-in completely.

    Simply visit the Resort Airline Check-In Desk up to 3 hours prior to your flight departure time. A valid government issued photo I.D. and your KTTW card are required to participate.


    VALET PARKING is available at the main entrance. There is free SELF-PARKING adjacent to BoardWalk Villas. Valet parking is $15 per day (plus tip and tax). Guests need only pay for valet parking once per day at Disney resorts. Just show your valet receipt at the next resort to avoid being charged again.

    CR Resort Fan 4 Life:
    Something else to remember is that they have two self parking lots. The main one is located across from their WDW Bus section and Convention Center. Their other one is located a bit farther away next to the Valet Parking lot, although that one is basically meant for guests who are only there to visit.

    After you enter past the guard shack the main parking lot will be located on the right hand side. Once you drive up the hill you will then turn right past the Boardwalk Bus station and the Convention Center which is on the left side. Then at the very end you will see the entrance to the parking lot.

    If someone is being dropped off at the main entrance and then the driver is parking the car, they will turn left once they leave from there to go back to the parking lot.

    Disney Vacation Club members no longer receive free valet parking.

    Valet parking is free of charge to all vehicles displaying a disabilties tag at Disney facilities offering valet service.


    Mar 10, 2009

    The themed main pool area is LUNA PARK and it is located on Disney's BoardWalk Villas side of the resort. Luna Park has a large pool, with a 200-foot water slide called the Keister Coaster. It is styled after a wooden roller coaster. The infamous "clown slide" is only open, however, when a lifeguard is on duty.

    There are two quiet pools, one at the outer edge of Disney's BoardWalk Inn by the Rose Courtyard, and the other is on the Disney's BoardWalk Villas side by Community Hall. Adjacent to the pool area is the children's playground, Luna Park Crazy House and a hot tub.

    MUSCLES AND BUSTLES HEALTH CLUB offers free weights, Life Fitness, Stairmaster and Cybex exercise equipment. Located on the first floor by the Luna Park pool, an attendant is on duty from 6:30 AM - 7 PM daily. Guests may use their KTTW cards to enter when an attendant is not on-duty. There is a Niki Bryan Spa in the health club. To schedule a massage call 407-939-2370.

    Two lit surfaced TENNIS COURTS, located near Disney's BoardWalk Villas, are free to resort guests. Equipment and tennis lessons are available for a fee.

    Two, four and six-seater SURREY BIKES can be rented. The cost is $21.30-$23.43 per hour.

    BAYSIDE MARINA is located just outside Disney's Yacht Club Resort, the marina is open from 10 AM to 5 PM daily. IllumiNations cruises, other specialty cruises, or fishing excursions can be arranged here. You can also rent Sea Raycers, pontoon boats, and other watercraft. Annual Passholders receive discounts off the regular price of most recreation rentals.

    Two-hour guided fishing tours are offered every morning on Crescent Lake and Lake Hollywood and cost $235-$270. The fee includes all fishing equipment, as well as complimentary snacks and beverages. Fishing equipment is also available to rent at Community Hall for those who just wish to fish along the side of the canal.

    The SIDE SHOW ARCADE is located beside the health club. The YARD ARCADE is next to ESPN.

    BOARDWALK BUSKERS are an assortment of live entertainers who perform from 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM Thursday-Saturdays outdoors on the BoardWalk. Observe sword swallowers, jugglers, magicians and strolling musicians.

    At ATLANTIC DANCE you can dance the night away to a variety of music at Atlantic Dance located along Disney's BoardWalk. The spacious hall offers a sophisticated ambiance with a palette of rich blues, maroons and golds surrounding a parquet dance floor. Light fare, cappuccino, espresso and cognac are offered into the evening. Cigar aficionados will enjoy a selection of premium, hand-rolled cigars. Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's BoardWalk has changed its format and is now spinning Top 40 sounds plus hit songs from the 1980s and 1990s and high energy dance music. The Hall is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9 PM - 2 AM. The Atlantic Dance Hall is restricted to guests ages 21 and over and admission is free. The hall may also be used for weddings and other special events.

    At JELLYROLLS, you'll experience singing and drinking to the banter of dueling pianos at this lively piano bar located along the boardWalk. A main attraction within this rustic, saloon-like club is the crowd itself. Here, people of all ages join together in song as quick-witted pianists bang out old-time favorite singalongs. Jellyrolls is a foot-stomping, sing-along kind of place with lots of uproarious laughter and fun. A visit to Jellyrolls for a birthday, anniversary or engagement may get you on stage for a rambunctious and satirical serenade created especially for you. Jellyrolls welcomes those 21 years and older, with a cover charge after 7.

    Mar 10, 2009

    A complete listing of all BoardWalk merchants is available HERE.​

    DUNDY'S SUNDRIES is located inside the BoardWalk Inn lobby (to the right as you walk in the front) on the BWV side:

    SCREEN DOOR GENERAL STORE on the BoardWalk next to BWI, sells a variety of grocery items:

    WYLAND GALLERIES is located on the Boardwalk near the BWI entrance.

    There is a HESS EXPRESS GAS STATION located at 300 East Buena Vista Drive, across from the BoardWalk. They are open 24/7. Their website has current gas prices and specials. They do sell water and adult beverages and they have a Blimpie's Subs (6 AM - 10 PM) and Dunkin' Donuts (24/7). They also have an ATM and car wash.


    There is a LAUNDRY ROOM on the 3rd floor of the BoardWalk Inn. It has 4 washers and 6 dryers. One of the washers is a commercial-sized machine. Standard-size washers and dryers cost $2.00 per load. (Helpful hint: Dont overload the dryer as it will take much longer for clothes to dry). Laundry rooms are open 24/7 and unlock with the use of your KTTW card.

    DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY SERVICES are also available and can be arranged by selecting Housekeeping on your telephone. For same day service, call by 8:30 AM for pickup. Items will be returned after 6:00 p.m. that day. Dry cleaning and valet laundry services prices are listed on the laundry card found hanging in the room closet.

    WiFi is now FREE and available in ALL rooms and throughout the public areas.

    DRINK REFILLS are available at BoardWalk Bakery, Boardwalk Joe's, Boardwalk Pizza Window, Seashore Sweets and Leaping Horse Libations.


    Guests of WDW resorts can have their purchases delivered directly to their resort. The cashier will have you fill out a short form and your purchase will be delivered to your resort gift shop by around 1:30 PM the following day. Club level guest purchases are delivered to your room or to the Innkeeper's Club concierge.


    Located near Atlantic Wear just off the main lobby of the Beach Club Resort. The Sandcastle Club is a nautical-themed activity center open daily from 4:30 PM to midnight for toliet-trained children ages 3-12. The cost is $11.50 per hour with a two-hour minimum and dinner and snacks are included. Reservations are recommended, but walk-ins are accepted. Call 407-WDW-DINE for reservations.



    Together with independent childcare provider Kid's Nite Out, the hotels at Walt Disney World Resort offer you the convenience of expert, one-to-one in-room babysitting for an additional cost. You can even reserve a childcare specialist to accompany you and your family during your visit to the Parks, providing a helping hand where needed. Available 24/7.

    To contact Kid's Nite Out, Inc., call (407) 828-0920, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, 7 days a week. Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.


    The BOARDWALK CONFERENCE CENTER has 20,000 square feet of meeting space and one, 10,000 square foot ballroom. There are 14 smaller meeting rooms and a pre-function meeting area that continues the theme of Atlantic City and New Jersey seaside resorts. Additionally, the conference center has two outdoor meeting areas.


    BWV Room 2003 Views and Rehabbed BW Bakery Photos By gometros


    Mar 10, 2009

    photo courtesy of boBQuincy

    photos courtesy of ohiotink

    photo courtesy of CR Resort Fan 4 Life

    photo courtesy of DisOhana

    photos courtesy of psac


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