Clearance Sale at Target

Colleen A.

<font color=green>Disney Planning Maniac!<br><font
Sep 23, 1999
I went into Target today for 3 items....and came out with 3 bags!! They are having a big clearance sale. Some of the best deals I got were for my girls. I got them each thermal long underwear (2 piece sets) for $3.90. The other were roller blades for each one. Orginially $15, on clearance for $3.74!! I also found a 2.5 lb tub of OxiClean for $2.90! Love their sales!!!

I am with you girl-Target has the best sales. They waste no time in marking down items. I spent $72 last week and bought almost $300 worth of merchandise. It was mostly children's clothes. I live for the endcaps and clearence racks!

I only shop Target for the clearance and love those end caps too! I hate their return policy so I never shop full price there!


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