Cirque du Soleil...discounts??


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Aug 17, 2000
I'm looking for any discounts available on these very expensive tickets. I posted this on the Theme Park Attractions board and got no response except that perhaps you savvy folks could help me. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

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Check out "Otix ", they feature day of show tickets for dozens of cultural and community events ( Cirque included ). We found them via the Go2Orlando web site. Tickets are bought at the Orlando's Official Visitor Center at 8723 Intern. Drive, suite 101 At Australian ? or Ausrian Row. I believe the web site is :
Tel. 1-800-551-0181 or 407-363-5872

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If you belong to the DVC, I think there was a discount available through them.
AUGH! I SO wanted to see this but the 68 dollars turned me off. So i just went and bought a whole buncha stuff from the store. :) So please if anyone gets any info on how much the discounts are, please post it!

thx, spags.



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