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  1. Tnkrbl2199

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    Jun 4, 2000
    Hi everyone. I have read some of your great ideas for your "Cinderella" or Disney weddings. We want to stay strictly to the whole Cinderella...Prince Charming...princess...fairytale kind wedding. Any ideas on decorating the ceremony and reception sites to give it that Cinderella touch? Any suggestions and thoughts are appreciated!! :)
  2. robbie

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    Feb 11, 2002
    I planned my Son and Daughter-in-laws wedding. It all started when Jennifer found her
    dress. It looked like a princess and the theme for the wedding and reception was set.
    We could not find a veil that she liked so we happened to be in a Ben Franklin Store
    wedding section and found a windsor tiaria crown by itself. We took it to the lady who
    was altering Jennifers dress and had her put the lace on it. The wedding invitations
    were white and they showed a castle in the distance with the knight and the princess
    riding together on a horse. We got these at a Party City. If I am not mistaken the book
    that listed these invitations was Birch Craft.. She chose maroon for the color of the
    brides mades dresses. The flowers were white, yellow and maroon. Now for the
    reception. I decided to continue the theme. I used my families coat of arms and got on the
    internet and looked up some other interesting coats of arms and made 10 of them to
    hang on either side of the reception hall. I then draped maroon lights and over the lights
    I draped sparkle tulle (you can get the tulle at Wal-mart. I made a large Celtic Cross and
    put this in the center of the head table then draped maroon and gold hearts on a gold
    plastic chain and hung this on either side of the celtic cross. I used king and queen
    crowns as the center piece for the tables and inside them I had streamers with gold,
    maroon and white balloons. I made the cake top for the wedding cake. It is a Castle
    with spires and you can find it in the Wilton Wedding planning guide. You should
    be able to find this book in any cake decorating storre They had a 18 inch cake with pearls
    swags on the bottom layer. I put a fountain with maroon water and the same theme
    of flowers as noted above on top of that. I then had a 14 inch cake on top of pillars
    on top of that and then on top of the 14 inch cake I put a coach with horses with
    more flowers (you can find the small coach at the cake decorating stores also.
    Then on the next layer which was 10 inches I put the Castle.
    I made the programs and put Castles on them as well as the direction sheets to the church.
    We decided to give the Hershy bars as reception favors. You can get a booklet which shows
    the various covers you can purchase by calling 1-800-995-2288. The other option you have if
    you choose the hershy bars is to go to a print shop look at their designs.
    I found a Castle print they measured up the candy bar and we had them made.
    The limo was a white stretch which had to stand in for the white horse. Hope this helps.

    peace, Robbie
  3. LisaFB

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    Jan 29, 2002
    Wow! That sounds great!!!

    FH and I are doing a Disney themed wedding, but we do have some Cinderella stuff. Our invitations are from Now and Forever. They are all white tri-fold with the coach on a path leading up to the castle. There are some relaly pretty Cinderella invitations out there! We also got the matching chamgpane flutes for ourselves- the have Cindy and the Prince dancing with our names and the date engraved on them. We bought our cake topper at the Disney Gallery Store. It's the two of them walking down stairs after their wedding, whith two little blue birds holding up her veil. Other tan that, everything else we're doing is a whole Diseny mixsture (nami,g the tables after Disney movies instead of numbering them- our table will be Cinderella, wearing our bride and groomeears at the end for pictures, )displaying our Mickey & Minnie bride Mickey-grams.)

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