~Christmas Ornament Exchange-Sign up!~CLOSED


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Feb 2, 2004
Want to decorate your tree with new ornaments from a fellow exchanger who lives in a different state or even country than you? If so, join us for this $15.00 exchange. The exchange price does not include shipping fees.

Please pack your ornaments well so that it does not break while it is being shipped. Some people have even ordered ornaments online, and had it send directly to the recipient. I l will need tracking numbers for all exchanges, so please send them to me as soon as you have sent out your exchange.

Sign ups will close on 11/3, and names will be given out by 11/4. The send by date is 11/16. Please ONLY sign up if you are willing to do your part in making another exchanger happy. No one likes to sign up and not get anything in return. If you will be away during the exchange period, so that I know that you are not missing in action.

To sign up, please pm the below info. In the title, please list-Christmas Ornament Exchange so that I know which exchange you are signing up for. This exchange is open to both adults, and kids.

Mailing address-
Email address-
Are you willing to send internationally via air mail-yes or no-
Are you able to be an elf if needed-yes or no-
*Do you have a certain theme/style of ornaments that you prefer, or are you open to anything that your sender sends?
*Do you like ornaments that are from the senders state/country?

For child participants, please list the above info. along with their age, and gender. :santa: