Christmas Novelty Songs


Jan 1, 2012
We all have our favorite Christmas hymns or Christmas classics. That's why they're timeless.

But do you have Christmas novelty songs where you actually turn up the volume, just so you can sing along?

My top, two Christmas novelty songs are about the same character and sung by the same group:

  • "Snoopy vs the Red Baron" by the Royal Guardsmen, 1966
  • "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Royal Guardsmen, 1967
Some of the Bob Rivers songs are funnier than others. I like "Police Stopped My Car" (Feliz Navidad) more than "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire." His "Something's Stuck up in My Chimney" makes me laugh, tho I feel guilty about it.

"I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long" from the Mickey Mouse Christmas record. Unfortunately, Disney has removed all evidence of this song's existence. Thankfully, someone on YouTube has posted it. I still have the original record (but no record player) and I keep my original I-pod because it still has a digital copy of the song that I made from that record.

I play this most every Christmas even though it’s not really a holiday piece. Just seems to fit into the reason for the season

I have an entire playlist of what I call "Dunk Christmas" which are songs about drinking on Christmas and other non-traditional/novelty songs. Here are a few favorites

Santa Was My Uber Driver - Lee Brice

Who Spiked the Egg Nog - Straight no Chaser

Lit This Year - Florida Georgia Line

California Christmas - Crazy ex Girlfriend
I know every word - I love this silly song.
When it comes on the radio my daughter just does :rolleyes2:headache::lmao:

Another One….

I loved this song before the world loved this.
From one of my favorite albums as a teenager - Edge of Heaven

"Christmas Don't Be Late", "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"
Another vote for both of these, plus Mele Kalikimaka. The Hippo one just makes me smile, the other two bring back happy memories of singing them with specific people - The Chipmunks when I was a kid, and the Hawaiian one in the car when DS and my nieces were little.
'the 8 polish foods of christmas' (veggie tales),
'twelve days of christmas' (bob and doug mckenzie)


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