Christmas Day - 4 parks in 1 day!

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    May 1, 2001
    After countless trips to Disney as a DVC member our family was looking for something different to do this trip. We decided we wanted to tackle hitting all 4 theme parks in one day.
    Of all the days of the year we chose Christmas Day to tackle this feat.

    Our adventure begins by catching the bus to MK about 7am from OKW. Upon arrival we stroll down Main street through the castle all the way to the new little mermaid ride (our first time riding it). With no line we easily get on and off. After we decided to get a snack at Gaston's tavern (coffee and chocolate croissants).
    After a quick ride on Autotopia we leave MK for our next stop Epcot. Crowd is piling in as we are leaving

    8:30 - We take the Monorail to Epcot. My son needs to ride the Test Track again after doing it fastpass the day before so he can fully design his car. This is the biggest bump in our plan as it takes about 50 minutes. After Test Track and a quick stop at Club Cool, we head to Journey to your Imagination - no wait as always.

    10:15 - We get to the boat launch by the international gateway as the boat is pulling out - bummer, but we patiently wait for our boat to take us to Hollywood Studios. Crowd is manageable but heavy when we arrive about 11:00 so we decide only one ride here as we did it heavy on the 23rd. We pick up pretzels and cheese to eat on line as we wait for the Tower of Terror. It is a madhouse when we get out weaving our way out of the park.

    A little before noon we are on the bus heading toward AK. We decide we will have lunch upon arriving before any rides. We eat at Flame Tree BBQ then ride Dinosaur and Expedition Everest and are on our way out of the park by 2:30 pm. With plenty of time to rest before our 5:30 dinner reservations at Olivia's for some Prime Rib.

    Our mission accomplished - 4 parks using boat, bus and monorail riding a major attraction at each ( I will consider the Little Mermaid that because it is new) and a snack or meal at each (considering club cool sodas our snack).
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    How fun and fantastic! Glad your mission was accomplished! merry Christmas!

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