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Feb 2, 2004
Would you like to send, and receive Christmas cards with fellow exchangers? If so, come and join us.

Each person will need to send a minimum of five cards, or if you wish to send to everyone on the list, let me know.

Cards and be store bought or handmade. If you would like to include and insert, feel free to do so. In the past, there has been items such as recipes, gift tags, stickers,....

We would like everyone to be able to enjoy all of their cards for the entire month of December. And would like to insure that our international friends get their cards in time as well. Below are the important dates-

Sign up by-11/1
Info. will be given out by 11/4
Send all cards by-11/20

Please only sign up if you will follow through. I will be keeping track of all mailings. Once the lists are handed out, please check in on the new Christmas Card Exchange thread,and let me know when you have sent out your cards, and as you receive your cards.

To sign up, please pm me the below info. And please remember to include your email address. If you will be away during the exchange period, please let me know so that i know you are not missing in action. And also check in on this thread from time to time, or even daily since i may post questions, info.,..

This exchange is open to both adults and children. If your child will be participating, please include their age and gender.

Mailing address-
Email address-
*Are you willing to send internationally-yes/no-
*How many cards would you like to send out- 5 OR to everyone on the list?

***The other Christmas exchanges, and calendar exchange sign ups will be posted soon***
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Jun 18, 2008
This used to be such a large active group. where has everyone gone? I sure hope more come and join us for the holidays.
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    Feb 2, 2004
    Sign ups are Closed! Info. will be given out by Friday. Please post on the sent/rcvd. thread once you have sent and gotten your Christmas cards :santa: