Chirstmas with mickey dec 21


Earning My Ears
Jan 5, 2002
Dec 21. We left our house at 4 A.M. My friend Nan picked us up at what she calls “ O dark thirty”.

Crystal 19 college freshman Lion King and bird fanatic. Ryan is 15 high school freshman pizza loving computer person. Terry 50 is a steamfitter camera toting shutterbug. Myself Pooh52 is my age a.k.a. Grumpy to my family or Thumper by my siblings.
Third trip to Disney World second at Christmas, first trip Thanksgiving 1998. Went to San Diego Thanksgiving 2000. Las Vegas 2001 Thanksgiving. Disney World Christmas and New Years 2001. We did all these trips on travel vouchers from bumped flights because Delta had overbooked. One of the guys at Terry’s work calls us Delta Force. We have collected over $9,000.00 in travel vouchers.
We flew in from Portland, Oregon. Took two hours to get through check in and security. Lines were very long. Flew to Cincinnati had a two hour lay over. So we had some time to burn up. Found a TCBY and had a smoothie. Landed in Orlando around 6 p.m.
Got our bags from the baggage claim We used National’s Emerald aisle at airport to get car. We got a good deal on the car because we booked on the Internet. Got a nice full size Buick had no problems at all plenty of cars were available to choose from. chose a GMC Buick. Went to Costco and stocked up on food. Peanut butter, bagels, strawberry jam, milk, cream cheese, beer, and coke. Also got under water cameras for Discovery Cove. Ryan had his personal favorite food pepperoni pizza, Terry and I had Italian sausage sandwiches, and Crystal had a chicken bake. Then went shopping for a computer memory card adapter so we could transfer digital photos from one of our cameras to the laptop computer. Looked in several places Comp USA, Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack. Comp USA was the only place that carried the correct adapter. Unfortuanetly at the cost of 40$. We spent 170.64$ today.
Finally off to the hotel to check in to our room. We had bought a huge jar of cheese balls at Costco so we all dug in since we hadn’t really had a steady schedule for meals. The room smelled smoky even though it was supposed to be non-smoking. Opened the door and turned on the bathroom fan.