Children's meals vs adult meals


Earning My Ears
Nov 13, 2013
Hi everyone,

I'm sure many of you have been in this position before...

Last time we went to disney, my eldest daughter was 10. She was considered an adult on the meal plan. Well. She looked at me like I had ten heads every time I passed her the adult menus. All she wanted was your basic children's amusement park food ie hamburgers and hot dogs.

This time I'm considering not doing the meal plan and paying out of pocket.

Do restaurants allow anyone, any age, to order off the kids menus? She will be 11, and the menus online state children's meals are for those under 9. Not sure if they are referring to the meal plan when they state that though.
If you are at a quick service restaurant, they won't notice. We often had to split up in restaurants with DH ordering all the food, and the kids and I finding a table. I don't know about the sit down restaurants. The may be required to notice more, but if you're just doing walk up ordering, they won't care.
We have eaten in The Fountain restaurant at The Dolphin hotel when our girls were teenagers. They always ordered from the kids menu but we weren't on any meal plan. Nobody batted an eyelid. I'm not sure how the meal plan works but wouldn't you be saving Disney money by ordering kids meals so I don't see how they could object?
Most of the TS restaurants in DW will allow any one to order from the kids menu. Some places will even upsize for an additional cost. There have been occasional posts of a server or restaurant adhering to the age limit on the menu so it is best to ask your server when s/he first arrives.

At CS venues you won't have a problem because they have no way of knowing who will be dining. They wouldn't know if someone in your party is waiting with a toddler or 2on the other side of the room.


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