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    Jul 28, 2001
    Are thies kid's clubs at the Dsieny resorts? My kids LOVE the Neverland Club at the Polynesion in WDW. Since we have 6 nights in DL, I thought they might enjoy an unstructured night hanging out in the club. I also know my DH and I would enjoy a nice quiet dinner. We're splitting out stay between Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian. I'd probably do the night out during our DL Hotel stay because we have 4 nights there and only 2 at the we have conceirge at the Grand. Also, Where would you go to eat?

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    Sep 12, 2001
    Pinocchio's Workshop

    Exclusive to registered Guests of the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort!

    Pinocchio's Workshop is a delightfully entertaining child activity center available in the evening so that mom and dad can steal away for a quiet dinner or take in the exciting nightlife of Downtown Disney® District.

    Open from 5:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight every night. Space is limited. Pinocchio's Workshop may be booked through any Resort Hotel Guest Services location. Snacks will be provided, and dinner is included for an additional $5 charge per child. Children ages 5-12 only. Pinocchio's Workshop is offered to Guests of the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

    Located in the Brisa Courtyard, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.

    The facility itself is licensed by the Department of Social Services (following Title 22 regulations), and is equipped to hold 14 children. It has a large play area, complete with theatre-style seating for movie viewing, and a full kitchen, and a bathroom.

    All staff members are fully licensed, have prior experience working with children, and are trained in CPR and First Aid.

    Parents/Guardians must fill out paperwork for children to enter the facility. Paperwork consists of the following:

    Consent for emergency medical treatment (giving us permission to treat the child in the event of an emergency)

    An emergency contact sheet (giving us a name of a friend or relative to contact, incase we cannot get in touch with the parents)

    Our admission agreement and policy sheet

    A sign-in sheet, admitting the child into the facility.

    A picture of the child with his/her guardian will be taken, and only adults in the picture will be able to pick up the child. Additionally, a pager will be given to the guardian, in case staff members need to get in touch with him/her. The pager also contains the number to the workshop, should any guardian find it necessary to call us.

    Playstation modules, computers, books, puzzles, board games, coloring, beading, play-dough, painting, arts and crafts, Disney DVDs, and nightly storytelling. (Storytelling subject to change.)

    All children must be between the ages of 5-12, and a Guest of the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort the night of their visit. All children are expected to treat other children and staff members with respect, and behave in an appropriate manner.

    The fee is $13.00 per child per hour and can be charged to the room or paid in cash. A meal is optional for $5.00. If a Guest only stays 30 minutes out of a given hour, a charge of $7.00 will apply. A $26 fee/per child applies for cancellations within 24 hours.

    Meals consist of vegetable sticks (usually carrots and celery ), milk, and a choice of the following: hot dog, hamburger, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, or macaroni and cheese. The meal is $5.00 and is optional. However, if a child is staying for over four hours, a meal choice is STRONGLY encouraged. Meals are served at 7:30p.m. Children arriving after 8:00p.m. will not be given a meal option, but snack is served at approximately 9:00p.m. There is no fee for snack, which consists of fresh fruit and popcorn.

    Cancellation Policy
    If a cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours notice, a three hour minimum fee will be assessed for each child cancelled. If a child does not show up for a reservation, the same three-hour minimum fee will be charged.

    Upon evacuation for any reason, staff will escort children to the Front Valet lot, near the stairs leading down to it. Please direct any inquiring parents to this area.

    To book a reservation the following information will be needed: Arrival Time, Departure Time, Child's Age, Child's Name, and a Dinner Request.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my child have to be five years old?
    Because Pinocchio's Workshop is licensed through the Department of Social Services for children of school age, we are not permitted to accept children under the age of five. Our license explicitly states "five years old", so they are not allowed to accept children that are four years and eleven months old.

    Why can you only take 14 kids?
    Licensing allows for a certain amount of indoor space per child. The space the Workshop has is able to accommodate fourteen children.

    Why can't I bring my own meal for my child?
    Licensing restrictions do not allow the Workshop to accept any "outside" food to be brought in to the facility.

    Why do I have to sign all this paperwork?
    For your own safety, they safety of your children and in case an emergency occurs. Also, the paperwork requested is a requirement for licensing.

    Do I have to make a reservation?
    Reservations are recommended, though not required. Pinocchio's Workshop does take children on a walk-in basis, but because they are growing in popularity, reservations are strongly recommended. However, if a cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours notice, the Workshop can charge the Guest with a three-hour minimum fee per child.

    How far in advance can I make a reservation?
    Reservations can be made up to two months in advance, and a hotel reservation must already have been made. (Same day reservations requested after 4 p.m. must be made directly through Pinocchio's Workshop).

    What if I am late picking up my child?
    All guardians are paged five to ten minutes after the agreed upon time. At that time, they may request to pick up the child later (if space allows), or pick up the child immediately. If the child stays later, additional hourly fees will be charged.

    Why do you only book "On the Hour"?
    The Workshop may not go over the licensing limit of fourteen children. To give the best service to all Guests, they request that reservations be made for pick-up and drop-off only "on the hour", thus enabling staff to book an optimum number of children per night. Guests are welcome to pick-up and drop-off children at any time, but will be charged for the FULL hour.

    Hope this helps
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    Jul 28, 2001
    Wow...$13 per kid for an hour PLUS $5 for the meal. Makes WDW look like a bargain ($10 per kid per hour..icl meal).

    hmmm...for 1 1/2 hrs with No meal, that would be $60. If we add the meal it would be $75. $75 for an hour and a half. Well....if we took them with us to a nice place for dinner it would probably cost at least $10 per that's $30. Still....the extra $45 seems like a lot for what we'd get out of it. I think I can hang tight for a few extra days until we get on the Magic and the kid clubs are included....but who knows. Maybe we'll be ready to pay that much for a quiet evening once we're there.


    Ps...we're on the same cruise.

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