Cheapest transportation to/from MCO for family of 6?


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Sep 15, 1999
I'm helping a friend plan a trip to WDW. Between her and her boyfriend, they have 4 kids ages 8-14. What would be the most convenient, but economical way to get to/from MCO? I guess an option for a grocery store stop would be a plus, but may not be necessary. They do not want to rent a car and I think Mears is a pain. Any recommendations?
Since they don't want to rent a car I guess my advice is bad but, the Cheapest by far would be to rent a car for 1 day to WDW from MCO then 1 day again back to MCO from WDW.
For example, you can get a 1 day rental from Alamo for under $50 (not at the airport but Alamo will shuttle you from MCO to their rental office). You have use of the car for 24 hours. Then (1 person while the rest of the family plays) returns the car to the hotel near Downtown Disney at the Alamos' hotel rental office. Walk to DTD and take a bus to join your family. The day before you leave, go back to this Alamo hotel counter and get a car for the way back.
There are other car rental places which you can drop off on or near WDW but we've always used Alamo. Make sure to have a car reserved at both the airport and the hotel(I wish I could remember its name) so you have a car when you show up. Also, check when the hotel counter opens and closes so you don't arrive too late.....spruce
IMHO, their best option would be a van from one of the towncar services. (Six is too many for a towncar). I can personally recommend Tiffany Town Car (believe the van was $90 RT plus tip). This board's sponsor has had quite a few positive reports and if I recall correctly, offers a coupon and a reasonable price. The owner (Rabbit) posts here and is a member of the Disboard Community. Here's a link to the site:

According to other posts that I have read, Rabbit's service will provide car/booster seats if you need them and the grocery stop is included in the price. I plan to give him a try myself the next time we visit without a car.
Yes we are the sponsors of the transportation Boards. Go to my web site and check out our prices. We have a $5.00 coupon so print it up. And we do give a FREE grocery store stop too.. :wave:
And CarolMN.
Thanks for the nice things about Yourride transportation.. ºoº ºoº ºoº


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