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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by flyingenie, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. flyingenie

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    Nov 11, 2004
    There are these little booths (I'd call them huts... I don't know their names though) scattered all over the place (I have seen some on hwy 192 as well as International dr.) that buy people's used tickets that still have days left on them and sell them to other people. They get a lot of tickets that people get from timeshare presentations and are Universal 2 consecutive day-1 park, or 5 consecutive day-2 parks as well as the Disney equivalent.

    They have the park scanners there (don't know how they got them) that show them how many days are left on the ticket, and it's guaranteed that they will be useable tickets, or you get 3x the money you paid for the ticket back.

    We got one day tickets to Universal for around $40 no tax one day, and the next day, we lucked out and got a 5 consecutive day ticket with only 1 day used up (the day before) for $43! So technically we could have had 4 admissions the next 4 days for that price (but sadly we had to go home...)

    We didn't buy disney tickets from here because we found out about this place too late, but they sell Disney tickets, as well as cheap tickets for nearby attractions (arabian nights, medieval times, other dinner shows and possibly theme parks...)

    I don't know how much this post makes sense but just wanted to share the tip and if you have any questions.. ask! If any of you have also had any experiences with these booths then post here too!
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    Oct 21, 2003
    Hate to be a wet blanket about this... and admittedly I know nothing about Universal or most of the other venues mentioned (arabian nights, etc)... but Disney parkhoppers are sold as "nontransferable".... so as far as I have heard it is basically illegal to sell and/or buy these. So why would Disney allow these unlicensed "huts" to have access to their systems that scan these tickets?? I have to believe that they are "pulling your leg" to put it nicely. I'm sure that they believe that they are selling legit tickets... but who's to say that the tickets they bought didn't come from someone unscrupulous who lied about the # of days left? Anyhow, if anyone ever comes up with some solid proof that the tickets being sold here are legal, upfront, and useable, I will be the first in line... I LOVE a bargain! But until that day I will continue to buy my tickets from Disney and Disney-licensed ticket brokers. I'm not finding fault with you or your decision to purchase tickets where you did... I just hope you don't get ripped off.................P
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    This is probably not a very good idea and I would not recommend it. There are stories every year of families who have had their vacations ruined because they trust some roadside stranger with their vacation cash. The sale of partially-used theme park tickets is illegal in Florida.

    Checkout this link, especially the videoclips. Inside Edition
  4. Cheshire Figment

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    The number of days remaining is not coded on the Disney tickets. The information is kept in their central computers. If you happen to lose a ticket and have the string of numbers from the bottom, Disney can cancl the ticket and give you a replacement. (I think you also have to explain where and how you got the ticket which can also be verified.
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    Aren't all the scanners within WDW linked somehow so as to be able to identify a person went into X park at X date and they can or can not go into another one an hour later. How could a random scanner on the side of the road be linked to that? I would be VERY leery of buying a ticket from a hut. I saw the places also last time, but steered clear. I'm glad it worked out for you though.

    Too bad for the people who sold their tickets for probably pennies of their worth that they didn't keep them. With the hoppers that never expired, just because thye thought they would never return, who knows what more kids or grandkids might bring. :flower1:

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