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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by mickeyschickie, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I hit two finds today...
    T R Us had...shoot, I can't rember what their called now...funky looking Disney toys like Tink, Cheshire Cat, Minnie, etc. on sale...I think they end with -looz...I'm sorry I'm braindead and just too lazy to go dig them out of where I hid them from the kids to let you know what they are, they were on clearance, cute little things like lip gloss rings with Minnie or Mickey on them, wrislets, key chains, etc. Got some cute stuff for the girls stocking stuffers
    then...Big L's had a decent amount of Princess, Tink, Cars, stuff for $1-2, 4 packs of little notepads, stationary sets, crayons, crayola stuff, etc. all for a few bucks. They also had a neat Toy Story lightbox tracing set for $10. Really cute and this was battery operated. So I thought the girls could play with it in the car on our trip to WDW in Jan, but I didn't pick that up yet. They also had really nice Tulip Tye-dye sets for $4. I bought a couple sets because I had been looking @ them earlier @ Jo's and M's and they were $10-$20. The colors in the sets they had were Black, Red and Magenta...thought they would be perfect to attempt tye-dye Mickey stuff.
    2 stores, and a few $$'s later and my Christmas stocking stuffers are done!
    I got my two nephews done last week with Cars and Toy Story stuff from $5below and the party store and a Disney Gift Card for each of them since they are going to Disney with us in January for the very first time!! The girls should be easy because they know that when we go to WDW in Jan, that is a big chunk of their Christmas.
    Just thought I'd share my great hauls of cheap disney stuff!
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