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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by qanita92, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Jun 30, 2006
    Where can I get cheap airline tickets for the dates of Dec. 21-29 or are there any suggestions for changing my dates to get cheaper tickets? Tickets are REALLY expensive during the holidays.:scared1:(From Detroit to Orlando)
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    1. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday flights generally have better fares than Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Changing your dates by a day or two can help.
    2. Fly out of or in to a different airport. Sometimes airlines will have better fares when you fly thru smaller airports. I remember finding a fare flying out of Atlantic City that was half the price of flying out of Philly. That flight actually connected in Philly but you couldn't get the lower fare if your trip started in PHL.
    3. Fly off-peak hours. The very first flight of the morning is generally slower to book up if it is before 8 am because of how early you need to arrive at the airport. Flying out of MCO, no one wants the early flights b/c they want just a few more hours in Disney.
    4. Use a travel seach engine to look for the best fares. I use but there are several out there that work just as well or better.

    Even with all of those hints, you can expect to pay more around the holidays just because of demand at that time of the year. Good luck!

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