Characters love rainbow MagicBands

Jul 23, 2017
I got the Pride MagicBand for my recently concluded visit. Not only did it spark a lot of fun conversation with other families in line/on the buses/etc., but nearly every character we met commented on it specifically.

Minnie took my hand and pointed out how each color in the band corresponded to a color on her 90th birthday dress.

Tiana pointed out the colors that corresponded to Mardi Gras and what those colors mean.

The highlight, though, was Scrooge McDuck. He kept shaking my wrist. I was confused what was happening and so was the character attendant. But then we figured it out. Since I had a rainbow on my wrist, there must be a pot of gold at the end. Scrooge wanted the pot of gold to add to his collection. When I told him there was no pot of gold, he was very disappointed that he couldn't go swimming in it. It was adorable.

If you're on the fence, buy that rainbow band!


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