Character Page Swap - UPDATED - SWAP POSTPONED


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Mar 25, 2008
I've decided to not hold this swap at this time. None of our regular swappers seem interested and I'm afraid to hold this with all new people. This swap would be huge with the amount of characters seen in the parks and the regular swappers are normally the glue that holds them together. Plus, considering the way the Epcot swap went, maybe its just best to postpone until everyone gets their mojo back. Jennifer was way more patient than I could have been. That being said, maybe we will revisit this one in late spring or early fall.

Checking to see if anyone is interested in the character page swap. This would be the last set in the series we started what now seems like eeons ago :rotfl2: Hollywood studios is set to finish end of January.

I would like to get this one started/finished in the early part of the year.

Guidelines would be like the rest of the page swaps we have held. Characters would be those you can meet/greet in the parks.

If you are interested in participating in this swap please post here ASAP. If there is no interest I will not bother with setting up the info for it.

Roughly, I'm thinking Signups around January 13th (if that works for everyone). Due date will be around March 1st or so. Probably 4 or 5 characters per swapper, 2-page layout per character.

THIS IS WHERE THIS SWAP WILL DIFFER: I will not be asking for you to post layouts, but I will require you to either post photos of how your completed pages should look on the thread, or you must send photo/copies of how the completed layouts should look with your completed sets.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO SWAPPING WITH US, PLEASE READ THIS: I will require you to send me a photo of the prototype for your pages. I need to be sure that what you are making will adhere to the guidelines we set up so everyone gets back pages they are able to use. This is not so I can "pick on" what you make, its just so I can be sure what you are doing is within our borders. This is an expensive swap and we want to be sure everyone has stuff they are proud to put into their books. :)

Please remember.....if we hold this swap it is very important that you follow through with it. This requires a great deal of time and expense for everyone involved and some of our swaps have not gone so smoothly as of late. If you can't follow through and stay on deadline, please don't sign up for this.

Whew.....have I scared everyone off? I have really been looking forward to hostessing this one and I don't want to not hold it. I just want to make sure everyone is clear before I invest the time. The character pages are always the most fun for me to make, so I hope we have some players.


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Apr 3, 2007
My goal for the year is no swaps; however...I always have tons of character pics. So you may be able to twist my arm ;)

ETA: Oooops I re-read the directions and I only use single pages for characters, so I'm out.


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Sep 26, 2004
I won't be joining in, we aren't doing characters like we have in the past and I still have some previous swaps to use!
  • PrincessNancy96

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    Dec 28, 2005
    I will not be joining this swap.. I'm swap free 2014!!

    Please post dates in the swap calendar if this swap is a go so I can get it on the boards.

    Thank you.
  • scrpbookr

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    Oct 21, 2013
    I'm excited to participate! This is the first time I'he swapped with this group so I'll be sure to run my first draft past you for feedback. Thanks for arranging this I hope we have enough interest.

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