Character Meet and Greet Sessions Outside of the Parks

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    Aug 17, 1999
    Disney characters Goofy and Buzz Lightyear have moved into Chicago's DisneyQuest for the summer and will be at the indoor park on a daily basis signing autographs and interacting with guests. This is the first time Disney characters will make regular meet-and-greet appearances in the United States, outside California and Florida. Buzz will appear in a movie set-themed area where he will be rehearsing scenes with chosen members of the audience. Goofy will wander through the entire facility stopping at the various attractions. The characters arrived at the park in chauffeured convertibles.and walked down a red carpet into their new summer home.

    This could mark the beginning of a new trend for similar venues outside of the parks, including the Disney Stores. It sure does seem like a sure-fire way of attracting guests in droves. This may just be part of the overall plan to boost traffic to retail and free standing entertainment venues.
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    Dec 3, 1999
    Funny, I was thinking about that same thing not long ago. It would be logical to add characters in DQ, especially the Chicago edition.

    Having met Mickey and Minnie at the 5th avenue Disney Store myself, it feels like a piece of the magic has been taken out of the parks for those to share outside. Sorry, but I knew I was going to sound wishy-washy about that!:D

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