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Earning My Ears
Mar 21, 2017
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of guidance from people more talented than I am.
This year my whole family is taking a quick trip to Disneyland, even my brother will be coming to CA from Afghanistan. As a surprise I'm putting together park survival bags themed in everyone's favorite characters. For example my mom loves Cinderella so she's getting an over sized Cinderella purse with a Cinderella lanyard, Cinderella pins from my collection, a cute Cinderella t-shirt with an "I'm Celebrating" Cinderella button and some home-made ears. I'll also probably add themed socks and a few necessitates for the park, like ponchos.
The problem is I'm having is finding a Chip and Dale bag/backpack that doesn't exceed $100 which is a bit out of reach for this project. I've already changed my Dad's characters from the Splash Mountain gang to The Avengers for ease of availability and I don't want to change this as well, especially because it's just the bag I can't seem to find! If you know of any Etsy shops that do character bags within my budget (under $50) or have any patterns for Chip and Dale that I can add to a basic fabric bag (or any other ideas!) I'd appreciate it!


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