Certain scents can help you lose weight

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by tiggerlover, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. tiggerlover

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    Jan 29, 2000
    I just read an article in Shape Magazine that says research shows that any pleasant scent, even those from candles and oils, can suppress appetite. They did a study of 3,193 people who sniffed certain scents when a food craving hit and they averaged a 2.1% reduction in body mass, or a 5-pound weight loss per month during the 6 month study. The researcher said, "Smelling something good tricks your brain into thinking you have eaten it and what works best is the smell of the food you like best." I don't know if it will work, but maybe I should buy a chocolate scented Yankee Candle!

  2. nativetxn

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    Feb 15, 2000
    How very interesting. I'll have to watch for chicken fried steak scented candles ;)
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  4. newmousecateer

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    Sep 5, 2001
    ROFLMBO Katholyn!:p
  5. Liz

    Liz Make a miracle!

    Aug 18, 1999
    That's interesting but it sure seems like smelling a food you crave would make you want it even more. I've always avoided the food scented candles like sugar cookie, etc. because then my family would come in thinking I was baking and then be disappointed!!!
  6. TigH

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    Jun 1, 2000
    Hmm, maybe Yankee Candle paid for the test results to swing in their favor? It could really boost their sales (kidding!) :)

    I hope they make a lime margarita on the rocks with no salt and tortilla chips with cilantro infused salsa candle. MMMMMMM!!!!!
  7. ahutton

    ahutton WDW Bride Dec 6, 1996

    Jun 1, 2000
    Funny, but I could believe this. I find that when I do baking for a while that by the time I'm finished I usually want a lot less than I would normally want. Same if I spend a long time cooking a large meal. Maybe that is why? Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of what I spend a long time cooking without actually eating it, and maybe then I'll make some REAL progress!!

    I want the Chicken Fried Steak Candle too!!!

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