Central Florida Tickets...???

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by zurgswife, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. zurgswife

    zurgswife WDW is my Shangrala...and I'm going...life is bett

    Jan 9, 2000
    Has anybody purchased parkhoppers from this company???

    I got an email from them and the price was pretty good.
  2. threeboysmom

    threeboysmom Our life is what our thoughts make it

    Feb 8, 2001
    I purchased 3-day park hoppers from them last September and received them no later than a week in the mail. We used them with no problems at WDW last year.

    This year I have already bought 2-day hoppers from them, but we haven't used them yet. They're for our September trip coming up.....

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