Centerpiece ideas needed!


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Feb 17, 2005
I am in need of ideas for the table centerpieces for a March wedding. Should we do flowers, just candles, or what... :confused3. Wedding is on a Sunday late afternoon with dinner and dancing into the evening. Tables will be round, 10 people at each.

If anyone can post pictures of what you did it would be much appreciated.

I have looked through magazines galore and on Theknot too.



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Feb 21, 2003
My husband actually made the ones for my sons' wedding. We got a large vase and epoxied a small candle holder to the bottom, covered the bottom with those colored marble things then filled it with water and added a Chinese fighting fish. It came out looking just beautiful, was inexpensive to make and everyone loved them. At the end various people took the fish home. My brother had his for over 3 years! Just make sure the candle is long enough to go above the top of the vase and water.
If I can find a picture I will post it. I moved not too long ago so I will have to find the disc.


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Sep 9, 2006
I went to the library and borrowed the book:
Wedding chic : 1,001 ideas for every moment of your celebration
by Colin Cowie

It had a bunch of ideas. It is an expensive book to buy, so the local library was a life saver. I also borrowed:

Bouquet chic : wedding flowers for more than 160 romantic looks
by Kimberly Aurora Kapur

for bouquet photos and ideas.

You will read and see a bunch of great things in there and get great tips as well.


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Mar 24, 2007
what is your theme and what is your budget? the ideas are endless - and whomever you use, either disney floral or an outside vendor, will have suggestions too that will be a little more budget/need specific.

we are having a brunch reception in january, leaving the next day on a cruise (which i can't take any floral along so no fancy bouquet for me!). we are planning on diffent glasses/vases of varying heights with tinted water and "drink me" tags to go with our alice in wonderland theme.

please don't get little fishies if everyine doesn't live very close by!:scared1:


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Mar 30, 2005
Our colors were red and white. We had 50 people at ADH for a brunch reception after our Epcot (Italy Ceremony). We have 5 tables of 10. Here are our centerpieces.

Close up.

It was 3 glass vases (3 different sizes), filled with water and red petals with a white floating candle on top. There were also 5 small votives with white candles. We had red glass beads (that I purchased at Michaels) that they also put on the tables along with more red petals.

I had made personalized red, white and black M&M and put in a silver heart shaped tin that they put out at everyones place setting.

We used the white table linens and paid extra for red napkins. I made menu cards in white and used a red ribbon and had them insert them into the napkin fold. We also used white chair covers with red ribbons. I hated paying for the chair covers but I think it really added to the look of the room.

Sep 28, 2007
First off where is your venue what is your theme or ideas for the wedding. We were just married at the living seas and while I don't have pictures yet we had very simple vases with sea glass and floating candles. Honestly I don't even remember them. We had scattered sea glass and votives on the tables as well. The lss is so gorgeous on it's own and I decided that the tables were not my focus. They were nice and they didn't block the view and they filled that void. But I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money there. Because I don't think anyone missed having big swanky centerpieces.
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    Oct 21, 2008
    Definitely post your theme, colors, flowers and reception is much eaiser to give you ideas that way. I love a menu, table numbers/names, place cards and a favor at each place can really add to the table! It might be nice to have both flowers and candles. Maybe start without the candles lit and as it grows dark outside (if there are windows in the room) have someone go around and light the candles. Or if the room doesn't have windows or is already a darker room...start with the candles lit.


    Jun 29, 2009
    We didn't have a theme really, just that we were using fall colors.

    We also had a Sunday wedding, but late morning with a brunch reception. I bought some vases at IKEA and filled them with coffee beans and green apples, then put a few votives around them on the table.

    Some friends of ours are getting married in February, and they are kinda doing the same thing, but they are putting lemons and limes in the vases. I think each table cost us less then $20 for the centerpieces.

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