Cell phones

Tora Millypoops

Cleaning my Ears
Feb 19, 2006
I want to get a new cell phone, and I thought you guys could help me. I know nothing about cell phones or which one I should get. At the moment I've got a motorola V220.

I was wondering if you have any reccomentations. Please can you help me.
Thanks Victoria
I have a razr. It's very good. I love it. Only thing I would recommend for razrs is to get a case. It scratches very easily.

Heh. I have a V220, too! I'm hoping for a BlackJack/ Q when my contract is up in February 2008. I'd love to have an iPhone, but they're carried by Cingular/AT&T which doesn't work where I live. I need something carried by Verizon. They work really well here.
I used to have a pink razr but I dropped it in the bathtub :/
So now I have a blackJack. I love it the only thing is it's expensive and I had to pay with my own money

I have a Pantech PN-215:

I ♥ it. It gets good service, you can text, send pics, download ringtones and games. Works great for what I need it for. :upsidedow

I want a Krazor or a Chocolate.
i have a verizon krzr-the red one. I like it a lot because it is very hard to break
i have a verizon krzr-the red one. I like it a lot because it is very hard to break

I hvae a Krazr as well, but I would hafta disagree, I got pushed and mine fell on tile and shattered the whole front screen. I love my krazr, it works fine, but the front continues to crack now, one drop was all it took to break.

My phone..I love it. Everyone in my town has one kinda like it. Because it's cheap and nice...I like it. Have dropped it about 2 on concrete, all that happened was the back fell off, but you can just slip it back on. probably 8 times on my floor...nothings happend to it yet...not even a scratch...wierd.
Have a Mtrola Slvr <3 It is the new kind that are black. I LOVE it! It has a real camera inside of it. I have dropped it a good 20 (ok 50) times on Concrete and it doesn't have a scratch on it! It was most definatly worth $400!
I have a moto pink cherry blossom razr. I've dropped it a lot but it still looks great. Takes good pics, videos aren't that great though but do record sound.
i probually getting this phone when my contract is up in augest buut i hate the whole atat stuff that cingualr is doing my family may swich to a different network


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