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Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean' started by tinytinkmom, May 31, 2018.

  1. tinytinkmom

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    May 29, 2007
    We are looking to book a non-DCL European cruise for July 2019 (British Isles, or maybe a Med/Greek Isles). I’m leaning towards X or Royal... We have two kids, who will be 15 and 9 then. Are there many kids on the X European cruises? I realize it’s not going to be Disney, but don’t want to book X if it won’t be kid/teen friendly, or have barely any kids on board. The kids are pushing for Royal, but the X ships look a little nicer to me. Thanks for any input!!
  2. Mrsjvb

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    Sep 5, 2007
    Celebrity over all is less family oriented than Royal is. doesn't mean there will be no or few kids, its just that what will be available for them to do on board will be less enticing.
  3. mom2grace

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    If it's a port intensive cruise, I don't think it will really matter. We were on X when our kids were really young and it was great, I think there were 11 kids on the whole ship (it was a January 10 day Panama Canal cruise) and they got lots of attention from the crew and kids club.

    You might check out Cruise Critic Boards - they would know for sure.
  4. WanderlustNZ

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    We are cruising X for 2 weeks in January and being a longer cruise outside of northern hemisphere school holidays, I am not expecting a lot of kids for my 11 year old to play with. I’ve sailed X once before and don’t remember a lot of kids on that cruise either. But I’m okay with that for a number of reasons:
    - My son shares the same introverted personality as his Mum and dad and is more comfortable in small groups or entertaining himself
    - Also like his Mum and dad, he’s a foodie and I suspect he’ll enjoy X’s choices better than some of the other lines we were considering.
    - And lastly, the X ship and itinerary appealed more to my husband and I. We save and work really hard to afford our trips, so I don’t feel guilty about weighing up our interests (often prioritising them over our son’s) when making vacation choices.

    In the end, only you know the dynamics of your family and can decide what will suit all of you, adults included, best. Definitely do some research on cruise critic, but be aware that you will get two quite polar responses - those that say kids love Celebrity and others that will argue (sometimes quite rudely) that it’s an adult orientated line. I suspect some of the latter are working to their own agenda, trying to keep kids off their cruises. Celebrity advertises it’s child services and is therefore, IMO, suitable for children.
    Whether though it offers enough ‘kid friendly’ services? Only you can decide.

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