Celebrations on the Disney Magig (Med cruise)

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    Sep 3, 2010
    My family are going on the Disney magic Mediterranean cruise in August and my parents are celebrating their silver (25th) wedding anniversary 3 days after our cruise and then my sisters 18th birthday is not long after that so our cruise is in celebration of both. This is also the first year I have money because I got a job (I'm 14) so, within reason, I should be able to do something nice for them. :thumbsup2

    Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to make this holiday special for them? I've been trying to look up some stuff but my laptop keeps freezing :badpc:

    Thankyou xxx
  2. sambycat

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    there are “in room celebration” packages you can buy, but they can be pricey for not too much stuff. you can find them online. what would be cool and takes little money would be to, upon arrival, sneak yourself to the guest services desk. they have “happy anniversary” and “happy birthday” buttons (free) and probably a general “i’m celebrating” one too. they are super cool and all the cast members will be congratulating your family members all trip long. another fun thing would be to make door magnets for the cabins that are celebrating and decorate their doors as a surprise - there is lots of info here about how to do door magnets, and i’m sure myself or someone can point you in the right direction.

    your folks (or whomever) can indicate on the reservation that there are various important dates being celebrated as well, and you could clue in guest services when you grab buttons maybe? also, adults only meals at palo are only $15 US per person additional, so maybe a card or a gift certificate saying you’d like to treat them/some of them to a meal there would i’m sure be amazing!

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    The day we boarded the ship it was my friends birthday. I ordered the birthday celebration off the Disney cruise website. When we walked in the room, they had streamers hanging from the ceiling and a chocolate cake waiting for us. It was nice and definitely worth the money. :bday:
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    The birthday package no longer includes the cake--you have to pay for that separately.

    First, start with calling your travel agent or DCL and having the celebrations noted on your reservation. DCL doesn't care that it isn't the exact day. With this, they will get a special dessert at dinner and a pin that says "I'm celebrating" or "Happy Birthday."

    Since your sister will not be 18 at the time of the cruise, she will not be able to do anything like the spa. You might purchase a rainforest pass for your parents. A one day pass was $16 per person last time I did it; I've read here that it has increased to $17, but I can't prove that.

    You can bring decorations and do the door or room--they have to be attached with magnets, not any sort of adhesive. If you tell your stateroom host about the celebrations, he/she will do special things like making a birthday cake out of towels, etc.

    You will find it far more cost effective to go to the dollar store and get small gifts or decorating supplies than to buy such things on the ship. However, if you go to Guest Services, they'll give you a small bag of mickey shaped confetti that can be sprinkled on a pillow or whatever as "pixie dust."

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