CBR or POR? 4adults, 3 kids 11,6, and 4

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    Feb 25, 2008
    We are seriously considering cancelling our beach trip to Gulf Shores (fear of oil mess) and going to Disney instead with the free dining...I looked up the resorts and these 2 came up. I read the good and bad on both. Anyone been to both and can share their preference? We'll be going Aug 15-21st if we go. I am also nervous about going when it is so HOT, but my oldest will be starting middle school and I really don't want to take her out of school for a week...

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    Jan 17, 2007
    We have went during FD for several trips.
    I know it hot during this time but the parks are not crowded at all--
    we never waited for ride--most were walk on.
    Love the FD because we really enjoy eating at the TS Restaurants.
    We wear wicking clothes, chaffing powder, drink pleanty of water,
    pace ourselves and we always do fine.

    DS is starting Public HS online next year and I've already informed the
    school about this trip and asked about what we would have to fill out (there are excussed absents forms--where we live)
    You should ask about it in your
    school district policy is.
    In our school district these forms have to be fill out and
    filed the week before in order to be excussed.
    I will be talking to his teachers and arranging a change in his work so that
    he can do extra before and after the trip.

    I also love that this is Value Season time and the resort rates are at there lowest cost (saved $500.00 by switching to Sept instead of Mid Oct at AKL because of Value Season). We saved $1008.00 for the week with FD because there are
    3 of us and DS(14) is considered an adult. $42.00 per Adult per night FD (anyone over 10).

    I hope this helps. I love POR it's a wonderful family resort. Great Food court.

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