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Jan 17, 2000

In case anyone missed any of the talk about me lately.....

1. Yes, Dayna and I are traveling to Disneyland together next month. I've promised to behave and not imitate Jack the Ripper, or in any way try to scare her.

2. Yes, I am finally "seeing" someone. His name is Gerard. He's very nice, very handsome, very single, and is getting braces put on his lower teeth today.

3. Yes, I do have two very distinct personalities, maybe even three. One personality is very extroverted, and is generally reserved for the DIS and people who know me well. The other personality is very quiet, tasteful and reserved, and is probably the closest to my real personality. The third.... see #1.


See, there are no secrets here on the DIS! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hey, Steve, been wondering how you've been since we last talked! Glad things with Gerard are going well. How was B&TB? I have yet to see it!! What the heck is taking me so long?!?!?!
See, your friends on the DIS bring out the best in you! Isn't that nice? :D :D :D
Hope you and Dayna and everyone else have a good time. :) I'm so disappointed I can't meet you all there! I'm trying so hard not to think about it. :( :( You all have no idea how bad I feel. :(
Doin' just fine Barb, thanks! Wish you could join us as well. Guess we won't be having much of a Fantasyland meet, since at last check, most of the rides are down for repairs or whatever.

B&TB was wonderful. On the bigbigbig screen, you can see that a lot of it was "blown up" to fit IMAX, and some of the character lines are a bit blurry, but it's still one of my favorite Disney stories....and that's really what counts. The opening scene and the ballroom scene are really spectacular in IMAX. It'll take your breath away.
Hi Steve!
I am glad that you won't be doing a "Jack the Ripper" thing to Dayna, because she would
no doubt put you in "time out" for at least a day and you would be very sad and feel very guilty.;)

Now then, tell us about Gerard!!!! Seriously, I hope that he knows that you are a special person and much loved by all your fellow DIS Con'ners. I'm so happy to hear this!:)

Thanks Corinne! Not much to tell as of yet. We're going to see Best Little *****house in Texas with Ann Margaret next weekend. In the meantime, I'm trying not to think about him going to the dentist. YUCK!
:D Glad to hear things are going well, Steve! :D

Now, what does this Gerard think of DISNEY ???? :D :D :D Is he prepared to share you with all of us??? :D :D :D

He'd better be prepared to share. With all of you, that is .... :D

He hasn't been to the Disney Museum....I mean my house yet. So he doesn't quite know the extent of the Disney addiction yet. Thought I'd spring that on him very gently. He does know that I was on Disney property 5 or 6 times last year....that should be a very strong clue, doncha think? :D
Steve, it doesn't matter how many personalities you have. I think I enjoy all of them!

Hmm: Gerard= "very nice, very handsome, very single"... Who could ask for anything more????
Hey Steve if all goes well maybe we can meet him at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Meet!! So where did you guys meet?
Ummmm... the internet....

But I promise he's not a maniac. ;) :D

Oh good grief! That's right!! I'm hosting a DIS meet, huh? I'd best get cracking. :rolleyes:
Thought you might say Proteus or something like that LOL :D
Hey Steve, my DD met her DH on the internet, too! So, I for one know there are non-maniacs out there to be met! Although, he might not say the same thing.:p I think HE thinks WE are all pretty nutty!! :D Good luck with Gerard!!!:)
Hmmm...I go by the name Gerard on other parts of the Web. :)

I did meet someone who said that he liked to wear a pink, cone snaped hat with a pink scarf on it. Could it be...? Nah! :)


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