Cat 11 Room for 4??

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Disneyfun1, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Jul 4, 2000
    While we were on the Wonder on sat, we went ahead and rebooked. This first trip was only for my wife and I.

    We are now going to bring us and our 4 children with us.

    We we in a cat 11 room # 5635 and we just loved it! Great location, and loved it being dark. We didnt miss the view at all. All we had to do was go out our door and it was there in a second for us to see.

    Anyways, We were told we had to book at least a cat 11 room for them to be considered to be guaranteed together, maybe not adjoining, but will be together. if we did cat 12, they could be scattered.

    We did the cat 11 rooms, got the 10% off price, and get a $100 per stateroom credit, so we get $200 total.

    Since we have 6 of us, we have to book me and my sone in one room and my wife and 3 kids in another-each room must have an adult. when we arrive, we can have kids in one room and us in another. we were going to get the same room we had, but the others around it only slept 3. There was not much choice for a cat 11 that sleeps 4.

    we tooks rooms 6109 and 6111, they are about the same location, Aft deck that we had, but on a floor with all rooms.

    we just loved deck 5 with the theater there and kids clubs.

    Do you know of any other locations that are good that are cat 11 that sleep 4? IF so, then we can change it.

    thanks all.
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    Mar 11, 2002
    We like the sideways rooms on deck 5, and they sleep 4:



    Go here and click on Deck 5 to see where these rooms are:

    They feel roomier to me, and we love being on deck 5 also. Now these are over the Walt Disney Theater, so during shows, I understand it can be noisey (we haven't stayed in them, our friends did and we visited their rooms and thought they looked great--they loved them and never had any problems with noise, but they were out of their rooms a lot).


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