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Jan 18, 2002
I'm trying to do some planning and budgeting and would like to find out from all the experts and seasoned veterans of DIS (and of course the "platinum cruisers") on the benefits of CC.

1. I have learned from the DCL website that as CC, if we booked our next cruise within 120 days and sail within 18 months of the original sailing, we will be provided with onboard $ (depending category and ship). Could we book this using DVC pts or have to go through DCL or TA and use cash?

2. American Express Platinum Card members could enjoy complimentary cruise privileges when booking through Platinum Travel Services (PTS). DCL is one of the cruise partners and provides $300 onboard credit for booking Cat 4-7 on Magic. Does anyone know if this works with CC benefits as well (Amex website indicate to check with the partners page for detail-none noted for DCL)?

If so, WOW, $500 combined credit! Whole day at the Spa!

Thanks for all your help
As I recall, you can now get the CC Credit when using DVC points, but that didn't used to be the case.

The CC credit also says that it's not valid with any other offer or discount; I recall reading recently on this board that someone tried to combine the Disney Club credit with the CC credit and they were told no.
Thanks firefighter, its good to know that if I have extra pts laying around, I could put it to good use on DCL. BTW, would you by any chance know if DCL/DVC going to offer reduced Fall rate (on pts) in 2002?
It looks like DCL isn't going to be offering the fall special, but instead they've already started reducing the prices on certain cruises and are offering an early booking savings. I've not seen anything on the DVC board or the DVC member website indicating that there would be any fall DVC specials.

I may be wrong on this, but I think that the CC credit is only NOT combinable with another offer if it is from DCL. I am getting a $50 ship board credit from Dreams Unlimited, and was assured by Donna at DU that I will also be getting a $100 credit from CC. Maybe someone else can confirm that you can get a credit from two different sources? Or, if you're really patient, I can let you know in about 3 weeks when we return!
The 'credit' from DU is really a rebate -- offered by DU and in no way connected with any offers you may receive from Disney. If you do not request your DU rebate to be applied to your final balance before making your final payment -- then they will mail it to you weeks after your sail date - it is not received as stateroom credit (unless things recently changed).
Actually, sometime within the last couple of months, DU did offer a stateroom credit in addition to the rebate. It was only for a short while though.... don't know if they'll offer it again in the future.


It is a shipboard credit that I have from DU. I have a $75 dollar rebate as well, which I have already applied to my final payment. When I booked my trip, they were offering both the rebate and credit. We had a similar offer last year from DU. We had a $100 rebate, which we applied to our final payment, and a $100 shipboard credit which was deducted from our final bill on board the Wonder. I realize the DU credit is not connected with DCL, which is why I think we are also able to use the CC credit of $100. Thanks for trying to help out, anyway! There are so many different offers and specials that it does get confusing!:earsboy:
When we were on a 7 day cruise last Nov., we were able to book for Dec 2002 -Western Cruise-Cat 9 for $799/person. We will Get CC shipboard credit and $50 rebate from DU (transferred the account to them).
Just to clarify, when Dreams Unlimited runs the special shipboard credit promotions from time to time, if you are eligible for that you definitely get any other credits for which you are eligible as well. :)
Michelle - When I booked our cruise in Dec/2001, in order to get the chance at the onboard savings they were giving for those of us who cruised in Sept/01, DU was offering an onboard credit. I noticed this when I was ready to put down my deposit, I was told by my agent that I couldn't receive both. If I wanted the onboard credit, then I would have to cancel the hold and re-book and therefore I wouldn't get the special prices. I was really disappointed as this would have really helped with on board spending with the CDN so low! Can you please re-check this for me?
WebmasterMichelle - Would you be able to clarify this for me? I would really like to know why I wasn't able to get the shipboard credit.


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