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Earning My Ears
Sep 25, 2001
We'll be leaving for the 7 day land/sea cruise March 17th, our first cruise. (2 adults, 2 kids, ages 14 and 6) Can anyone comment on how the carryon baggage rules work, especially since 9/11? Can each guest take a bag on? We've been waiting a year since booking this trip and the waiting is killing us!!!
I would check the website for the airline you are using but on US air you can bring 3 bags, check one carryon 2 or check 2 and carryon 1. You can't take any sharp items, twizzers, nailfiles, scissors, etc. in your carry on but you can put that type of thing in your checked bag. You can take nail clippers as long as they don't have a file on them. My mother just came back from cruise last week and she said they took pair of clippers from another passanger and broke off the file and gave it back to them. :smooth:
Are you asking about the airlines? Each airline has different rules. Go to the web and search for your airlines web site and most likely that question will be answered. As far as Disney, I really don't know. We always have what ever the airline we fly on allows plus I have an extra rollerboard with items I don't want to wait for. Kathy
Sorry, I should have been a little more specific. I meant to inquire about the carry on luggage on the cruise ship.
waynedh :o

WAYNEDH, are you on the Wonder that is sailing the 17th? or are you starting on land first? We're doing Land/Sea with the 17th Wonder, but we start on land the 14th. My DH is also from Alabama. And his middle name is Wayne. :)
Hi Crackerjack,
Our land portion starts on the 17th and the sea portion starts the 21st. Sorry.

you'll have the option to depart at noon from animal kingdom on Thurs, do it! DCL will check your carryons at the gate of the park. Put a dry change of clothes in there so you can go on the river rapids ride!


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