Carolina Princess and her Pirate plan their Disneymoon! Updated 11/21!

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  1. jessters7

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    Feb 23, 2009

    Hello Everyone! I’m really excited about writing this pre-trip report! I’ve been lurking on these boards for years, and finally decided to join and try my hand in writing these reports! :goodvibes

    I’m getting married on January 2 – and we will go on our disneymoon January 3-10.
    I can’t wait!! I’m actually MORE excited about Disney then I am the wedding- Is that bad? :confused3

    Anyways- let me tell you a little bit about me and my DFi.

    Me: princess:


    That’s me and my friend’s baby.
    I’m Jess, and I’m 25 (will be 26 by the time of our trip). I last went to Disney in 1991, I was 7. I’ve been planning my next trip ever since. I’m not even kidding.. I started ordering the Disney Planning Videos and books when I was like 9. I don’t know how many I’ve collected over the years. It’s kinda sad, really.
    So- when I got engaged, one of the first things that entered my mind is: we can FINALLY go to Disney!!! :dance3:

    I’m a professional student, or so my family says. I’m currently in my third graduate program. I’ve been in an English Literature program, a general psychology program- and now I’m doing School Psych. This time- I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.
    Anyways- I’ve been in college since 2001. That being said, you can understand why I haven’t been able to take my dream trip to Disney. I’ve been a broke college student for waaaay too long.

    Okay- so other random things about me: Besides being a Disney fanatic, I love to read, go to the beach, frequently go see musicals and operas. I am obsessed with The Beatles and Bob Dylan (more on this later). :hippie:
    I am kind of a hippie, like that. But I do bathe frequently. And I believe in shaving. I also don't partake in recreational hippie activities. But other then that...:lmao:

    I have a HUGE family. 4 sisters, 1 brother- who have given me 5 nephews and 2 neices! I keep saying that I want my wedding to be intimate- with just my family and closest friends- all 250 of them. Lol. :rotfl:

    I may post information on my wedding as it is being planned at the same time as this trip. I’m an obsessive compulsive planner. But I’m trying to NOT plan every detail of the trip, because my DFi prefers to ‘go with the flow.’ So we compromised, and I can plan the basics- but leave 2 days unplanned so that we can relax a little.

    Okay so enough about me. Meet my DFi pirate::


    We will call him Dylan. When my father first met him, he said he could tell why I liked him so much. Because he looked just like:


    Bob Dylan!! Can you see it? :love:

    Anyways. Dylan is 24, and also a professional student. He’s almost finished with a degree in dietetics. He has never been to Disney World. But is (almost) equally excited to go. He is definitely looking forward to the honeymoon more then the wedding. But this may not be Disney excitement as much as the ‘honeymoon festivities.’ He puts up w/ my neuroticism and my OCP, but is completely the opposite. He’s a Type B personality to my Type A. But somehow we mesh together perfectly. He does share my love of Disney movies- He even put a Pinocchio DVD in my Easter basket this year.:thumbsup2

    Here is one of us together on our first vacation- to Busch Gardens:


    These are our Children:

    Tito (2) and Calypso (4). They are my babies. And the only ones for a little while! :love:

    Here’s another of Tito, showing his UNC pride.


    BTW- we are both “Pirates” because where we go to school- ECU- is home to the Pirates! At football games- Jack Sparrow comes out of the ‘ship’ before the team!


    And I’m the princess, because, Dylan tells me that I act like one. And at least for one day- I get to be one! princess:

    Okay. So back to the trip:

    WHEN: Jan 3-10

    WHERE: POR (we are staying in Magnolia Bend)

    That’s all I’ve got so far. Stay tuned as the planning begins!

    I look forward to getting to know some more experienced DISers!
  2. Stephie77

    Stephie77 DH and I married at the most magical place on eart

    Jan 21, 2009
    welcome! looking forward to hearing your plans. you are arriving for your HM the same day as my wedding! so cool!:cool1:
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  4. TeaForTulips

    TeaForTulips DIS Veteran

    Sep 30, 2008
    Welcome and Congrats! :goodvibes I'm in! Can't wait to hear more details!
  5. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated more frequently, but as the time gets closer, I’m sure I will have lots more to say.

    Right now I’ve been pondering different things we could do. We decided that we really want to stick to the parks, and our resort, and downtown Disney, and not visit the other resorts. Since this is Dylan’s first trip- I feel like there will be enough to do without visiting the other resorts. I also want to have plenty of time to RELAX. I tend to get a little manic on vacations- and want to do EVERYTHING. But, this is our honeymoon- so we need to relax and really enjoy ourselves. So the task at hand for me is to decide the things that are REALLY important- and stick to those. I’m sure you could spend a month a Disney and not do everything- and we are only going to be there for a week!

    I’m not sure about the order yet- but I do know that I want to spend the first full day at MK- and either the last night, or the departure morning.
    Also, we’ll only do 1 day at AK and 1 day at DHS.

    I know we are going to spend one evening ‘drinking around the world’ at Epcot. But other then that- everything’s still up in the air.

    Here are the places I’m thinking about using TS credits on(Any suggestions would be GREAT!)

    -Coral Reef (Dylan’s choice)
    -Yak & Yeti (AK day)
    -Le Celliar
    -Chefs de France or Restaurant Maarkeesh
    -Cinderella’s Castle (for dinner)
    -Mama Melrose (Fantasmic dinner package)
    -Sci Fi (for lunch)

    Also- I want to do a character breakfast our last morning- I would consider going to a resort for this one- but only one of the 3 monorail resorts. Here are the possibilities:
    1900 Park Fare
    Chef Mickey’s
    Or the Princess Storybook Breakfast at Epcot.

    I’m also building a honeymoon registry, so I’m thinking about things to add. So far I have our resort stay and the tickets. I think I’ll put both lounges at POR and POFQ on there (Scat Cat’s and River Roost). I’m thinking about putting the cane pole fishing and carriage ride too. They are both offered at POR.

    Okay and now for wedding updates! I bought my dress!!!! It’s a lot more formal then I ever thought- I’d post a pic- but Dylan can’t see it! We’re getting our engagement pics taken in a couple of weeks and then the save the dates go out. So exciting! :dance3:

    Anyways, thanks for reading! And any suggestions you have for dining – or other activities- let me know! Especially romantic things to do. I’ll update soon with my ‘must dos’ for each park!
  6. JPFamilyMom

    JPFamilyMom DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2008
    subbing, will go back and read it later tonight or tomorrow
  7. deslynnpatterson

    deslynnpatterson DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2005
    congrats on your engagement and disneymoon planning:) how exciting!! you and your Fi make a adorable couple:) i can't wait to read more!!!
  8. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    Sorry for the lack of updates! I promise to post something soon.

    But I did want to say:
    6 months until the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Okay- I went a little overboard there- I'm just excited!
    Time has flown by- and there's so much left to do!!
    I've got some pics to add a little bit later. I'll try to get those up in the next couple of days!

    Thanks everyone for reading!

  9. deslynnpatterson

    deslynnpatterson DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2005
    how exciting!!!! trust me those 6 months will fly by!!! Is your puppy a chihuahua too? so cute!! and so is your kitty:) Oh and the picture of your with the baby in the beginning of your report is adorable:) your look so natural with a baby!!:) I can't wait to read more and see more pictures:)
  10. JPFamilyMom

    JPFamilyMom DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2008
    Congrats on the 6 month countdown

    Definitely do a carriage ride, we did on our disneymoon, so romantic, but we did ours in the wilderness area where the campsites are, we saw a few peacocks along the way, which was really cool.

    Sci-Fi diner was a lot of fun.

    It was my first trip to the World when we went, so we were on the go constantly, and I was jumping on the bed early in the am which my DH didn't appreciate, but I think we saw a lot, but didn't nearly see enough.

    A meal in the castle would be really great, we tried, I didn't know we needed reservations though:confused3 so we ended up eating at Crystal Palace, which was nice too.

    Can't wait to see your dress:cutie:
  11. jenn-

    jenn- DIS Veteran

    Jun 12, 2007
    Sounds like you are going to have a fun 6 months planning. I had a Disneymoon in 2003. I recently wrote about it in my PTR (I seriously hope yours goes better than mine did). I would definitely try to get into Le Cellier for dinner if you can, but I think Chefs de France is a great second choice. I have eaten at both places and they are both very nice. It sounds like you guys are doing the dining plan and if that's the case, most things I have read recently say the castle isn't worth the 2 credits. Limited character interaction and only so-so food. I haven't been, but that's just what I have read. We ate at the Storybook Breakfast in Epcot and they had great princess interaction and decent food. Lots of yummy looking pastries that I couldn't eat (darn low carb diet). I think your picture is now included with the meal (before it was seperate). I can't wait to see what you guys end up planning for both your wedding and your Disney trip. Make sure when you make your dining reservations in a few months that you make it known you are there for your Disneymoon. Some of the restaurants will do special things to celebrate it.
  12. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009
    My puppy is a chihuahua! We want to get him a g/f-and breed them one time. Just for the experience- and I'll probably give their puppies to family members. But I want to wait until we get in a house b/c our apartment is crowded enough right now! ;)

    I will be jumping on the bed too!! :yay:

    Thanks for the recommendations- I'll update about our dining plans soon! I'm thinking Storybooks is a must at this point. And I will be sure to tell EVERYONE we are on our Disneymoon! If I can convince Dylan to wear the ears- we will also wear those everywhere! If not- we'll make sure to have on our buttons, :goodvibes
  13. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to put in a quick update, as promised.

    We registered for a digital camera at target- and decided we would probably purchase it ourselves before the wedding. Well, we went a couple of weeks ago and it was on sale- 100$ cheaper then the original price. So of course, we bought it! :cool1:

    I don’t know a lot about cameras- this is more Dylan’s domain. But it’s a Nikon 10.0MP Super-Zoom Digital Camera. And here is the pic:


    We got an 8gb card. Any idea if this will be enough for all the Disney pics I plan on taking? Or should we purchase an additional card? I’m sure I will take close to 1000 pics. I’m going to do a dining review and TR- so there will be plenty of pics! We went to a wedding this past weekend and took 250 pictures of just the one day- so I think 8days of Disney will warrant close to 1000. ;)

    Here’s a pic of me & Dylan from the wedding:


    I’ll put some more about ADR choices and why in a little bit.
  14. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    My ADR date is October 5th (the day before my birthday) :goodvibes
    So I have plenty of time, but I just wanted to let everyone know where we are coming from.

    First of all, we originally planned to stay in one of the Deluxe resorts, Dylan was rooting for Contemporary. However, since the 2010 prices weren’t out we had to pay the average rate for the first night (which was well over 400$) :scared1: and the TA couldn’t tell me what the new prices would be. Sooo- we decided we would stay in a moderate. Which I’m actually very very happy with our choice in POR. :love: We decided that with the money we saved, we would get the Deluxe Dining Plan.

    That was the plan.

    Then- I thought 3TS a day is an awful lot of time eating. Even if we did a couple of 2TS meals, it probably wasn’t worth it for us. Besides the fact that we wanted to spend most of our time in the parks and not at resorts, where a lot of the 2TS options are.

    The other thing is, if we get appetizers at restaurants, we usually split them- so having 2 appetizers at a meal is just too much food for us!

    So we decided that we would do the Regular Dining Plan- and pay out of pocket for any appetizers or additional TS meals we want.

    So after countless hours pouring over menus and dining review threads and talking with family members who have been to Disney recently- here are the ones we have narrowed it down to. Some of this is a repeat from earlier, but I wanted to give my reasons behind each one! :teacher:

    MK Day:
    Castle for dinner. I know that some say it is not worth it. I’ve read the reviews- where they say the food is mediocre for the price. But I can’t think of anything more magical then eating in Cinderella’s castle. When I write my TR and Dining Reviews, I may add to the list of people who say it isn’t worth it. But as far as it’s concerned, I’d like to find out the hard way. Also, in all honesty, none of the other TS restaurants at MK appeal to me. At least for this trip.

    AK day:
    Yak & Yeti- the fried wontons look amazing! We will probably do this for lunch. And we may pay OPP. I’m thinking we may get one meal and split it. Do they let you do that? Is there a surcharge? :confused:

    HS day:
    Sci Fi lunch: I think the atmosphere is nice and I’m all about drive in movies and cheesy Sci Fi flicks. This will definitely be out of pocket. Also, none of the CS meals at HS look overly appealing- so I’d rather fork out the money for a REAL burger. ;)

    IF I can get a fantasmic dinner package- we’ll do Mama Melrose. I like Italian, but as far as the dinner package is concerned, I prefer it over Hollywood & Vine, or the 2TS for Brown Derby. If not, then we’ll forgo dinner at HS, and either eat at the resort or at Epcot (where most of the TS we want are located.)

    This is the place where most of the TS we want are located.
    Definites are:
    Le Celliar -Dylan thinks the steak looks good, and I want to try that soup! And the chocolate moose is too cute. :cutie:

    Biergarten- This wasn’t on my first list. And in all honesty, I would’ve skipped over it. For one, I don’t really like buffets that much. But my sister insisted it was the best place they have eaten- and they went there 3 times on their last trip. So, I decided we would add it. Dylan is all for this place too.

    These are the Maybes:
    Chefs De France- I would prefer this for lunch. And I’d just get the soup and sandwich- so it may be an OPP place.

    Coral Reef- Dylan really wants to go here. Which is weird, because he doesn’t eat seafood. :confused3 But the ambiance seems really cool. We could do either lunch or dinner here.

    Marrakesh- I think this would a unique experience, and the belly dancers would be fun to watch.


    Boatwrights- It’s at our resort, so I think this would be nice either after a long day at the parks, or on a night we just don’t feel like going anywhere.

    I decided to stick with 3 breakfasts. And I want to get the character interactions with them. We aren’t morning people, and usually my breakfast consists of cereal and a banana. That being said, we’ll definitely do one on our departure day- and then 2 additional days.

    Storybook- This is looking like a definite. I want some good character interaction, and since the picture is included, that would be awesome.

    1900- I love Alice in Wonderland- and the strawberry soup looks yummy. We may do this our last day.

    Chef Mickey’s- Because I would like a character interaction with Mickey.
    If not Chef Mickey’s then we would do Tuskar House at AK. I’ll have to ask Dylan his preference on this one.

    This was probably way more information then you guys needed- but I wanted to type it all out to get it clear in my head.:) Since I have 3 more months until the ADRs, this could very well change. But thanks for reading!! :goodvibes
  15. jenn-

    jenn- DIS Veteran

    Jun 12, 2007
    Looks like a good camera. With as cheap as memory cards are these days, I would definitely get another one. You might need a back up in case the first one goes screwy. Also if you camera takes a propiritory battery, you might want to get a second one of those. Those would be great things to add to your wedding gift wish list. It was definitely a good idea to get the camera before the wedding. Now you have time to learn the ins and outs of it before the Disneymoon.

    Your restaurant choices look very good. I have eaten at several of them. I hope you can get into Le Cellier as I find it a nicer romantic location. Make sure when you make your ressies that you attach the Disneymoon celebration to several of them. Some of the restaurants will acknowledge it, some won't. I know Biergarten did when we were there for ours in '03. Can't wait to see more of your plans.
  16. Lynn5700

    Lynn5700 <font color=darkorchid>WOO HOO I will be there<br>

    Feb 2, 2007
    Hey!! I'm here:goodvibes You so have to post wedding details! I want to see that pretty dress!!!

    I can't wait to make ADRS!! We get to make ours the same time as you!
  17. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    Wow. I really suck at updating.

    Anyways, I do have some exciting news.

    1. We updated our room-only reservation to a package. We got 8-day park-hopper tickets. That way we can go back and forth as we please. I also figured it was better to get the full 8 days- so we can go on arrival day or departure day.

    Also, we got the dining plan- which only gives us the 7 Table Service, 7 quick service, and 7 snacks.

    I asked how much the deluxe plan would cost- its a difference of $420.
    So we're back to square 1.

    Do we get the regular plan, and pay out of pocket for all the extra stuff? Or do we pay $420, and figure out how to best use 3TS a day?

    Dylan thinks that we'll be better off to do the deluxe- even if we use some of the credits on quick service, it may pay off in the long run. :confused3

    Also, we don't HAVE to do breakfast, lunch and dinner. We could do an early lunch and dinner- and then have a late night meal at the resort. And we could take advantage of more 2TS options- like a dinner show!

    My only concern with doing deluxe was that I didn't want to spend ALL of our time eating. But if I plan it right- I may be able to make it work.

    Also- it's SOO much food. I think we may end up doggy bagging a lot of things for Dylan to eat later. He eats A LOT. I always joke that I gain his weight for him!

    However, his eating habits are more like 6 small meals a day- rather then huge meals- that I think that the TS places would offer.

    For example, we ate dinner at 6 tonight, and as I type this at 10:30- he's eating a thing of chicken tenders and an orange.

    That was way more then you guys needed to know about our eating habits- but it's really stressing me out which way to go! Advice and Tips are very welcome!!!

    As much as I love looking through dining reviews and menus- I'm almost sick of it!

    On another note- I spoke with the cast members about any deals that would be available- and she told me she felt confident that either free dining or buy 4 get 3 free will be offered. :banana:
    She said to call back in October.

    2. I bought our Plane tickets!! Well- our trip there. Southwest is so weird- you can only book flights through Jan 8- which doesn't help with us leaving on Jan 10. But Oh well. We'll get there- and that's the most important part. :)
    Also, I've been checking the flight prices for a week now- and today Dylan gave me the okay to book. Well, when I went online- prices went down $20!
    Not a lot of savings, but every dollar helps!:goodvibes

    Okay- for those interested in Wedding News:
    My save the dates went out.

    The engagement announcement goes in the paper on Sunday

    I ordered my cake- 4 round tiers, alternating between white and double fudge, with buttercream white icing. A sapphire blue ribbon will be on the bottom of each tier, covered in fondant snowflakes and a fancy fondant snowflake topper.

    Invitations are ordered and on the way.

    The Music for the ceremony is set- with 2 soloist and a trumpet player.

    Photographer, Videographer and DJ are hired and mostly paid for.

    I'm having all artificial flowers, they are all ordered and in the process of being put into the bouquets. I'm carrying white amaryllis, orchids with a touch of deep pink. Bridesmaids are carrying deep pink roses and orchids.

    I feel like I've gotten so much accomplished- but there's still tons to do!

    And on a very happy note- I'm getting a new puppy for my Birthday!!
    I'm getting a girl chihuahua to go with my little boy, Tito.
    She's only a couple of weeks old- so we have to wait to get her.
    But here is a pic of her- I'll get better ones once I bring her home.


    Sorry for the long ramblings. I'll try to get better at this updating thing!
  18. amandaluvsgoofy

    amandaluvsgoofy DIS Veteran

    Jan 1, 2009
    Hey there! I just caught up and am loving your pre-trip report! I know it's confusing about what food plan to do. We just got back and did the regular dining plan. We paid for a few things out of pocket, but it wasn't too bad. Although next time I may want to try several shows out, so things could change.
    I do have to say, Le Cellier was very good!! I knew exactly what to get from the dining boards! We split the meal (no extra charge) of soup and a salad, got the filet with mushroom risotto, and chocolate moose. Everything was AWESOME!!
    Good luck with the wedding stuff, too! It really will be here before ya know it!
    P.S. Your new puppy is sooooooo cute! Makes me want another doggie, even though we have 2! :laughing:
  19. reyasmommy

    reyasmommy DIS Veteran

    Jul 20, 2007
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    My husband and I were married at WDW back in 2001 and honeymooned there with a short disney cruise. It was AMAZING!! We had a very intimate wedding however with only 8 guests, but I wouldn't have done it any other way. :lovestruc

    Your wedding plans and disney plans look great... Can't wait to read more! popcorn::
  20. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009

    Alright everyone, I am back with another update!

    I decided to start a weekly (hopefully) update with Must Dos, Maybe Dos and don’t really care either way for each Park. I may later add DD and stuff at my resort.
    I’m including, not only rides & shows, but also shops, parades and snack stops!

    I’ll tell ya why some things are very important, while others are not so much.
    As always, I appreciate input form all of you DW experts out there. :goodvibes

    You may notice that my Must Dos are kinda short, this is because I only put things on this list that are the MOST important. This way, I won’t be disappointed if we don’t get to them. We’ll probably have plenty of time for most of the Might Dos too!

    Also, there will be an update closer to my departure that will include a Shopping List of sorts. My family has agreed, that since Christmas is so close to the wedding, I won’t give any Christmas presents until AFTER I get back from Disney. That way, I’ll do my Christmas shopping in DW! And they are giving us money so that we can buy our own Christmas presents (again- in Disney). So anyways, that’s something to look forward to! :teacher:

    So this week- Magic Kingdom!!
    I plan to spend my arrival night, departure day, and another ½ day or 2 here.

    Let’s start on Main Street:

    Must Dos:

    Go to Casey’s and get Corn Dog Nuggets! Yum.:cool1:
    Main Street Bakery- for a breakfast treat- or some other snack.

    Browse all of the shops!
    Disney Clothiers
    Upton Jewelers
    Main Street Cinema

    Might Dos:

    Check out the Dapper Dans

    Plaza IceCream ~ I’m an icecream addict- however, this isn’t top of my list for an icecream treat.

    Town Square Expostion-if we have time, I’d like to check it out.

    Don’t Cares:

    Main Street Vehicles

    Railroad- the only way I would do this is if we’re just tired of walking. :rotfl:


    Must Dos:

    Dole Whip!- I love pinapple and icecream—so I can’t way to try! :woohoo:

    Pirates of the Caribbean: This was my favorite ride when I went as a kid-and I can’t way to see the updates! Also- we’re pirates- so of course this is a must! pirate:

    Shops! Pirates Bazaar for sure. And browse the others.

    Might Dos:
    Magic Carpets- If we have time- I may ride 1 Dumboish ride- this would be my choice. But it’s way down on the list.

    Enchanted Tiki Room- It looks cute- but there are other things that are higher up.

    Jungle Cruise- Again, looks cute- but I wouldn’t wait in line long. Maybe if we get a Fastpass-?

    Pirate Tutorial: This would be fun. And I would love to see:

    But-I’m not going to schedule my day around it- we’ll just have to see how it works out.

    Don’t cares:
    Shruken Ned’s- I could see Dylan seeing this and deciding that he needs to play, which is fine- but it’s not going on the list of must dos.

    Swiss Family Treehouse- not really my cup of tea


    Must Dos:
    Splash Mountain!! –(Only if it’s not too cold)

    Might Dos:
    Big Thunder Mtn: We aren’t big “roller coaster ppl”- So this doesn’t go on the must dos. But- if lines aren’t long, or we grab a Fastpass- we might check it out.

    Shootin’ Arcade: Dylan enjoys games like this- so we might have to check it out.

    Country Bear Jamboree- This is going to the bottom of the might dos- It could be cute, but there’s other things that would be better.

    Browse Shops: We’ll probably end up doing this naturally, but these aren’t on my list of places to hit up.

    Don’t Cares:

    Tom Sawyer Island- Probably cute if you have kids, but we don’t.

    Liberty Square

    Must Dos:

    Hall of Presidents: We’re both History Buffs- so I would find this show entertaining. I watch the History Channel all the time- and Love the presidential episodes! Even as a kid, I loved this show. Also-when I saw it the first George Bush was president! :laughing:

    Haunted Mansion!

    Probably all of them but for sure:
    Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe!
    Yankee Trader

    Might Dos:

    Sleepy Hollow for a Funnel Cake! (if it’s open- and if I’m hungry for one!)

    Don’t Cares:

    Liberty Square Riverboat: If the new Disney Princess is still there- I may want to check it out just to meet her.


    Must Dos:
    CRT! For Dinner- for sure! :yay:

    Small World-what’s a trip to DW w/out it? :confused3

    PhilharMagic :3dglasses

    Peter Pan’s flight – I love these rides!

    Snow White

    Again with the shops, I know- you can’t wait for my shopping list. :upsidedow

    Sir Mickeys
    Tinkerbelle’s Tresure

    Might Dos:
    Ariel’s Grotto- I’d love to meet Ariel- but I don’t know that it’s worth all of the lines.

    Dream Along with Mickey- I bet it’s cute. I’ll check out the show times and see if it works.

    Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh- again, I like these kinds of rides- but I’m not a big Pooh fan.

    Pinocchio’s Village Haus- For some figgaro fries! I looove fries- and these look yummy. I know to ask for them with the tomato’s & ranch. But only if we’re hungry and wanting fries!

    Don’t Cares:


    Golden Carousal- I can ride these anytime.

    Mad Tea Party: Teacups make me sick. :sick:

    Pooh’s Spot: Not a huge Pooh fan.

    Mickey’s Toontown Fair

    Must Dos:
    -There are no Must Dos- There are thing’s I’d LIKE to do- but they are all dependent upon time, and the completion of all other Must Dos.

    Might Dos:
    Minnie’s House- it’s looks super cute.

    Mickey’s House- But I’m not waiting in long lines.

    Hall of Fame, Pixie Hollow & Judge’s Tent: Only if there’s characters I don’t think I’ll see anywhere else.

    None that strike me as a must stop- but we’ll probably meander through.

    Don’t Cares:
    Donald’s Boat
    Barnstormer- both kid stuff.


    Must Dos:

    Stich’s great escape- looks Fun!

    Monster’s Inc-I think I’ll be entertained by this!

    Buzz lightyear’s spin

    Merchant of Venus

    Might Dos:

    Carousel Of Progress: looks interesting, but I doubt it’ll be open.

    Stich’s Supersonic Celebration- the new show- it could be fun!

    Don’t Cares:
    Astro Orbiter

    Space Mountain: We don’t do a lot of roller coasters, and this one isn’t going to be one of the few we choose to ride.

    Speedway- I have no real interest in this

    Transit Authority- Looks really boring!

    Characters I would Like to See:
    The Alice Crew- My favorite Movie!
    Jack Sparrow
    Captain Hook
    Peter Pan
    The Princesses! princess: (I’m doing CRT- and late Princess Storybook Breakfast- so I may not hunt them down here unless I miss them)
    Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella

    Let’s end with Parades & Fireworks:

    We will most definitely see Wishes- maybe several times.

    I’m a fan of parades, so I’d like to see them all!

    If we have to choose 1 parade it would be SpectroMagic.
    Next, Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.
    Finally, the Celebrate Dreams come true (or whatever the new parade will be.)

    Stay Tuned: Next Week: Epcot! :goodvibes

  21. jessters7

    jessters7 Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2009
    Thanks for reading! I've been reading dining boards too- and picking out exactly what I want. We're still finalzing all of our dinner plans- less then a month till ADRS!
    I just got my puppy- so I'll post better pics of her playing with our other dog!

    Thanks so much! I'm so jealous of your disney wedding! I would've loved an intimate wedding with just a few people, unfortunately our siblings and their spouses and kids and parents account for over 20 people! :scared1:
    I would love to see any pics you have of your disney wedding!!

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