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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Melika77, Jun 15, 2002.

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    Dec 6, 2000
    HI! When I start the WDWCP, I will be arriving the night before. I am going to stay at a resort on Disney Property. I have already stay at POR, POFQ, and will be staying at CSR next month. I was thinking of staying at CBR to see what it's like. However, I have heard very very mixed reviews from loving it to hating, I was wondering what you all thought...I mean I know it's only one night...but I would still like to be able to enjoy where I am staying...

    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    While we like CSR better we stayed at CBR twice. Once on our first trip to WDW and again a year and a half ago as this is where my sister wanted to stay. We stayed in Martinique on the ground floor in a standard room and it was beautiful when we stepped outside. All gardens and you couldn't even see the parking lot. The food court is ok, we just like the Pepper Market better.

    Our room was clean and our housekeeper delightful.

    Our first trip we were in South Trinidad. It is quite a hike to the food court. That was before we knew about the DIS.

    I think you would enjoy it.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    We have stayed at CBR many times and have always loved it. We had checked-in to CSR and left. At the time we were there, many conventions were going on and the place was mobbed. We like the food court set up at CBR & PO better than the Pepper Market. We always found something to please everyone and we have mugs. They have two beverage bars. In fact, this is the first place we stayed and when the mug program came to be. The sit down restaurant is a bit lacking. We usually have a car, so we go to PO-R to eat. Boatwrights is fabulous.

    CBR has a lush feel to it and is very relaxing. We always enjoy our stay here. You can see some of the Epcot fireworks from the resort. Our favorite buildings are the group in Trinidad North. They are just far enough away from the main area to be quiet, but not that far of a walk. The main pool is fun, and the quiet pools have never been that crowded when we have been there.

    I have had nothing but positive experiences staying at CBR.

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