Car rentals at the port?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by CoachMinnie, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. CoachMinnie

    CoachMinnie Earning My Ears

    Sep 28, 2002
    We are taking a limo to the port from the airport, but would like to rent a car for a day on the day we get off the ship. Are there car rental agencies near the port. We would need to return the car to the airport. Is this possible? Has anyone ever done this?

  2. magiroux

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    Nov 30, 2002
    There is a free shuttle that takes you from the port (you have to walk across the street to parking lot) to the Avis Desk at the Raddison. It cost I believe $89.00 for a Buick LaSabre for the day.

    Word of advise..If you are going to do this make sure you are one of the first of the ship for several reasons.

    We were second seating for breakfast so we did not even get in line to disembark till 8:35 and didn't get off till after 9:00am. Collected luggage right away and went over to the shuttle where there were already hords of people waiting and we were told we MIGHT make the 2ND shuttle. My husband had dropped the car off at this location and knew it was a "one man operation" so you can imagine the line once you get there. We decided to take a cab ($15.00 w/tip) just to get ahead of the crowd. We were in Avis line a full 15 Mins before the 1st van(that we knew we wouldn't make)showed up.

    Also it limits the available cars. People were being forced to pay for built in car seats if they wanted thier car right away.

    Another little tip. When you get to the shuttle tent tell them you are going to the Raddison(same thing) there seems to be alot more of those vans than Avis. While I was outside with luggage 3 Raddison Vans pulled up before the 1st Avis. Most of the people got out of those vans and went into the Avis.

    We pulled away with our vehicle at 10:15AM and my husband said the people will easily be in there trying to get cars till 11:30. Kinda defeats the purpose of getting a car for the day.
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  4. mcnuss

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    Jun 23, 2002
    I had a completely different experience.

    First of all, we paid $37.50 for a Buick Century. It was huge and pretty nice.

    We were also second seating, got off the ship right after breakfast, checked in with US Airways, got lost on the way to the parking lot (don't ask!), and we just missed one as we got to the spot. We then waited maybe at most 5-10 minutes for the next shuttle. You do have to be a little pushy as people do not really line up and so it's a bit of anarchy getting on. Upon arrival, there were 2 people working the desk and they were pretty fast. It helps a lot if you sign up for Avis Preferred (it's free). Then you bypass doing the paperwork since your info is all on file. We were at Downtown Disney by 11:15 am if that gives you any sense of how quickly the process went.

    You should also know that Hertz and Budget were both running shuttles too. I had been lead to believe that their shuttles ran less frequently than the Avis shuttle, but in the time I was waiting I saw 2 of each of those, too, and they were less crowded.
  5. peg2001

    peg2001 <font color=FF6600>Can drive DH away with a banana

    Mar 13, 2001
    Yikes! Thank you for the information, Magiroux! We have an Avis car reserved for after our cruise and have only read on these boards about how easy and simple this process is. I would NOT be happy to finally drive away at 11:30 am, especially with 2 young children in tow.

    Can anyone else offer their experience with picking up an Avis car after the cruise?

    Thank you,
  6. slindamood

    slindamood DIS Veteran

    Oct 17, 2000
    We saw relatives wait to get on the Avis shuttle last trip and heard the rental office was crowded.

    This past December, we rented with national. The office is a little further away, but was no hassle.

    Although you have to take a cab to their rental site, National reimburses you the cab fare, so it is more convenience at no cost.

    Just tell the baggage handler that you are renting from National and he will take you to a tented area in the parking lot where he will ask the CM to call for a yellow cab. Our cab arrived in minutes, while many people were still waiting for the next Avis shuttle. We had already seen one fill to overcapacity. The National office was quiet and orderly - only one person ahead of us. The cost was well below what Avis was charging.

    Although it may seem more complex, it was so easy, quiet and comfortable, we would rent from National again. Also, no extra charge to drop off at airport.
  7. pal2pluto

    pal2pluto Has a hidden stash of Trentino Moscato!

    Jan 29, 2002
    We had a flawless experience w/Avis. Had second seating and left the ship leisurely. Told the porter we were going to Avis/Radisson. He briskly walked us out to their tent. We got on the van, waited about 2 mins. and then took off. At the Avis desk, we got a buick century for about $49 one way (check for discounts!) with about at 10 minute problem at all, and would do it again.
  8. prymsu

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    Oct 25, 2001
  9. magiroux

    magiroux <font color=purple>But what about the rum punch?<b

    Nov 30, 2002
    Well, it looks like my experience may have just been a fluke.

    I have never sailed Magic B-4 but I did notice that when we went to breakfast at 8AM the line to get off the boat didn't move at all. The line went from the doors to inside Parrot Cay on one side and thru the stairwell up to deck 4 on the other and noone moved in Parrot Cay untill about 10mins B-4 we were done with breakfast. Someone said the ship was not clearing customs????
    At the Avis tent we waited about 10 mins before we decided to get a taxi.

    Maybe just too many people hitting Avis at once. Also, this was the X-Mas/New Year's Weekend.

    When we left Avis there were about 10-12 families with stacks of luggage waiting for rental cars and DH described a chaotic scene inside.

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