car rental rates for early March OUTRAGOUS


wild about Disney
Jun 17, 2000
we are going march 9-17 and landing in sanford airpoet which has Dollar, Alamo, and Avis......and all are SKY HIGH>>>>..... will the rates come down as we get into Feb???? I'll be paying at least $100 MORE than last march the same week.....HOW COME????
We're flying to MCO in November and I made my ressies 3 weeks ago (luckily). Checked the site the other day and noticed they raised their rates (National). Might just be the time of the year for increases. I can't even get near the $185 rate I have for a full-size! Everything is about $230 now. Did you eve think of priceline. Never used them for cars, but have always had success using them for hotels. Good luck!
We have been trying to get a decent deal for mid april for the past 8 weeks and the prices are sky-high. at least 100$ more than last year for the same time, I have tried my union discount, entertainment, all usual on-line travel discounts and for mid-size or full at least 250$
I have a Disney Club membership and they have some special coupons right now good through the end of the year. Also, did you try priceline or a similar website?

We are going March 3-9 and I made my National ressies in November and my rate is $169 for a full size. I haven't been able to get anything under $225 right now..
It is outragious for any time right now, I guess. I keep checking for our trip in May and some quotes for a full size for 15 days is as high as $540. We went around the same time last year and paid $324 for 15 days on a full size. The lowest I can find is over $400. What gives???????
I'll be there for 2nd week in March. For some reason, rentals do appear to be higher. However, in the past, rental company specials have not come out until a month before my planned arrival. I got a really good deal for National with the Disney Club discount for a full size when I checked back in Nov. If I do the same request now, I get $100 more. Minivans were outrageous, but I finally found one with L & M that was decent. Through use of the codes and coupons noted on, I was also able to get a decent minivan rate from Dollar, but it wasn't low enough to make me cancel my ressie with L&M. I ought to add my ability to get lower rates was from reading posts here.

If you've already checked, then the only thing you can do is check and recheck every day. I should note that I have found lower prices as little as 48 hours before my arrival!!!!Though I've never used Priceline, a lot of people on this board seem to use it and enjoy it.

Good luck!


I, too, have found that car rentals are really high for March this year. In November, I checked the National site and for a full size, the price for a week was around $175 with taxes and DC discount. (We paid $127 last July for the same amount of days.) Shortly after I checked again, and the price went to over $243 with DC discount. After reading all the posts about L&M, I checked their prices of $97.50 without taxes. I figured the total would be around $140. I ended up going with L&M through Travelocity, but like others on the boards, I can't find L&M listed anymore on Travelocity. Not sure what happened. Plus, the fact that they have now more than doubled their prices on the L&M website for the same week is really odd. Anyway, I got a confirmation from Travelocity. Hopefully, everything will work out.:pinkbounc
Friends have been trying for weeks to get two separate rentals for the first week of feb for a decent price. Finally yesterday, I got through priceline for 22.00 per day w/avis on a compact. The other rental was accepted by Avis for a standard for 22.00 per day. Thats the best rate we would come up with. After searching for about a month. Plus they are right in the airport.
I check our rates weekly for any price drops, boy was I surprised to see a $50 price INCREASE! I am so glad I booked when I did! Just under $140 w/ coupon and disney club code for five days. Now just a bit over $190 w/ same codes!


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