Cancelled the Dolphin 8/11-8/19

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by PamNC, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. PamNC

    PamNC DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    I write this with much sadness. My DH and I were planning on going 1 week from today. We've gone back and forth as to whether or not we would go as we're in a bit of a financial crunch, something that hasn't happened to us in years. Well, late yesterday I cancelled. I actually shed a tear which made me feel like a little baby. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a last minute trip - a room has definitely come available at the Dolphin and I booked it at the $129 repeat guest rate. I got an email from them back in Feb or March. Our anniversary is 8/12 and my DH's birthday is 8/15 so we really wanted to go. Plus, this year has been very challenging for us.

    I know I shouldn't complain, we did go for a few days in May, but that turned out to be a bad trip because my cat got very sick and we had to cut it short. She passed away the day after I got home.

    So - I'm sad but I know things will turn around and I know that financial "issues" happen to everyone (except the wealthy) from time to time. We've been lucky. Since our honeymoon in 1994, we've only missed one year going to Disney. We also visit other places as well.

    Anyone ever have to do this? At the last minute? I'd like some coping strategies....and some magic. :wizard:

    Maybe if I simply plan the next trip - which will most likely have to be next year. Maybe that will help.

    Thanks for "listening" everyone.

  2. kaylajr

    kaylajr <font color=red>Ultimate WPASADI Co-Winner<br><fon Moderator

    Jan 5, 2003
    I just had to cancel our Dec trip to the dolphin

    and the way I coped is to immediatly start planning next years trip
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  4. travelin' tigger

    travelin' tigger DIS Veteran

    Oct 31, 2001
    Oh Pam, that is sad - here's sending a boatload of pixiedust:

    I can relate to the $$$ thing. My boss just dropped a bomb on my coworker and myself telling us we would be cut back to a 4-day workweek as a "trial" for the month of Aug. Since my end-of-Aug. trip was paid, I'm still going, but with NO money to spend. But if I can do anything, even a postcard, let me know.

    And get started planning the next, AMAZING trip to WDW!!! :wave:

    IWISHFORDISNEY <font color=darkorchid>Cant get enough of the mous

    Jan 30, 2004
    That is terrible. I hope things straghten out. I also agree start planning the next trip!!! :thumbsup2
  6. siestakeys04

    siestakeys04 DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2005
    Sorry to hear about that pam. Just get back in there and plan the next one. The weird thing is i am from winstonsalem too born here and graduated from East forsyth high school 1990. Were neighbors!!! :thumbsup2 :grouphug:
  7. kjs1976

    kjs1976 Thanks for the magic, Walt!

    Jun 15, 2001
  8. pooh2001

    pooh2001 been there, done that, TRYING to go back

    Feb 16, 2000
    Get some guide books, DVD's or video's from your library to get a free 'Disney Fix'.
    Watch for Disney themed shows - for times/channels check-out the web-site

    Start to plan your next Disney adventure - even if it is for 3 years from now.
    You will get into the Disney spirit.

    My company is doing a major resource action. I was hit with it. We are still planning to go back to WDW for Easter 2007 - just with some modifications on what we will do and where we will stay. But we will still see the Mouse and enjoy every minute at WDW :wizard:

    Our library has a great web-site to look up Disney and find information to read.
    Try the book 'Inside The Mouse - work and play at disney world' - Duke University Press

    I was also able to request the DVD from my library..
    Magic Kingdom [videorecording] / Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise.
    Publisher Lake Buena Vista, FL. : Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, [c2005].
    Edition Widescreen version.

    These boards are a great way to plan and dream too.
    Enjoy ! :)
  9. PamNC

    PamNC DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    Hi there Siesta key. From Winston-Salem, huh? I graduated from West Forsyth in 1980. OOPS. I just told my age. Oh well. I grew up in Lewisville, which I'm sure you're familiar with, it's just 15 minutes from Winston-Salem. My DH and I lived in Winston-Salem when I joined the DIS, but we now live in Mocksville, Davie County - about 25 minutes from Winston. Out in the country. I love it here.

    And, another weird thing. Our favorite beach vacation is Siesta Key. We love it! I have to say it's total paradise. I like to eat at this little not so fancy place in Sarasota - Barnacle Bill's. Great seafood. Know the place?

    Thanks to everyone for the group hugs and understanding. It's so hard to cancel a Disney trip. I remember when I did it I wrote down a cancellation number. I felt like I was going to cry, but I was holding it back so I wouldn't sound like a blubbering idiot on the phone. As I hung up a little tear fell down onto the paper where I wrote down the cancellation number and it smeared it.

    But, you're all exactly right - I should plan my next trip. Not knowing when finances will pick up, I think I'll be realistic and plan for next year. May. My mom and aunt want to go so we can all drive down together. They usually do their own thing and we do ours, so they are good Disney buddies. In fact, they want to stay at the Contemporary and we're going to stay at the Polynesian. I've never stayed in a lagoon view room and I'm going to do it this next time. I thought about going ahead and booking it as soon as I have the first night's deposit saved up. Of course, that'll be rack rate. And, I'll watch for a annual passholder code as the time approaches. That way I can have a trip booked and start paying on it a little at a time.

    Thanks again everyone. I'm self-employed so things can turn around for me overnight. I'm in a dry spell. Never been in one either.

  10. Kanga1

    Kanga1 DIS Veteran

    Aug 16, 2004
    Pam...I'm so sorry. :grouphug: I know what you're going through. My DH lost his job and we're going through the "financial thing" too. I do know that the day DH tells me he got a job...I'm on the phone to AAA!!!
  11. MartDM

    MartDM DIS Veteran

    Feb 21, 2000

    I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip but I wanted to congratulate you on making a difficult but wise decision. There's no point in adding financial insult to injury by spending for a trip that isn't in the cards for you right now and, truth be told, you probably wouldn't have had a great time because that would be in the back of your head the whole time. My DH is self-employed so I can totally relate to the "feast or famine" reality of that but because you've made the right decision, it will pay off tenfold down the road, trust me! :cheer2:

    I'm also very sorry about what happened to your kitty during your last trip. We had a similar occurance a few years ago. It's awful to lose a furbaby but when you can't be there, well, the pain is pretty indescribable.

    Until you can plan the next trip, have you considered looking into some more budget oriented locales that you could visit for a long weekend or something like that? During some dry spells in our past, we found that a long weekend getaway to somewhere within several hours drive was just enough to make us feel like we had a trip but economical enough not to tip the financial scales. Plus, I find researching any new location for fun things to do a great distraction from day to day drudgery, like dealing with finances.

    Chin up girl...things will look brighter in a short while ;)
  12. FINFAN

    FINFAN Mom to Tinkbell

    Apr 30, 2001
    From one "Pam" to another and one "DOLPHIN LOVER" to another...I feel your pain....A positive thought is that the Dolphin usually has great rates throughout the year, and we know you will get wnother one! Also, we went Christmas of "04...DH was out of work, but we had prepaid, kids had no idea, so we went with it. Well, while we did enjoy ourselves...when we look back, the job loss clouded everything for DH and I....pretty much wasn't just in the back of our minds as MartDM points out...but right up there...sucking the magic out of the trip. I, too, congratulate you both for making a tough but positive decision. I also try and never sya cancelled when we change plans...we prefer "postponed"...oh BTW, I am a 1980 grad too!
    As you plan your May trip ( which is a mere 9-10 months off...barely time to pack and get those ADR'S! :teeth: ) AND KEEP DROPPING THAT CHANGE IN THE JAR! Plus, if you do book th ePoly, new rooms AND new Cap'n Cooks! Score!!!!!!!

  13. Pea-n-Me

    Pea-n-Me DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2004
    I agree, start planning for next year!! Dolphin rates are out for 2007 and they're good (just booked myself). :grouphug:
  14. kritter

    kritter <font color=deeppink>I need a Disney FIX!!<br><fon

    Jul 12, 2005
    I agree start planning for next year..You can never start to early!!!!
  15. ADisneygirl

    ADisneygirl <font color=purple>My birth certificate is really

    Jun 10, 2003
    :grouphug: I feel your pain. I know what it feels like to have to change your Disney plans. As others have said, start planning your next trip. Getting a new countdown always helps me! And reading these boards too!
  16. Rudy6

    Rudy6 Man

    Jun 18, 2006
    Sorry to hear about your sad news. Have a good cry, you probably already did, and start to plan the next trip. Planning is half the fun.

    I never stayed at either the Swan or the Dolphin. In fact, I never even visited them, other than to ride past them on the boat from Epcot to Disney MGM. There is something about them that I find fascinating, but do not ask me what. Some day I will plan on a trip to them.

    Put the cancellation out of your mind. If finances were a concern, then you made the right decision. Never go in debt for a vacation. The vacation lasts a week or so. The debt lasts months or years.

    Have a nice meal on each of the special days you have coming up.

    Take Care.

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