Canadian Buffoon's Back to Front Vacation - Update! 02/18 - Is This Kansas?

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by pkondz, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. buzzrelly

    buzzrelly DIS Veteran

    Nov 20, 2005
    I think the big secret here is that you and Doc were separated at birth! You guys could definitely be brothers!

    Great picture!

    Ouch! That's really scary!

    I told you I hate driving? This is part of it. You just never know when something crazy like that is going to happen, or when a crazy drunk person may be driving the wrong way on the highway or something. I have a LOT of anxiety about this. When we go to HH, SC in the summer, I do most of the driving because even though I HATE driving, I don't trust anyone else to drive me :scared:

    Another great shot and fun DISmeet :goodvibes

    That's adorable :thumbsup2

    Wow! What a trip!

    I did, for once!
  2. Tracy161

    Tracy161 DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2006

    What?!?! :worship:

    You got it! It's a promise. Now... only 9 more meets to go before you get it.

    She really seems to be! I was so hoping to meet @Pluto0809 last January at Disney, but it was so darn cold and miserable that my planned Disney day ended up being an unplanned something-else day :sad2:



    OH NO! Glad yours went away quickly. My bouts with vertigo (which you may remember are rather frequent) usually last at least a week :faint:

    Neither do I!


    And a sense of humo(u)r matters a LOT!

    Awwwww :goodvibes



    YAY! Thank you for posting a picture :goodvibes

    ::yes:: But, admittedly, not in the last!
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  4. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Do you normally have this
    affect on people?
    I left town too.


    Very much so!

    There really isn't a white
    chocolate taste to them.
    I'd say the coffee flavour
    is much stronger.
    And I don't like coffee,
    but love these. :)


    Not necessarily.
    I suck too.
    I just was very lucky that night.

    :laughing: Yes, I know!
    And I agree with you!
    I can eat it like it was,
    especially if you toss on some
    salt (and butter too if available!)
    But creamed corn is right out!


    It was. For a second,
    I wondered what I'd do
    if it persisted.

    Pull over and wait for... days?

    It's my magnetic personality.

    Yes! Very much!
    Sure wish he still could.

    I don't think there was
    anyone else there.


    I considered it, but...
    Some are nice on both sides
    or the nice side is opposite
    from the location side.

    Plus I like that you can just
    pick them up and look at them.

    But... funny you should ask.
    With that haul (and from the
    previous trip that I'm about
    to write about...) I need a
    bigger container.
    Right now they're (some of them)
    are in a large-ish wine glass.

    That was a tough one.

    Or maybe you were too
    busy looking to make sure
    you didn't have anything
    in your teeth.

  5. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    How about I put some money
    on the Rams for tomorrow?
    Then I'd be in a betting pool.


    Well, I had a reservation
    after meeting you.
    It was in Bowling Green.
    At the Country Inn & Suites.

    (Said with grunting, and snorting.)

    Feeling's mutual!


    Yes, almost all my meets
    have to be short due to
    travel demands.
    Sometimes I can squeeze
    a little more time,
    sometimes less.

    I sure wasn't complaining!

    And you did!
    And I was very touched.

    Well, I've always been
    a little touched...

    I don't like them.
    But... some really do.
    It's a Canadian thing,
    you like 'em or hate 'em.
    And I'm not offended
    if you fall in the "hate 'em" camp.

    :) Glad you liked them.




    You sucked that night!


    No. But that's just what happens
    I'm not that good of a player,
    but I was clicking that night.

    We prevailed in our quest.
    That's sissified for whupped
    in case you were wondering.

    No, it certainly did not!

    The pot roast was
    really good.

    You're welcome. :)
    And I invited you.

    That's right!
    I completely forgot that!

    Sign of the times, I guess.

    Yeah, I shoulda stepped aside.

    Actually, that's one thing
    I'll never do.
    At least not without someone
    asking me to do it.

    It was you!!!!

    May! See you in May! :)

    Well.... shoot!!

    Yeah... <sigh>

    And yet...
    If you put a hyphen
    in between them...
    It works!

  6. Steppesister

    Steppesister DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2013
    I 100% approve! LOVE a good game of pool. I suck, but still love it.

    Except when I lose.

    Yes. It is.

    What a nice surprise!!!

    Awww, sounds like you really hit it off. :)

    .... they are not as good as fries.

    Nice looking trio AND... @Pluto0809 I'll get to meet you in May!! WOOT!

    Hey! I've been there before!

    I thought were going to say you farted, but sounds like you took care of some other cooped up air.

    What is it with you and stuff in the road?!

    Awww, poor baby.

    And another nice looking trio!! @thumper* :) I get to meet you TOO in May!

    Now I have a hankerin'. Thanks.

    Sounds like May, if I'm not mistaken.
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  7. thumper*

    thumper* Disney Dreamer

    Mar 25, 2010

    OH I know where this is going.

    It wasn't a long wait and you kept us updated. I was happy to finally get to meet you, even if my common sense was saying don't meet a strange man (and you are very strange JK) you met on the internet, he might be a killer. LOL but my gut instinct said you were a sweetheart and it was right. It was nice to meet Rebcaa@self_resqing_prncz


    Their fish is exceptional but also with an exceptional price tag. Glad you enjoyed the Chicken Teriyaki.

    I really like this picture

    My how time flies when your with friends.

    SO nice to meet you and Thank You for the wonderful chocolate bars and the Ketchup potato chips, MArk and I both enjoyed them.

    Oh yum

    :dancer: I can't wait.
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  8. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    It's the mustaches, right?


    I take all the credit.

    It kinda was.
    I don't want that to happen
    ever again!

    I've had some incidents
    in my life...
    But so far, no one's gotten hurt,
    so I consider that a fair return.

    Ah. I understand that, actually.


    Thanks. :)

    It really was! :goodvibes

    Not quite so hidden this time. :)
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  9. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Extremely manly.
    Extraordinarily manly.


    Now reconsider not coming down in May.

    It ended up being a dancing day, right?

    A week????


    It was bad enough for the few
    seconds that I had it!!


    I know, I know...

    <hangs head in shame>

    U got that right.



    You're welcome!
    What did you think of it?
    Pretty sure it pre-dates... me.

    That one was a tough one. :)
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  10. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    I'm exactly the same.



    "Nice"? Now there's an understatement!

    We did!
    It was a very nice evening.
    I've yet to meet a DISer
    that I haven't liked. :)

    I'm pleased to find out that
    if I ever eat with you again
    that I can safely order rings
    and not worry about you
    stealing them!

    Thanks. :)
    I bring the group down
    from "Fabulous" to "Nice".


    I actually thought of your folks,
    but doubted they'd even remember me.


    Objects are just naturally drawn to me.
    It counteracts the way people
    are naturally repelled by me.

    I was vewwy sad.

    Thanks again!
    Nice of two pretty ladies
    to submit to posing with
    the one who brings
    the average down.

    I saw that, over on your TR. ;)

  11. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007

    Nah. You had to be there.


    I felt bad for being late.
    I hate being late.

    But... considering the distances
    that I drive... I suppose I should
    be happy when it's only 10 minutes.

    I'm sorry.
    That actually is a concern of mine.
    I don't like making people
    It kinda defeats the purpose
    of having a DISmeet.

    I really don't know what I
    can do about it though.

    This is correct.
    Very astute of you.

    You are assuming I'm not?



    Awww.... shucks. :blush:

    Isn't she sweet?
    I enjoyed meeting you both. :goodvibes

    I think I would've paid
    and exceptional price
    for exceptional fish.

    Next time. :)

    You took it, right?
    I wasn't positive.

    90% sure...


    I was surprised to find
    that two hours had gone by
    so quickly.

    You're welcome! :)

    Oh yes!
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  12. Steppesister

    Steppesister DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2013
    But, but that takes work.

    Oh fine. I'll just spill my drink on you.


    And yet oddly, they ask how you are on occasion.

    OH please.

    I'm blaming this week's extra pound on you. ;)
  13. Tracy161

    Tracy161 DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2006
    My thoughts... exactly!

    I would LOVE to reconsider! But I graduate on May 10 and am making the trip to Ohio to walk for graduation. Plus... I think I'll make that weekend into a mini-vacay, with a trip to see the Indians play, and maybe hit up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

    Yep, definitely a day of dancing! :thumbsup2

    Yep. And in May 2018 (when it ruined my Disney trip), I couldn't drive for nearly 2 weeks and didn't full recover for a month :faint: :sad1: Vertigo is the worst!! :headache:

    Super interesting! I don't know that I've seen anything like it, actually! :thumbsup2 Pre-dates you? I'm sure you'll have a joke about that... ;)
  14. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    And yet...


    They do? :)
    That's nice that they
    remember me. :)

    Yes. That's what I say.
    "Oh please... won't someone
    not avoid me?"

    ...and yet...
    It sounds like you maybe
    did make them after all?

  15. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Phew! Good!

    Meh. Ohio, Florida...
    Practically the same spot.
    I know I've driven it.
    (Well... close.)

    I knew it!!!

    Oh, man. :(


    Don't do that again. Okay?

    Oh really! I'll take a look and see if there's
    any kind of writing on the bottom.

    I am far too cultured
    to stoop to such
    abysmal levels.

    Ha! Right.
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  16. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    Was it something like this?
    planes not pillows.gif

    :rotfl2: I joke of course. Doc seems like a great guy and I would be happy to get a hug from him one day.

    Well done @docsoliday1!
    And what a nice surprise with the zebra domes!

    Maybe Jenny gave it out.
    You should call her to complain. You got her number, right?

    I must admit that I have never had one. I have certainly heard of them and they look great. I just have never gone to AKL before. One day I hope to correct that.

    So, I have a story about something similar. This goes back almost 20 years - and it has never happened since. I simply had to sneeze one day at home and went to cover my nose. But this was before bird flu and all the warnings about sneezing into your elbow. So I covered my nose with my hand, but that time pinched too hard and sealed my nostrils. I heard a pop and then the room started spinning, to the point where I had to stumble to the bed and lie down. It lasted a good 5 minutes, then gradually went away. I presume it was something similar to what you described. I have learned since then to never pinch your nose if you have to sneeze. And always carry a tissue.

    Wow, very lucky. I can imagine how much worse it could be had it hit the window head on.

    Yes I did. Not sure how to say it without giving it away. But I did.
  17. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    Ah, the bro hug. Glad you guys could get together.

    Lots of thought put into this!

    :faint: :worship:

    Empty beer can. Got it.

    Cool meet-up! :thumbsup2

    What is the exchange rate there?

    Well, how could anyone hope to compete?

    What a buncha jerks. Gotta dine and dash next time. That'll teach 'em.

    I can't believe someone would ignore the vegetables on his/her plate. It boggles the mind!

    Rest assured, you're already blocked.


    :scared: Um....what??

    Geez, this is the most dangerous drive in America, apparently.

    What the...

    I know exactly what you mean!

    Well, there certainly was food there at one time.

    I'd yell at you, but I only have a 50/50 success rate at this myself.

    Hope you at least end up with a better cheeseburger.

    :sad2: Must be something with Chicago pizza joints. This happened to me once as well.

    Old age. It's a killer.

    Wow, very cool!

    It's nice of you to at least try and brighten their day.

    So you had that going for you, which is nice.

    Yep, average border crossing.

    I'm exhausted just reading the numbers.

    I know that feeling, too!

    Nice haul!

    ::yes:: Hope you followed directions.

    Cool! I'll have to look for anything I can add to our Pacific Northwest itinerary.

    That sounds...sub-optimal.
  18. docsoliday1

    docsoliday1 DIS Dad #834 Cubs, Dolphins fan forever

    Mar 12, 2008
    No, nothing at all like that! Great scene though. :lmao:
    Well, Randall isn't the only Disdad hugger. I was raised that way and while I shake hands in business, among friends and family, it's hugs.

    Thank you Jeff. I had known from his TRs, he really liked them and I had thought about shipping him some....until I found out shipping cost to Canada from the US. Since his trip worked out where I was home (initially it was going to be while I was at Disney), I decided it would be a great treat. I honestly can't say if he re-arranged his schedule so we could meet up, but I was pleased I'd finally get to meet him. It was half thanking him for the act of re-arranging his schedule and half a ploy to prevent him from running away screaming when he saw me.


    Next time you come down, it will be remedied good sir.

    It was so obvious this time (I think).
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  19. docsoliday1

    docsoliday1 DIS Dad #834 Cubs, Dolphins fan forever

    Mar 12, 2008

    Just glad you didn't end up swimming with the fishes


    I didn't realize those were on the way. I remember looking them up when I first thought you might be coming to Atlanta.

    I don't know if it has an official term, but I've had divers nose/ears many a time. I don't know I've ever given myself vertigo, but many an uncomfortable sneeze or ear pops or both.

    Been there, done that...didn't want the T-shirt.

    I think the same people you need to speak to about mornings also handle the highway slant issues. Two birds with one stone.

    But Buffet > poker-chip, no?

    Obviously Betty was hungry....or thought you were.

    So only about 15 minutes of moping, then?

    See, if you'd limited the moping to only 5 minutes, you would've been on time!

    Hopefully not like lambs to the slaughter...

    That's what's cool about the Dis...we kinda are friends before we meet.

    So, you mean a little tea with the sugar?

    Epic trip reporting fail.

    That's what I said.

    Sorry, not buying it. Looks more like your border crossing look.

    Wait! So Betty was right both times, just on the wrong side of the street???

    Pretty ladies and since they put up with you, obviously nice also. :lmao:

    Ya know, since you've experienced Chicago traffic before, I would think you'd factor that in.

    I've heard you (and others) speak fondly of them. Maybe if I get up there for a Cubbies game, I can visit them. Unless of course, you've told them what you really think of me.

    Very cool!!

    I would hope he got a rightly deserved minimal tip. Seriously, you've got ONE thing to do...really?

    They're not zebra domes though! I'm totally joking! In all seriousness, that's better...I didn't make the zebra domes and homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best.

    They're probably thinking there ain't no way I'm taking a cookie from a constipated looking Canuck. :lmao: I do wonder though if they're a bit suspicious when people are nice to them...I'm sure it's rather rare and catches them off guard. Think of the upside...more for you! ;)

    Not sure if you'll be doing another trip before, but looking forward to seeing you in May!

    Poker-chips collected on this trip:



    What's your current total? I seem to remember you were close to 100, so this shoudl put you over.
  20. docsoliday1

    docsoliday1 DIS Dad #834 Cubs, Dolphins fan forever

    Mar 12, 2008
    That's got to be it.
    Glasses probably help too.

    I will say I have more hair though.
  21. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Yes! Almost exactly.

    He's really nice.
    I'm glad I got to meet him. :)

    I was so surprised!
    And so pleased!

    And so full, later. :laughing:

    I should call her up
    and ask her.

    You should check out AKL,
    just to see the resort.
    They really did a beautiful
    job on it.

    Holy crap!
    Not fun at all.
    Betcha you were
    plenty worried there
    for a while.

    I just knew that would happen
    if I didn't speed up to get
    ahead of it.
    Braking hard would've worked too...
    but then I might've gotten

    Not too hard this time. :)
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