"Can We Un-Birthday Yet?" A He, SMEE, & They Sept. 2020 Trip Report *Update 11/21 COMPLETE!*


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Jul 9, 2020
Hello again my friends! Welcome to my 3rd 2020 Trip Report! If you've come from my last report or my earlier not quite "Cruella" reports, as always thank you for taking a look-"SMEE" at this one (and I promise now I'll stop with that). If you're new, I hope you stick around a bit. As I said September was our 3rd 2020 visit which I think is pretty awesome considering, you know, 2020 :rolleyes: And while all 3 trips were wonderful and different this one was extra special because is was

1. DH's birthday trip

2. The first time DH spent a birthday in Disney
3. DH's 60th birthday!

Who IS this DH I speak of?


Why Steve of course, and there he is with his Hollywood Brown Derby birthday grapefruit cake! While I am the Disney planner (and not just for OUR trips wink wink) at least half of our trips come about at his suggestion. Whether our kids believe it when I say that or not!

And who am I?


There I am! With my "Disney Mom" shirt - 2 of my favorite words :love::love:
Then there's our 2 youngest, hanging out with Will Smith during our first post-COVID jaunt to Orlando in June, Ricky 18 and Chris almost 15:


And I cannot forget our oldest, 32 year old Jason, with our wonderful DIL Candace who FINALLY made me not the only female in the family and tripled that with the light of our lives, our DGD2, Hayden:


Ricky and Chris weren't on our Sept trip but will be on our recently planned Thanksgiving trip! Jay, Candace and Hayden were supposed to be with us in Sept. for what would have been both girls' very first visit to WDW; sadly due to all the current restrictions we all decided to wait until 2021. Luckily we had great friends, good times and adult beverages to make this trip another success; I hope you'll read along and help me relive this birthday bash while we await our Thanksgiving venture!


Oct 20, 2003
I'm here too! I guess this also means you aren't doing an early November trip if you are doing Thanksgiving now huh? Guess we'll have to try to meet up sometime in 2021! :)
  • amytech

    Dec 21, 2008
    I'm here too! :wave2:
    Looking forward to hearing how September was in the parks :) Three trips in 2020 so far? :worship:
    So jealous and looking forward to living vicariously through yours ;)

    Terra Nova guy

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Welll after completely missing your last TR, I am on Page 1 of this report! I am still reading your July one, about half way though now - I’m enjoying it of course, just only so much Dis time these days. Looking forward to following along with this one “in real time”.
  • pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Yussss… page 1.
    thank you for taking a look-"SMEE" at this one (and I promise now I'll stop with that)
    promises, promises...
    If you're new
    How old do you have to be before you stop being "new"? I would think anything over 12 months old?
    Um... babies can't read, you know!
    While I am the Disney planner (and not just for OUR trips wink wink)
    All her DIS readers hold their collective breaths and wonder what her next screen-name will be...


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    Sep 3, 2008
    So happy to be here and enjoy every minute of your time "home"!