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Oct 28, 2003
i need the ap version for dummies please..what i mean is ..i need to know exactly what aps are good the benefits are....are they good for all the park they start from the day you buy them or do they start from the first time you use them?? i need the run down but the simple version...the easy to read manual..thank you..

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Feb 19, 2004
cyndibelle- Go to and they have all the information that you need. They are good for the four major parks but you would need the PAP for all the parks including the water parks, PI, and Disney Quest. You get discounts at certain restaurants (usually for lunchtime) as well as merchandise at the Disney store at DTD. They sometimes offer discounts on rooms but this is not guaranteed. It depends on where you buy the passes as to when they start. Normally it is when you activate them at a park but I believe that the guest services at DTD and also a place in the airport also sell activated passes. HTH.


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