Can Concierge book Rainforest spa passes?


Earning My Ears
Jul 4, 2017
We were just able to snag a concierge level room on the Disney Wish for a trip that's only about 3 weeks out. Of course everything we would want to reserve is booked. I know that once on board the concierge staff can help us try to get wine tastings, dining reservations, etc. Does anyone know if they can also get me a rainforest spa pass, or if I need to go to the spa? I'm just concerned that the spa may sell out if I check with the concierge first, and then it turns out that they can't help. Thanks!!


Luck favors the prepared
Aug 3, 2021
I have not sailed the Wish yet, but on my last cruise on the Fantasy, they had a spa representative at the Concierge welcome luncheon.

You could also try emailing or calling Shoreside and asking them to note your interest in spa passes. However, I don't know what the onboard staff will do with that, if anything.

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