Can Adults Watch Kids' Club Activities at Scuttle's Cove?


Nov 12, 2005
My 4.5 year old dd is going on a Disney cruise with her grandparents in August, and I think it is going to be so fun for all three of them (if the weather cooperates!)

A question: can adults watch kid activities at Scuttle's Cove? I can imagine my dd enjoying things like the treasure hunt A LOT, but I know that Nana wants to spend pretty much every minute of this cruise with her granddaughter. Would she be allowed to spectate?

Adults can watch and at some times there is "family time" when adults can participate if desired. Do remind them to return to Scuttle's Cove at least once during the day to reapply sun screen to the children.
OK, I know this might sound strange and I'm sure I should don my flame suit for all of those parents who want to watch their kids play at the clubs and at SC, but at some point it gives me the heebies to always see the same adults gazing at the kids. Maybe it's just me, or just my kids, but the couple of times that I tried to hang out and play with my kids at the clubs, they pretty much mercilessly showed me the door, so to speak. They wanted to play with me at the pools and other places around the ship, but the clubs were "theirs" as far as they were concerned. I know that any adult in there playing with or watching a child is theoretically checked in "with" the child, but I guess I'm wondering if anyone else thinks they should be equally concerned about the adults who are not "screened" by Disney hanging around.....I mean, at lesat I know the CMs have been screened and trained - I don't know that about all of the other people who hang out at the clubs?

To the OP - I am certainly not implying that your children's nana is any kind of predator here, but your post just kind of got me thinking since we seem to see this question quite frequently! I know that parents should have the "right" to watch their kids, play with their kids, etc., but I hope that they are watching those unknown adults as much as they are watching the kids!
Flexsmom, I never thought about it, but you're right. When I took my daughter to the Club I had to stay with her because she was 2 days shy of her 3rd birthday and did not want to stay alone so therefore she did not pass the 'test' period. I took her to the bathroom and a little girl came in to use it while I was in there. If I had been some weirdo, well, I could have done just about whatever I wanted because no CMs ever came in, nor really knew I was even in the bathroom with my daughter. Kinda makes me think about the Club now.

To the OP, yes, your mom can not only watch, but participate with your daughter if she wants to.

Ds was barely 3 when we sailed the first time. I did the hang out a bit (maybe 15 minutes) to see if he was ok and left. Some of the activities (do si do with snow white) were filled with parents taking pictures etc. With that in mind you are more than welcome.

Dh and I checked on DS at CC primarily due to the heat and reapplying sunblock (we are tan challenged). I actually ran into parents doing the same thing there.

Someone hanging out would give me the creeps... watching, cheering on, taking pictures etc.. go for it.
One of the picnic areas for the BBQ overlooks Scuttles cove. I had my 2 year old who was napping in one of the provided strollers. I happily sat by myself in this shaded area enjoying some refreshments being able to watch my napping 2 yr old and see my 4 year old from a distance.

It was a nice shaded breezy area.


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