California Here We Come (Day 3)

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    Friday, March 30

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    This morning, we aren’t even going to try to get there at 7:30, since it’s a lost cause anyhow. But not to lay-about either. So we got up and went down to the coffee shop, which has fabulous pastries. I got a bagel and a Danish to share with Lynn (but ended up eating most of it myself). We headed out to Fantasyland again, our primary destination being ToonTown, which I heard was so much better than the one at WDW. About half way through DD, Lynn realized she had forgotten her sunglasses and had to go back. I took the boys and we decided to meet in the Dumbo line (Dumbo again? – Absolutely). When I got there, I realized that I couldn’t ride with both boys, so we got on the carousel, which Tyler really likes. By the time that was done, Lynn had arrived and we got in the Dumbo line. This time, I rode with Wade. Then we went to the Matterhorn again. We really like this a lot; wish they had one at WDW. Everyone spotted the Abominable this time. Tyler is having this strange reaction to rides. He fusses and cries a little and says he doesn’t want to go, but when we get there he jumps in and has a great time. So we look like meanies, forcing him on, when we know he likes it because he’s already been. Then when he gets off he wants to turn around and go again.

    TOONTOWN/TOMORROWLAND: Lynn & boys went over to Toontown (this was about 9:15 or so) and I (one more time) hoofed it over to CA to get a FP for either Grizzly or Soarin’. The FP for Grizzly was an ideal time frame for us, about 11:30, so I got that and went back to DL to meet them. By this time, I was worn out, running back and forth between CA and DL, and was starting to get that “no matter how fast I move it’s not fast enough” feeling, , so I took the old-timey bus that goes down Main Street instead of walking and fighting the incoming crowd. I had never done that before, and it was fun to have a second story view of the Main Street stores and to look down on the people streaming into the park. When I got to Toontown, I found them right away and Lynn went to look for a drink (they didn’t open any of the drink stands until later in the morning. Not too good – it was (finally) hot and everyone was thirsty). I took the boys on the Jolly Trolly ride through Toontown, and then went into Mickey’s House, where they both got a kick out of baking the cake. We then went on the roller coaster they have there and decided that, although Toontown is really fun to look at, there isn’t really that much going on there. Went to Tomorrowland again to ride Astro Orbiter, which everyone enjoyed even better the second time. There was almost no line, and while we were going through to get to the front, Tyler spotted Buzz Lightyear hanging out right next to the ride. He about had a fit and was over that wall headed for Buzz before we knew what was happening. Wade decided he’s rather ride (oh no, is he already getting too sophisticated for characters?) so I went with Ty and took Ty’s picture with Buzz. There was hardly anyone there, so Buzz and Ty bonded for a few minutes and then we went and rode Astro Orbiter (Higher, Grammie, make it go HIGHER).

    CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE: By this time, it was getting close to 11:30, so we went back to California Adventure to do our rapids ride. Tyler was too short by about an inch, and he REALLY wanted to go. So this time, he fussed and cried because he couldn’t go. We got a baby-swap ticket and Lynn and Ty waited at the exit while Wade and I rode. FP is great – we just about walked right on. This is a fun ride - so much better than the one at WDW. The incline you go up first is really high, and you think maybe there’s a huge drop at the top, but it just goes into a downhill trough with much bigger waves than the ones at WDW, through a tunnel and a pretty good size drop (about 10 feet). Then it calms down a bit and you think maybe that was the drop at the end, and all of a sudden you realize the water ahead drops off bigtime and before you know it you are headed down, spinning all the way and getting soaking wet. I think I read it’s a 22 foot drop. Wade and I were both laughing and spinning and having a great time. Lynn wasn’t sure she wanted to do it and get wet, but Wade talked her into it and they went while I took Tyler to the playground. Then we went to Soarin’ and got a FP for about 7:30 that night and had lunch at the counter service place next to Soarin’. Can’t remember the name, but it has a plane suspended over the entrance and Wade has been intrigued with it since he first saw it. Very good food. I had a burger with blue cheese and onion rings. I can’t remember what Lynn had but she thought it was very good. and the kids had their standard chicken tenders and fries. How many of those can they eat without getting sick of them? An unlimited number, apparently.

    Lynn & the boys went down for a nap while I went to Guest Services to book our transportation to LAX the next morning. I had decided I wanted a town car, even though it’s expensive. I wanted a nice, relaxing departure without having to stop at a bunch of hotels, wanted to stay longer, and, most important, I wanted the driver to drop me off at US Air to get rid of my luggage at curbside and then take us all over to United so I could help get the kids through the airport and onto the plane. Somehow, the Guest Services CM talked me into taking the van instead, and made a reservation. She was very vague about the price and time frames involved in getting a car. When I got back upstairs, I realized that I didn’t want a van, and went back down and booked the car and had her cancel the van reservation.

    SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA: By that time, nap time was over. Lynn wanted to just be loose about dinner plans, since our previous night hadn’t worked out too well. We thought counter service would be better than waiting so long for sit down service. I wanted to let the boys go swimming again (it had finally warmed up), but Lynn wanted to go back to the parks, and they didn’t mention swimming (must be memories of chattering teeth and blue lips), so we went back to DL. She was determined to ride Thunder Mountain, so we went there and got a FP. It turned out that we never did get to go on it because our time frames just didn’t work out. We also didn’t go on Splash Mountain because of the single seating arrangement – Lynn didn’t want Wade to ride alone. We did go on the train around DL again. Different from WDW because you go through the Grand Canyon and the dinosaur part, which the boys really liked, so we went around again. We wandered over to CA to take advantage of our Soarin’ FP. Wade & I went in first – Lynn wasn’t sure she wanted to do this, since she has problems with height and motion. Our FP got us in almost immediately, and best of all, right in the front row. We were seated in a row of seats, about 8 across. Kind of like theater seats, but not as comfortable, and with a small canopy over our heads. They seat-belted us in, and Wade had to have the belt between his legs also because of his size. Then it got dark and up we went, elevated into the air and moving forward (I think) into a gigantic IMAX type screen, except it kind of wraps around you on the sides and top and bottom. Then music starts the image on the screen is clouds, and you have the distinct sensation of moving through them in your seat. The clouds open on a canyon, with rafters far below. Suddenly we were going down until we were almost level with the rafters. We lifted our feet, it seemed so real we thought we were going to get our feet wet. The scenes kept changing: vineyards; mountains with skiers whizzing by; a golf course where a ball went flying over our shoulder. Wade was entranced, kept saying WOW, and I was totally captivated myself. At one point a hang-glider came drifting by from behind us and the sensation of hang gliding ourselves was so strong I’m seriously tempted to try it sometime. We also went down to the ocean where surfers were going under us – had to raise my feet again. It ended by coming into a big city (I assume LA) all lit up at night, and down into DL; the finale being fireworks going off right in our faces. It was a fantastic ride, and I can’t wait until Disney puts something similar in WDW. When Lynn heard how great it was, she had to go, and so Wade got to go again. I took Tyler back to the playground, where we went through the bear cave another 20 or so times.

    By this time, we hadn’t had anything to eat, so we decided to go back to the hotel and see if we could get a light meal someplace. We ended up at Captain Hooks, which was satisfactory. I can’t remember now what we had. But we let the boys play the remote boats before we went in. It really is harder than it looks; Tyler was really too small for it, but Wade liked it. After Captain Hooks, we just had to go back through DD one more time, so we went for ice cream. While we were waiting in line, the fireworks started and we had a really good view. Wade doesn’t like fireworks too much, but I put Tyler up on my shoulders and he kept clapping his hands together and yelling Bang.
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    Thanks for posting!
    Your descriptions are great, especially of Soarin'!
    Glad to hear how pleased you were with the DLH.
    Reading an enthusiastic report just adds to our excitement for upcoming June trip, also staying at the DLH.
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    Another fun day for all. Thanks for posting!

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