California Here We Come (Day 2)

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    Jan 6, 2000
    Thursday, March 29

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    Lynn (Daughter & Mother of:)
    Wade & Tyler (4 & 7 year old grandsons)

    An early morning wakeup call from Mickey at 6:45. How on earth did I think that we could get Lynn and 2 kids ready and be there by 7:30. Never happen. I got up quietly, got dressed and woke everyone up (it wasn’t pretty) and went downstairs to the coffee shop for coffee and pastries that we ate before we headed for DL. All was pretty quiet in DD, so we went to the monorail, thinking it would be the quickest way to get there. But we just missed one and waited & waited, got frustrated and decided to walk after all. By the time we did all this, it was almost 8:15 and we were 45 minutes late for EE. We didn’t really stop to check out Main Street, but definitely noticed that the castle was very small compared to WDW. The kids didn’t notice.

    FANTASYLAND: We did a straight shot for Dumbo (which seems to be developing into a tradition) and the line wasn’t long at all. As usual, the kids both loved Dumbo, and I do too. Once I get on and go up, I feel like I’m really here at last. Then we did a loop around he Fantasyland rides, concentrating on those that were unique to DL. We really like Alice in Wonderland a lot – the cars going on the outside track were fun, and the inside graphics were outstanding. Mr. Toad’s ride was OK; I was afraid Tyler would be scared, but he took it in stride. Also did Pinochio and teacups, which for some reason really made me dizzy, although I have never been dizzy on the one at WDW. Maybe this one twirls faster. Of course, we did Peter Pan, a tried and true favorite. And rode the carousel. When we got there, the marching band was on the carousel, playing as they went around. Some were on the horses, and some standing on the edge, looking at the crowd. What a nice touch – typically Disney and so much fun. They got off when we got on; Tyler loved it, but Wade looked bored. We really wanted to do the Matterhorn, especially because it’s a DL unique ride, but it was down. I had gone over first thing to get a FP for Autopia, and didn’t really pay attention to the ticket. Just glanced down and noticed the 9:15 start time. So we went over there and found that I had a “test” ticket, which wasn’t really good for the ride. I fussed about it, but they weren’t even starting FP rides yet, and we decided not to stand in line, but rather to get a FP later. We rode the Casey Jr. train.

    TOMORROWLAND: Headed over to Tomorrowland and Star Tours. Unlike our last trip, Tyler could ride this time, and Lynn (with her motion sickness thing) wouldn’t do it last time, but was willing this go-round. We all liked it, and it didn’t bother Lynn at all. She decided the motion sickness was related to spinning, not to lurching. In the meantime, Matterhorn was back up. Oh boy, a brand new ride experience, and Tyler was just tall enough to go, although Lynn was worried about him falling out. Once you’re in the car, you realize that’s pretty much impossible, since you sit really deep and it’s easy to hold on to a little one in front of you. While they waited in line, I went and got a FP for Autopia (don’t think I will gain any weight on this trip – too much running around). Lynn rode Matterhorn with Tyler and I rode with Wade, giving him my usual instructions for riding coasters of all kinds – open your mouth and yell as loud as you can on the scary parts. We both did a good job of it. Tyler was a little nervous, but came out smiling. I thought it was a really fun ride for younger kids – no drops, but fast and curvy. I saw the monster snowman inside the mountain. but no one else did. Went over and used our FP for Autopia. I rode with Tyler, who isn’t the world’s best driver. Of course he “steered” and I controlled the pedals. Wade & Lynn were behind us, on our tail the whole way. I had the gas floored, but Tyler kept bumping the rail so much that we were really going slow and causing a traffic jam.

    We ate lunch from the take out place next to the New Orleans style restaurant in DD. I had a muffelata sandwich that was pretty good, but I wouldn’t go for it again. I ran over to CA (there I go again) to see about FP’s for either Grizzly or Soarin’, but again I was too late. Both were really late into the evening. I left absolutely determined to do these two things before we leave; have to start earlier tomorrow. Everyone was asleep when I got back, and I even managed to drift off myself. We had a great view of the pool from our room, and the kids were chomping at the bit to get there, so we decided to go down for awhile after nap. It was still pretty chilly, but the sun was shining. They had great life vests for small children (I have been trying to find one, unsuccessfully, since I’ve been back home) so we put one on Tyler and let both of them in the pool. Lynn wouldn’t go in and Wade wanted to go over to the bigger slide, so I had to go on in. That water was freezing cold. The lifeguard swore it was heated to 80 degrees, but there’s no way. As usual, once you start to move around, it got warmer, but getting out of the pool wasn’t an option once we were in. I took Wade over to the slide while Lynn sat on the edge and kept Tyler near her. Wade went down the slide about 10 times, but he had to get out and walk a little way and climb some stairs each time, and I could tell he was getting pretty chilly. No matter, he still wanted to keep it up, so we went back and Lynn finally agreed to get in with him while I watched Tyler at the little slide. Ty went up and down that thing a bunch of times, but by that time both boys had chattering teeth and blue lips so we decided to go to the hot tub, which felt really good.

    Lynn wanted to just kind of wander around and not plan things out so much (goes against my basic nature), so we went back to DL. We took the train to Tomorrowland and rode AstroOrbiter, which is similar to Dumbo except it’s spaceships and it goes much higher. The kids loved this ride, and we like it too. The line wasn’t long, so we went twice. Then walked over to Frontierland with the objective of riding Big Thunder Mountain RR, but it was down. We went up Tarzan’s Treehouse. Maybe this is more fun in the day time when you can see more, but walking up a bunch of stairs just isn’t my idea of a fun attraction. I wanted to see Country Bears, but no one else did. I kind of forced the issue and we had a bunch of trouble finding it (again, the maps aren’t the greatest), and when we got there it was closed. So we decided to take the train back to the entrance, but the boys were having a bathroom emergency and we couldn’t find the rest rooms either. Lynn and I were arguing over directions, the boys were whining, and everyone was getting pretty grumpy. We finally found a bathroom near New Orleans Square and I waited outside while they went in. It was in a quiet, out-of-the-way location, and I became aware of my surroundings. There were New Orleans style buildings all around me, with flowers and wrought ironwork balconies with beautiful flowers everywhere. There was a 3 piece jazz band playing down one street, and it was all of a sudden really nice, peaceful, and very satisfying. I think it’s called stopping to smell the roses. We spend so much time madly dashing from one place to another we almost never stop and just enjoy the ambience. By the time they came out, my mood had improved 100%. Somehow, we had missed Small World earlier, so we decided to go over and do that, then call it an evening. SW is much more elaborate on the outside here than it is in WDW, and maybe somewhat bigger inside. Lynn & I both love this ride, it’s so nostalgic. When we got out, they had put the ropes up for the parade, which was about to start. No way to get back down Main Street, so we found a really good place to watch and enjoyed it a lot.

    By that time, we were pretty worn out. Went back to DD to eat at the Italian restaurant, and there was a 45 minute wait. We couldn’t think of a reasonable alternative, although it was pretty late. So we waited and had an Ok meal. The kids are holding up really well, considering the lateness of the hour and the hectic pace. Finally got to bed about 10:30, resolving to get up earlier tomorrow and try to make 7:30 opening time.
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    Mar 25, 2000
    A long but fun day. Thanks for posting!

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