California Grill - Pictures 1st?


Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
Dec 30, 2004
Our 1st time to dine here.

*Know we have to check in @ podium; what happens next? Do we wait there or can we go up to the lounge area for a pre-dinner cocktail and...

Wanted to snap a few quick pics of North area construction site pre-dining from observation deck (it will be dark after we're done dining).

*Do you think they'd mind if we went out prior to being seated?
Last time we went (in May on a Saturday nite) we arrived about 10 minutes before our ADR and found a 1/2 hour wait to be seated. They invited us to go on up to the bar/lounge and have a drink. Unfortunately, it was SRO up there and we couldn't sit down, much less get served.
Once you are up there, no problem walking out on the deck to look or take pics.
Thanks for the info:thumbsup2 ; think we'll check in 20 min or so early & hope for the best.


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