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    Oct 27, 2000
    Look what I just rec'd via email!

    The current DLR offer is a special two-day ticket for SoCal and Baja California
    residents. For $47 you get a two-day ticket that allows a vist to Disneyland
    one day, and DCA another day. The tickets are good through May 14th, 2003

    Both Sea World of San Diego and Universal Studios Hollywood are offering the Pay
    full price for a day ($47 USH, $44.95 Sea World), and get an annual pass. Both
    passes have blackout dates.

    Knott's is continuing its Annual Pass sale thru February 28th, just $59.95 for a
    Knott's theme park AP, no blackout dates. They also have a Premium AP on sale,
    that allows both Knott's and Soak City visits.

    Knott's also is offering a Kids for a $1 thru February 23rd with proof of SoCal
    zip code. The weird thing is, you must buy a Adult ticket for $23.95, and the
    kids ticket for $1. Even a single person has to buy the kids ticket. (Otherwise
    the single ticket is $32). So, you get two tickets for $24.95, and you only get
    one kids ticket for each adult ticket you buy.

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