Cal. Grill - Worth it on Dining Plan?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by threeboysmom, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. threeboysmom

    threeboysmom Living the dream - near Disney!

    Feb 8, 2001
    I am thinking of booking the California Grill for my DH and I for our May trip. We are on the dining plan so I just did a quick calculation of what we would eat (appetizer, entree, and dessert). Total comes to $97 plus tax and tip. Considering this will take 4 of our ts credits - do you think it is worth it?
  2. tabrizia

    tabrizia DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2006
    Figure you have to spend at least 28$ per TS meal to come out even on the dining plan per day (maybe a bit higher but that leaves 10$ for CS and snack so seems fair). For two TS credits that would be 46$ and since there are two of you eating there it is 88$ so if you spend over 92$ which by your figures you are even before tax and tip you are getting your money's worth. You may be right around the break even point, but you won't be operating at a loss using the 2 credits to eat there (Does that make sense?).
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  4. eeyore45

    eeyore45 <font color=darkorchid>Do-it-yourself pixie dust =

    Jun 18, 2004
    I have to say I fretted over this very thing when we booked it last October!! We dont eat out, we're not the "high class" kinda folks, yet I do enjoy a special occassion out - and knowing this is a signature restaurant with food choices we may not have opportunities, I thought,w hy not?

    It wasnt specatcular by hoity toity standards, even the ambviance was louder than I expected - there was a table of 8 - 10 next to us - all kids - well behaved kids, later found out the parents had their own adult only table!! lol

    BUT dh who enjoys special food, and special places is looking forward to another trip to CG - we went outside to watch wishes, where the music is piped in with a loudspeaker, it was gorgous!!! If you've looked at the menus at, then go for it!! Only you can decide at the end of the day was it worth it - and for us it was, I just wish I hadnt ordered 2 flatbread app. for us, and ordered something different!! (4 adults!) The sushi was better than expected btw, and since we were sharing the waiter had them cut the pieces smaller - perfect!!
  5. threeboysmom

    threeboysmom Living the dream - near Disney!

    Feb 8, 2001
    I find that most people when mentioning California Grill always mention seeing Wishes from this restaurant.

    If we are dining at a time when Wishes is not playing, is this restaurant still worth it then???
  6. Tabetha

    Tabetha DIS Veteran

    Nov 12, 2004
    I think the California Grill was my least favourite TS meal while we were there in December.

    Our server was very nice, but the restaurant was jam packed and really loud. Not exactly relaxing. We went outside to watch Wishes, but in the end, it wasn't really worth all the fuss.
  7. hipchickie

    hipchickie counting the days

    Dec 5, 2005
    I am one of the not impressed people. We had a far better meal at le cellier, and for only 1 credit (and the bill was almost the same amount.

    We waited over an hour for our ADR, (at 8 PM at night with a 4 year old, a whole other story that I made res's that late to watch wishes based on the time on the website, which changed.) the restaurant was loud, waitstaff was nice but extremely slow, food was not spectacular.

    I know a lot of people love this restaurant, but for us it was our least favorite. By far.
  8. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Cannot_Wait_4Disney Ok all you A cattle, get in ...

    May 18, 2005
    Tax on about 100 would be 6.50 plus a 15 % tip. Did you add the drinks? If so chalk up another 5 bux.

    I'd say that total would come to about $124 which would be $31 per credit.

    Yes. It would be over the threshold of getting full value out of your credits.

    For adults. I figure the snack and counter are worth about $11 together so that leaves the threshold of about $27 per sit down credit to get your value out.

    Hope that helps.

    We found it was worth it. But to be honest, if you're not going to do a fireworks time, I would suggest heading over to Spoodles. It's got as good of food, (we actually thought it was better at Spoodles) and it's only one credit.

    But if you do go to CA Grill realize a few things going in.
    1. If you're looking for a quiet, romantic, formal type atmosphere, this isn't it.
    The noise level was significantly louder than we expected. It wasn't louder than your average Disney establishment. People were very well behaved as where the kids. It's just that with an open kitchen and not much to deaden the noise, it gets loud.
    2. You might not get a table with a view unless you ask for it and are willing to wait.
    3. If you're lookiing for speed, this isn't it. Service is very pedestrian. Though you might ask em to hoop it up if you're in a hurry.
  9. Viki

    Viki <font color="green">Mid-town Manhattan, anyone?</f

    Aug 25, 2004
    I've never noticed the noise level. The food is very, very good. The view is spectacular. Have fun.
  10. Willow25

    Willow25 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2004
    California Grill is a fabulous restaurant and my husbands favorite. Last time I got the sushi appetizer it was huge and worth $30.00 on its own. Then I had the tenderloin and it was the best I have ever had. It was so tender. I highly reccomend this restaurant.

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