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    Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Price: $2.50/ea
    Balloon Bouquet Price: Includes 1 Mylar and 5 latex balloons Price: $20.00
    Bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider - Price: $18.00

    Bottle of Champagne - Ranges from $45 - $195
    Chocolate Strawberries & Cordials - Strawberries and Cordials come with two Tuxedo Dipped Strawberries, a Mickey or Minnie figurine and your choice of Cordial Grand Marnier, Couvoisler or Remy Martin Price: $20.00

    Strawberries Stack - A bowl of fresh strawberries accompanied with Brown Sugar and whipped cream for dipping. Price: $15.50

    Disney Basket - Includes Seasonal Fruits, Disney candy, Mickey Shortbread Cookies, Disneyland Resort Mug, Mickey Lollipops and Disney Beanie Price: $65.00

    Grand Resort Basket - Seasonal Fruits, cheeses, crackers, sausages and a bottle of wine. Price: $116.59
    Fruit Basket- Seasonal Fruit. Price: $18.00
    Fruit Pedestal - Seasonal Fruit presented on a glass Pedestal Price: $20.00
    Fruit and Cheese Basket - Seasonal Fruit, assorted cheeses and assorted crackers, plus imported sausage. Price: $49.00
    Fruit, Cheese and Wine Basket - Seasonal Fruit, assorted cheeses and assorted crackers, imported sausage and a bottle of wine Price: $69.00

    Mickey's Rice Krispy Treats & Milk - Two Mickey's Rice Krispy Treats dipped in chocolate, accompanied by a Chilled Half Carafe of Milk Price: $18.00

    Mickey Cookies and Milk - Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookes, with a Milk Chocolate Face, accompanied by a Chilled Half Carafe of Milk Price: $18.00

    Birthday Buckets: Mickey Birthday Bucket includes a Disney plush, Cloisonne' Pin and Stickers topped with a Personal size Birthday Cake or Our lovely Princess Bucket includes a Comb & Brush Set, Cloisonne' Pin and Magnetic Stickers, topped with a Personal Size Birthday Cake. Price: $20.00/ea

    Cake Information:
    Here are the choices for ordering a cake: Requires 48 hours notice
    Size: 6" - 10" - 1/4 sheet or 1/2 sheet
    Kind of Sponge: Vanilla or Chocolate
    Kind of Filling: Whipped Cream - Vanilla Custard - Chocolate Custard - Chocolate Mousse or Strawberries
    Kind of Frosting: Whipped Cream - Chocolate Ganache or Butter Cream
    Chocolate Figurines: Mickey Mouse - Minnie Mouse (Price for Choc. Figurines $4.50 each)
    Edible Images: Mickey Mouse(B-day) - Minnie Mouse (B-day) - Pooh (B-day) - Cinderella - Snow White - Sleeping Beauty's Castle *Note - Edible images are only available on 10" cakes or larger - Price: $10.00 additional for images

    Price for 6" - approx. $25.00 (# of Servings = 6-8 people
    Price for 10" - approx. $32.00 (# of Servings = 12 people
    Price for 1/4 Sheet - approx. $52.00 (# of Servings = 16-18 people)
    Price for 1/2 Sheet - approx. $68.00 (# of Servings = 30-35 people)

    Please call Vacation Planning directly, if you are interested in making any arrangements.
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    Thanks for the list JadeDarkStar. The chocholate strawberries and cordials look good as well as the fruit baskets. The pricing VP gave me for the cakes was slightly different. I think they broke down the cost of the cake for me. It was :

    6" feeds. 6-8 guest $18.00
    10" feeds 10-14 guest $23.50
    1/4 sheet feeds 20 guest $ 38.00
    1/2 sheet feeds 40 guest $51.00
    Full Sheet feeds 80 guest $85.00

    Cake : Vanilla or Chocolate
    Fillings : Whipped Cream, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard, Chocolate
    Mousse, White Chocolatwe Mousse Strawberries and Bananas, Raspberries
    and Mangos are a dollar extra.
    Frosting :
    Whipped Cream, Chocolate Ganache and Butter Cream .

    Edibale Images are available on 10' or larger cakes .
    Chocolate Mickey or Minnie Figurines are $4.50 each.
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    I was just about to post that on the cake thread thanks for doing so.
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    Thank you for the info!:thumbsup2

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